You Can Save Australia if you Make this Viral

Max Igan – thecrowhouse Jan 13, 2020

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  1. I couldn’t get the vid to play so suspect this has been censored in Australia on basic phones.
    The only thing Australia needs to be saved from is neoliberalism, Judaism, sustainable development, the US, Israel,Banksters,Jews, Britain, Germany, high impact immigration and last but not least saved from ourselves.
    Australia? not only are we the white trash of southern Asia but we are the lap dog`s lap dog.
    Fairdinkum you should have seen this place yesterday it was something else again. Now it’s just a cheap carbon copy of exceptionalism the same you see all over eurangloland.
    Anyway when they mapped America it was just another larder, when they mapped Australia it was like going to Mars.
    The place is old and you can feel it in the land we’ve already had our Himalayas and grand canyons you can keep your heartland we got our own continent.
    Independent Australia? I got my fantasies just like everybody else.

  2. Great comment! “The place is old and you can feel it in the land”
    I remember feeling like that when I lived there. Sometimes I wish I’d stayed there.

  3. To think the Australian Government is in control of anything that happens here is rather naïve. Nothing that happens in this country makes any sense if you believe we are in control. This is a good conspiracy Max, very hard to discredit your logic.
    My predictions for Australia, burn, flood and starve.

  4. These fires are being allowed to happen by the Aussie government. The fires are happening because Eco-nutjobs are becoming Arsonists and setting the fires. Next the Government did not spend money on Forest management and do controlled burns to eliminate dead fuel sources for the fires ( burn the underbrush / under growth) and lastly, the Aussie’s sold off water rights to China such that a lot of the river systems in these remote areas are now dried up, so there is no Water to fight the fires. These fires are due to those reasons above and NOT the MSM propaganda of Climate Change!

  5. The Weather Modification or Weather Manipulation technology is called HAARP in addition to the crazy schemes of Bill Gates and his Foundation. These catastrophies also drive up the cost of living by making Insurance (Car, Home, Life, etc.) more expensive to the point of making life a Hell. No Car insurance – can NOT drive to work: No Home insurance – Can NOT buy or live in a House (Private Property) , live in Stack n Pack Apartments: No Life insurance – No Debt Elimination at death, pass debt to family/children. Thus Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 is being implemented and working!

  6. Keep going, Max! Your work is finally hitting the headlines in the MSM in NZ! Check this out!

    Albeit tagged a conspiracy theory, nevertheless it’s arrived. The truth-fed fire in our hearts will never go out! Keep on keeping on, Max and all of us Truthers!

  7. So are people FINALLY waking up to HAARP now? Everyone have access to etheric energy for a propper positive use, not what the satanists are using haarp for.
    Look up:

  8. Who is he ?

    Max Igan – Australia’s No 1 Gatekeeper

    The Deception That Is Max Igan