Apart from telling incessant lies the media represents billionaires.

It also protects war-mongers, mass-murderers & pedophiles. Part 2

Michael Aydinian – gmmuk.com Jan 13, 2020

In 1983 Tony Blair became MP for Sedgefield. From the very beginning this man of average ability showed he was not fit to even be an MP for that same year he was caught performing a lewd act with another man in a public toilet. Yet unbelievable as this may seem, I believe this event paradoxically earmarked Blair for higher office. The Police had had their eye on the premises for different reasons. They weren’t after him. However, there was no getting away from the fact Blair was caught bang to rights, literally with his pants down.
Without a leg to stand on, in court Blair was mysteriously allowed to use only his middle names, Charles Lynton. This in itself is illegal. Giving the game away altogether of the hidden tier of power that had to have been at work here was the fact the media not only made nothing out of what was an almighty scoop & for Blair a career ending scandal; they ensured this revelation was never newsworthy even when this little wretch, who’d never so much as held a ministerial position, suddenly out of nowhere, was odds-on favorite to become leader of the opposition! Blair was found guilty & fined £500 in Bow Street Magistrates Court.
Now, how could he ever refuse those who were cognisant of his sleazy past? OF COURSE HE’D LIE TO GO TO WAR! This is how the whole coup works & don’t for one minute assume this is an isolate case. It’s anything but because this is an integral factor as to how these Rothschild Zionists have proceeded to usurp Western democracy. I’ve gone blue in the face saying this. Bribery can only achieve so much. Even corrupt politicians have limits. However, when one has such filth in the closet….

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair.

For a decade as PM we had to suffer Blair’s lies. Iraq & it’s poor people suffered an infinitely worse fate. The contemptible media protected him for their own nefarious means when by rights he should have been thrown on the scrapheap. Yet there’s much more to this sordid affair than meets the eye. The plan for Greater Israel had been hatched a year earlier. The problem was by the time 9/11 was given the green light John Smith was leader of the Labour party. American ally? Sure. America’s poodle? Not so but what was a cast-iron certainty is Smith would never have declared war on Iraq based on Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith’s lies. Therefore they needed to get rid of him. The fact he’d already had a heart attack was perfect. I’m convinced Smith was just another politician murdered by the Zionists. His death came at the perfect moment, simply way too convenient. The Rothschilds never rely on luck. Would you when you know you can get away with anything? The media typically made nothing of Smith’s untimely death. Gone & forgotten in no time.
Think about it. There was no question Smith would have won the election & become Prime Minister. His foreign policy though was diametrically opposed to Blair’s. What people need to understand is Israel & the Zionists are merely an extension of the wishes of the Rothschilds. They need conflicts & war. This is why the media is the most racist entity on earth. Their job is to create division & fear. Look how they ambushed Jeremy Corbyn at every turn & to think Zionists have the gall to go on about hate speech? Those who dislike Corbyn (mainly thanks to media lies) are missing the point altogether because they are foolish, selfish people. This is not about personal preferences. Like or hate Corbyn, condoning such outrageous media bias & election interference from what effectively is a foreign entity, is complete & utter lunacy.
I often wonder if the ability to connect dots will ever be commonplace among humans. At the moment, even though far more folk realise the media cannot be trusted, even though just about everyone believes politicians are bought & paid for, we nevertheless fall way short when it comes to grasping the bigger picture. To an extent this lack of analytical prowess can be explained by the fact most humans have a devil’s own job worrying about their mortgage, job security, bills, holidays etc. The fact we live in a materialistic world exacerbates the problem. Throw in the dumbing-down process along with the barrage of media brain-washing small wonder the end result is most of us care little for what occurs outside our direct concerns.
Blair by performing such an act in public left himself wide open to blackmail. This much is obvious. What perhaps people should be asking is why was Blair protected in the first place? What system is in place to do this & how are they able to ensure such news items never come to light? Again the answer is obvious. The first stipulation Weishaupt made – ‘Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men.’ I’m sure too the difficulty lies in the fact we struggle to measure & so determine how –
1. One family can control so much.
2. The fact they really do have the will to create a New World Order & are actively seeking to do so.
3. The fact they control the entire media apparatus & therefore forever slip under the radar.
4. This explains why so few of us understand the significance of printing money & the fact the Banking industry is merely a tool so they can suck everyone dry. Paying interest on worthless printed money is the mother of all con tricks. Of course the media will never tell us anything regarding the Rothschilds so try telling anyone this. It simply goes over most people’s heads.
5. And most crucially very few folk are unable to comprehend their ungodly depth of organisation. This is because they’ve been at it for 250 years coupled with all the wonga they need….. & it’s a non-stop, ongoing quest for more control. The sad reality is humans have difficulty gauging what occurs over periods of time they’re not accustomed to.
This is why our history is littered with wars. Politicians do not represent us & why should the media ever tell us the truth? Each & every newspaper is owned by billionaires inextricably linked to the Rothschilds. Journalists & reporters are paid relatively well, news anchors exceedingly so, each one carefully selected because they all have to give the impression they’re squeaky clean. How many folk have any idea Fiona Bruce, Mary Nightingale & the despicable Jo Coburn are serial liars? And where people fail miserably is they’ll dismiss this all by saying ‘so you reckon they ‘elped Blair because they knew he’d declare war on Iraq? ‘Ere. You must be one of ’em conspiracy feorists.’
It goes without saying the last thing they want are leaders who can’t be bought. This is why so many have been assassinated, each one followed by media reporting solely designed to steer us away from the truth & so protect the true conspirators. What better than to have as many politicians as possible, not only possessing an insatiable urge to dutifully serve the highest bidder but also those who remain entrapped in a precarious position where one newspaper article could put paid to their career & reputation? This explains why in the real world for every 10000 folk, one turns out to be a child molester yet in parliaments all over the Western world this ratio positively tumbles. Nowhere are there more sexual deviants than in places of high office. In Westminster this ratio has been as low as 20 to 1. I’d like to bet in America it’s just as bad.
Speaking of America thanks to John Fromoutwest for sending me this fabulous episode of TruNews with the superb Rick Wiles. This is what we need from activists – no holding back on Israel & the Zionists –
This is why we have scum like Jeffrey Epstein. He was no billionaire. This pedophile was hired by Mossad in order to entrap politicians. The more sexual deviants the better, mere tools that were being put in place in order to further the Rothschild cause, the right person to be utilised at the right time, just like Adolf Hitler. Here the Rothschilds waited for the right man to come along. They knew what they wanted to do way before Adolf stuck a Swastika on his jock-strap! First they coerced Hindenburg into making Hitler the chancellor even though 2 out of 3 Germans never voted for the Nazis. Then just another convenient croak where Hindenberg had his bucket forcibly kicked. Lo & behold Adolf seizes total control. Then these Zionist banksters literally poured money into Germany so that Hitler could build an Army, Navy & Air-force that in just 5 years would be capable of knocking the whole of Europe bandy.
Yes. The Rothschilds ripped up the very treaty they engineered at the end of WWI. They don’t play by rules. Like I said, the right man came along. WWII was now guaranteed. That’s what they wanted & the chances were, with the help of incessant media falsehoods, Israel, the Rothschilds future fiefdom, could be realised. Like it or not, the very people who created Israel were the same people who financed the Nazis. This may seem hard to believe but this indicates just how much we’re being lied to. The harsh reality is only the Rothschild banking dynasty had the money to finance Hitler. What’s more, they had all the motive in the world – the creation of Israel & the further destruction of Europe.
Why do you think the media goes on ambush alert whenever anyone mentions Hitler’s Havaara agreement in 1933 which allowed Jews safe passage to Palestine? The Rothschilds went mad when they heard this. Will people ever realize they wanted Hitler to kill Jews. Perhaps that’s a bridge too far for many. Maybe people initially need to understand the ONLY way Germany could have been transformed so rapidly was by those who could print money. Anyone who believes Henry Ford or Prescott Bush were among those who financed Hitler are blithering idiots who’ve fallen for the media’s bullshit. No billionaire has anything like the financial clout required to pick a country like Germany up off the floor & totally revamp every major facet of the nation.
Once again people need to grasp how media brainwashing extends to every possible crevice – the financing of Nazi Germany? Lies deliberately filtered into media outlets in order to create doubt. When Albert Einstein refused to become President of Israel, the vindictive Zionists put out stories saying he stole ideas regarding Relativity. Even activists believed this nonsense. Recently Ronaldo, the brilliant soccer player was branded a rapist. It was all bullshit but no one in the media ever mentioned how he donated huge sums to the Palestinians. The same mudslinging occurred for Michael Jackson & George Michael. Roger Waters may just as well be the devil himself & we know how Julian Assange was originally railroaded by Zionist lies. The truth really does hurt because the media not only lies about those who stand up to Israel & the Zionists but adding insult to a gaping injury is the fact – THE MEDIA PROTECT THE REAL CHILD MOLESTERS!
In the meantime we’re still under Holocaust bombardment as if it’s the only massacre in history & of course we must never forget the Nazis. Truth is, only morons watch these programs. They know this so they apply a formula that’s slightly more deceptive. These brainwashing tricks occur in films & popular TV series. Native Americans always portrayed as savages; General Custer, a mass-murdering crazed lunatic portrayed as a hero; Russians always the baddies; Israel always the victim & most important of all, Arabs & Muslims always portrayed as terrorists. This is an ongoing continuous ploy yet it gets even more subtle than this.
In the UK Police series ‘Endeavor’ & ‘Inspector George Gently’ along with the quite superb Belgium series ‘Salamander’ episodes featured the unraveling of how cabals of senior officials were involved in the serial molestation of children in ‘care homes.’ These shows typically got to the bottom of these scandals thus creating a totally false picture for the viewer. It’s as if we were being made to believe Police have total freedom in their investigations & that any pressure applied from above is merely superficial. On TV it appears that pedophiles in high office eventually are always found out & punished accordingly.
The truth, as per usual with the media, is an entirely different story. Even though countless politicians & judges have had sworn affidavits accusing them of child molestation, forget about prosecution; NOT ONE HAS EVEN BEEN CHARGED! Greville Janner for instance somehow escaped justice even though as many as 30 victims came forward, 12 signing sworn affidavits. One boy was just 7 when he claimed Janner sodomised him. Worse still, many victims say they have been hounded by the police.
Lord Janner faced allegations of abuse against 30 victims, hearing told –https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/mar/09/lord-janner-faced-allegations-of-abuse-against-30-victims-hearing-told
Do you remember when Philip Schofield handed Cameron a list on TV & said ‘YOU KNOW SOME OF THESE PEOPLE. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? He was referring to all the pedophiles in Westminster. For once Cameron looked ill at ease. He said he’d leave no stone unturned. That day I wrote ‘Cameron, you lying bastard. You’re going to do exactly the same as William Hague – sweet bugger all! Maybe he’s been too busy sticking his penis in a pig’s mouth……

Google, U-tube & all the other major outlets are working overtime to re-write history, essentially erasing the truth. Articles already abound on the Internet that Blair’s foray with another man in a public toilet is made up fiction & it’s working. I’ve lost count the number of times people have questioned the veracity of this story. All I can say is never give the benefit of the doubt to pathological liars. 



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  1. Tony Blair was warned on other occasions before his prosecution
    he was a teenage rent boy and later the boyfreind of Lord Levy
    Lord Levy channelled money from Mossad through both Peter Mindyourson and David Abrahams to New Labour.
    The sole remit was to get the UK to fight iraq for israel, to this end James Goldsmith set up the referendum party just to split the Tory vote to allow in Blair and Mandleson
    the second remit was to grow the homosexual community by 5% per year, PIE or the big pedophile org was financed by 3 new labour jewesses Patricia Hewitt Harriet Harman and Margaret Hodge ( childrens minister )
    The USA spied on Tony Blair even listening to rows in the bedrom with the despicable Cherie Blair, David Murphy-Fawkes the NSA whistleblower said quote ” The USA saw Tony Blair as a lightweight untrustworthy pinnochio figure”
    Papers in Matrix Chambers say Cheris secretly sued for divorce after Tony slept with Cliff Richard.
    The failure of Jeremy Corbyn was said by experts that the public were punishing labour for Tony Blair and the kilings in iraq
    Finaly one mistake in this, Adolf Hitler was not a jewish agent, he was not a rothschild
    he did not go to chile argentina or scotland as had been suggested.

  2. Something 99.999% of people have never heard of:

    “Charles Lynton” was also locked-up overnight in the downtown Manhattan penitentiary for drug possession when visting NY back in the 80’s

  3. Tony Blair betrayed his people his family and his country even more than Churchill
    Tony Blair will forever be known as “Toerag Tony”
    There was considerable vote fixing to get Blair into power.
    Alan Johnson was an ordinary postman, Peter mandelson wanted to bring in machine sorting and lose 30,000 postal jobs. They did a deal, the sorting machines at Royal mail were rigged, you can set the machines, and they threw out a big amount of Tory voting adresses.
    The back of a sorting office in Dorset was the hiding place for many boxes of Tory Votes
    they later went through the shredding machines, New labour got in
    The same trick that robbed the National Front of a massive victory at the polls, was again used to rob the Tories, old ladies were giving out pencils for voting were later photographed rubbing out the votes and changing them
    Mandelson went back on his word and 30.000 men were dismissed often on very flimsy or faked up excuses, and machine sorting came in, but in less that 18 months
    Alan Johnston went from postman to cabinet minster

  4. Something wrong here-
    Rememeber Adolf Hitler put Rothschild in prison
    after the jewbankers destroyed the German economy
    Hitler built it back up from nothing.
    This decorated hero from W W 1 gave prosperity to the people.
    He gave them free heathcare not the drug company run NHS like we have but proper health care.
    There was NO unemplyment the first time the world has ever had this.
    He asked Dr Ferdinand Porsche to build a peoples car or ” folks waggon”
    that people could pay weekly for out of their wages
    He had proper motorways built.
    And a new well equipped health resort by the sea that was available for free holidays.
    He paid mothers well for having children, and he raised the wages of the lowest paid
    to around double previously paid.
    I could go on, to suggest he was paid by jews is arrant nonsense.
    BTW my next door neighbour has a new VW on order from mexico, a car designed back in the 30s,
    watch this short vid

  5. My brother was a labour party activist, he said they poured millions in to stop the immensely popular Reg keys from beating Tony at the election.
    It was Blair who changed the remit of the police from servants of the public to servants of the state,
    When a rumanian pickpocket gang hit my market town over Christmas, many shoppers lost their money. The police station has been closed, so who could shoppers tell ?
    The police station is being demolished to make way for Migrants flats.
    The police gazette say there are 250 foregn gangs working greater london,
    Rusian mafia, jamaican yardies, somali muggers, Rumainian pickpockets
    and who do we tell ? when police dont answer the phones.
    Tony Blair rot in hell you jew bastard

  6. The American actor in the last photo of your piece is also very suspect by the way,probably not the ideal choice for this theme. As regards David Cameron’s appearance on This Morning to be interviewed by the shill that is Philip Schofield the whole episode was theatre and provided a tenuous reason for the paedophile Lord McAlpine to sue anyone who dared link him to establishment sex abuse rings. Unbelievably Leon Brittan set a legal precedent by winning damages AFTER his long overdue death after being accused of the rape of a woman. Obviously this will act as a deterrent to any victims who dare to seek recourse through our wonderful English legal system. Can anyone remember an extremely dodgy male has been singer who constantly makes satanic signs even though he purports to be a devout Christian? The rumours and the evidence was piling up about this creature and just as the volcano was about to blow the police staged a televised raid on his apartment finding what they knew they would find NOTHING! Now this poor man who’s reputation suffered terribly was awarded considerable damages and now no one dares accuse this smarmy rat of anything other than being an appalling singer. As a rule of thumb,anyone ennobled by the British establishment has something sinister to hide such as paedophilia,dope cheating in sport etc. A knighthood or a dame hood makes them bullet proof. Enjoy the repeats of Only Fools And Horses while you can.

  7. I was reminded of this wonderful analysis by truthseeker some time back
    finding it again made me smile

  8. Michael Aydinian at gmmuk.com demonstrates great understanding of the Jew World Order with this article.

    Jewish handlers prefer people with dark sexual secrets for high office. Such people have no morals and are so easy to blackmail that they are ideally suited as political puppets.

    Speaking to the Jews, Jesus told them – You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires – John 8:44

    Jews, especially bankster jews, are the people through which Satan rules this dark world.

  9. well said Jim Crowstein

  10. Poor Iraq.. Poor common Brits.. What a wonderful world we might have had, without the chosen..

  11. New labour was a completely new crowd except for one, John Prescott he was old labour
    but he knew all the secrets, e g ” where the bodies were buried”
    John was a seaman and time at sea can be boring so john studied his masonic degrees and went up the ladder.
    John according to secretaries was not allowed to do any work see any papers etc, he would go on 5 course lunches, get drunk chase women play golf or croquet
    ( on one occasion drunk and naked)
    As Mandelson said ” its better to have him in the labour tent pissing out, than outside pissing in”
    John would joke he was the only heterosexual in new labour, and would refer to them as ” Janners boys ” ha ha )
    If John Prescott had an ounce of guts he would have spoken out when Blair okayed the mosdad murders of Robin Cool John Smith Princess Di and Dr favid Kelly

  12. I was just thinking do the Rothschild`s ever have any pets and then I realised they half at least half the world human population as pets. Silly me. If the queen is the trustee of your birth certificate then who owns the indemnity?

  13. Churchill Thatcher Blair and Edward Heath were all said to have been perverts,
    this opens them to blackmail
    others like cameron were compromised for other reasons

  14. Wow! Did not know most of this. Knew that Blair was an evil puppet but much of the rest… wow! Once again, THANK YOU MR. APOCALYPSE!

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