Kevin Spacey Posted a Chilling Video on YouTube One Day Before the Sudden Death of His Accuser

By Vigilant Citizen – Vigilant Jan 13, 2020

The troubling video titled “KTWK” (Kill Them With Kindness) was posted on December 24th. On December 25th, Spacey’s accuser Ari Behn died suddenly. He was the third Kevin Spacey accuser to die in 2019. What is going on here?
It might be time to seriously look into what is happening with Kevin Spacey. In case you were living in a cave since 2017, Spacey was accused of sexual assault by several people in the past years – mostly boys under 18. This led to the launch of several investigations in the United States and the UK and the filing of several lawsuits. Here are some of the accusations:
· Actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey made a sexual advance towards him in 1986 when he was 14. Rapp said that Spacey laid on top of him at a party and alleged that he “was trying to seduce” him.
· U.S. filmmaker Tony Montana claimed he was “forcefully” groped by Spacey in a Los Angeles bar in 2003.
· An unnamed man claimed he woke up to find Spacey lying on him while staying at his New York home in the mid-1980s. The man was 17 at the time.
· An unnamed actor woke up to find Spacey performing a sex act on him in 2008. The actor was 23 at the time.
· The son of actor Richard Dreyfuss claimed Spacey groped him in 2008 in his father’s presence.
· Barman Kris Nixon claimed Spacey groped him at a party held in the actor’s London apartment in 2008.
· The King of Norway’s former son-in-law accused Spacey of sexual harassment after a Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007.
· In 2016, Spacey was charged with sexually assaulting a teenager at a bar in Massachusetts in 2016.
These accusations (and several others) caused Spacey to be removed from the Netflix series House of Cards and several other projects. While Spacey nearly disappeared from the public space in the past years, he nevertheless made some noteworthy appearances.

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  1. Thank you VC for explaining this horrific Satanic ritual publicly performed by Kevin Sleazy. May that fire behind him be his eternal chamber, where he’ll be relentlessly pelted with hot coals of the blood of his victims which he so nauseously boasted he had power over.

  2. Kevin Spacey is he a blood relation, to Hilary Clinton ??

  3. Nothing a teaspoon full of fluoride blown onto his face wouldn’t fix.
    What’s the bet he copt it as a kid.
    “Normal nation”? Sure it is.

  4. Lesson learned. Shut your pie hole, and stop putting people’s business out in the street.

  5. Kevin Spacey is a creep in real life, who never needs to act.