#1 Reason Germans Are Moving to Hungary? Migrant Crime

Mike Walsh – Russia Insider Jan 13, 2020

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened her nation’s borderless frontiers to the displaced flotsam and jetsam of the Middle East and Africa pro-state mainstream media labelled critics as neo-Nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’.

State police ensured that social disorder by incoming Islamists would be tolerated whilst resistance by critics would be considered intolerable.

As a consequence, unknown numbers of German nationals, those whose roots are actually in Germany, have begun an exodus to ‘less enlightened’ Europe.

Germany has the highest number of nationals living in OECD nations (advanced economies). The 2015 figure was 3.4 million. It is certainly a million or so higher as we slip into 2020.

For comparison, picture the entire population of Berlin opting out of Merkel’s multi-racial religious goulash spiced up with ethnic-diversity.

Frying pan to fire comes to mind when one considers that 1.1 million opted for the U.S. However, an estimated 500,000 Germans moved have to elsewhere in Europe, with many settling in Spain and Portugal. The latter is much less tolerant of intolerable guests than is the Merkel regime.

As predicted by neo-Nazis and media’s white supremacists, the most telling result of Merkel Mania has been increased crime in Germany (France, Scandinavia et al), thanks to Europe being culturally enriched.

Many Germans miss the Soviet-built wall that once divided Germany. Had East Germany remained in the orbit of the Russian Federation just as the Western section stayed in NATO then East Germany would today likely experience a flood of fleeing West Germans.

In Hungary, about two hours west of Budapest, there is a charming region called Lake Balaton.  Why mark the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall from a lake in Hungary? Because it’s where a lot of Germans have fled to who are fed up with Mad Merkel’s new Germany.

The Lake Balaton region is teeming with Germans who have moved here for all sorts of reasons. But, a local real estate agent explains that the biggest reason is a migrant crime in Germany.

‘At the moment our clients are 80 percent German,’ Hungarian Real Estate Agent László Kozma told us, ‘The main reason is the migration problem in Germany.’

Kozma says the number of Germans moving to Lake Balaton spiked immediately after Chancellor Angela Merkel dubbed ‘The Beast from the East’ allowed over a million mostly Muslim asylum seekers into Germany in 2015, while Hungary has turned migrants away.

‘Yes, yes, yes, this is the reason,’ Kozma says.  ’They want to escape to Hungary and live here permanently.’

They include Germans like Gerhardt Boehm, who told us he would never move back. He feels safe in Hungary. Kozma says there currently are not enough properties in the area for all the German buyers. Surely, there must be one Hungarian property for Frau Angela Merkel?

Here is a report from Hungarian television, reporting on the same phenomenon (English subtitles):

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10 responses to “#1 Reason Germans Are Moving to Hungary? Migrant Crime”

    In the UK many cities are now no go areas for English people
    they are second class citizens in their own country
    exactly a spredicted by Enoch Powell and Oswald Mosely.
    Both men told the truth but were attacked by racists and haters
    if multculturalism works, why dont the jews who push this agenda, have it in israel ?

  2. Angela Merkel; daughter of Adolf Hitler; great granddaughter of counterfeit Jew Lionel Nathan Rothschild is seems https://deuteronomy4verse2.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/hitlers-counterfeit-jew-bloodline/;

    helping to destroy Christian Germany for her counterfeit Jew masters;

    who are trying to conquer economically with their AshkeNAZI counterfeit “Jew” 4th Reich https://fraudinthelegalsystem.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/17-01-12-attachment-revealed-the-secret-report-that-shows-how-the-nazis-planned-a-fourth-reich.pdf

    But they will fail in the end obviously:

    King of kings’ Bible http://JAHTruth.net/kofk-free/Bible Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE (Idumeans); behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    Not all “Jews” obviously: some will definitely be saved:

    Revelation 7:9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could count (which is why he was told in verse 4), of ALL nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the Throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;

  3. https://www.defendevropa.com/2018/news/per-capita-crime-uk/
    This is all you need to read
    Petition after petition has gone to various governments to deport back to country of origin, those who commit crimes
    its a s if the government want this to happen to us

  4. Despite negative savings rates, Germans are saving more than ever. What does that tell you? Of course, Germans probably don’t think it will happen, but their own corrupt elite will empty the sheeples bank accounts and on the Max Keiser Show, some guest had a shirt saying “unconfiscarable ” in respect of Bitcoin? I had to laff. Poor Bitcoin holders will bunk down in FEMA camps until they blurt out their Bitcoin key.

  5. This is what happens when people in a country with Christian roots elect someone who is hostile to that belief. Merkel Jewish roots go back to Poland. When visiting Israel, she spoke before the Knesset and admitted that her mother tongue was Hebrew.

  6. This shows, the overwhelming, nation destroying and intense hatred of the Rothschilds.

    In 1815, the Russian Tsar at the time was invited to the League of Nations, the first attempt at a global, new world, order, one world government and banking system, brought about by the Rothschilds. Alexander the 1st, saw just what the Rothschilds were up to and was having none of it, effectively destroying their attempts at control of the globe. This infuriated the Rothschilds, so much, that their revenge came in 1917, when they funded the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and extermination of not just progeny of Alexander, but millions of his nation.

    Roll on to WW2 and the same thing happened yet again. Along came Hitler, stopped the Jewish bankers, turned his society into a economic paradise, brought people from the pit of despair and gave them hope and a reason to live.
    What’s happening today, is yet again, the wrath of the Rothschilds. Germany is being destroyed from within by immigrants, who are raping and murdering Germans, just like the Bolsheviks did in Russia and again, to the Germans at the end of WW2.
    Sweden, is also revenge as well, for the Jews. The Rus, who were a Viking tribe, destroyed the Khazarian empire at the beginning of the 14th century and it’s taken them all this time to eventually take over and control every western nation.

    And when you tell this to people they look at you as though you’re an idiot, to which I reply: “I’ve been reading about this for the last 23 years. What about you?” And if they’re stupid enough to say they learned ‘history’ it at school, read it in some newspaper, or on some documentary on TV, I then state: “So all the information you have on the Rothschilds are from Rothschild owned media outlets and from teachers, of academia they also happen to control”?

    Pay attention people. What you’re seeing happen is your very, own future and that of your children and grand children. You will not stop this by voting, yet another puppet into government (again controlled by the Rothschilds). You’re going to have to get off your knees and realise that change, within society, does not come peacefully and all you need do is take a look at your history. Your history is THE REASON the Rothschilds and the rest of their puppets want the obliteration of the western civilisation as we’re the only ones, capable of stopping their globalist, totalitarian state. Look at China and you’ll see that it gone and I mean GONE – ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP321Miy7zQ&t=485s )
    Our history absolutely terrifies them.

    It’s time to step back in time, wake up and ask yourself the question: “What’s more important; football, soap operas and Hollywood or the future of my nation and freedom for my progeny?”

    If you truly, truly, truly do believe that a saviour will come to you, in the world of politics, then you may as well just slap the chains and shackles on your children’s and grand children’s feet and hands.

  7. Yes I know I live in an area that was over run with Germans 100yrs ago and for the last two years all you hear is fresh accented Germans wanting to f the place after they voted to f their own place. So not only do I deal with immigrants and their shitty kids(parents are usually o.k. but their kids need the strop) I have to deal with Germans, their money(where do they get it?) and their jewdifried ways of subversion and corruption. They have tried to monopolize the town in tandem with jews. Double deal how grand how Jew.
    F I hate snow hairs the pompus gits.

  8. you have to laugh at idiots who say Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitlers daughter
    she is an East German jewess. who was born years after Hitlers suicide
    BTW hitlers parents remains were dug up and moved 3 years back to deter sightseers
    during this time experts from Berlin and London examined the bodies, they found no jewish DNA whatsoever.
    I shall repeat this for the numpties. –
    Hitlers parents bodies had no jewish DNA whstsoever. got it now ?

  9. You must be your own SAVIOUR so says God, H’ll help but but all left on your own cos He armoured you to do so…..

  10. Things are changing in Europe. The liberal elites have done great harm with their multiculturalism and mass immigration, but now the people have had enough.

    There will be a great electoral revolution over the next few years

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