Jacob Cohen “Documenterview” – Part 1/7

YouTube – June 15, 2014

3 responses to “Jacob Cohen “Documenterview” – Part 1/7”

  1. Leslie Stahl of sixty minutes is definitely a sayan….her interview of Jamie Dimond the JEWISH head of Chase Manhattan bank WAS A PATHETIC JOKE.
    HER NET WORTH ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA IS FORTY MILLION DOLLARS……A journalist worth 40,000,000 dollars??……you have got to be joking!!

    She is a fully paid up member of the swamp….she was raised in a town with the name Swamp…..

    The disgusting old crone dupes American people in the interests of the tribe.She insults genuine journalists like Assange……AND YET THE 80 YEAR OLD CRONE STILL APPEARS ON TV!!!.

  2. That old guy is semite as I’m a Chinese emperor.

  3. Jacob Cohen = Gilad Atzmon: Controlled opposition. He knows his stories well even though there is truth in what he says! If he is a Moroccan Romanesque (brownish), with a nickname like Norman, I am a Black man or perhaps an Extraterrestrial (ET).