Sex, Women and the Devil – Jan 12, 2020

The Satanists (Cabalists) who control Western society inducted us into their sex cult. Sex became a bogus religion, i.e. the way to find unity with God. (Orgasm was sold as a mystical experience.)
This deliberate diversion has degraded male-female relations and ruined countless lives. Men were indoctrinated to see women as Goddesses, and taught to please them because they have the Holy Grail. (Gywneth Paltrow is now selling a candle that smells like her vagina.)  Part of a larger attack on gender, men were emasculated.
Jack Hamilton describes the effect this satanic indoctrination had on his life.
Non vi e’ un problema della coppia:  vi e’ il problema di un uomo e il problema di una donna.  e non vi ‘e che una soluzione:  La morte.  There is no problem with the couple: there is the problem of a man and the problem of a woman. and there is only one solution: death.    From the Italian film Hitch-Hike, 1977
Oh gods, what power you have given beauty!  La clemenza di Tito, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Is that you Bertie? I love you, though you destroy me. The Makropoulos Case, Act II, Leos Janáček

by Jack Hamilton — (

There once was a young glamour goddess who favored red lipstick and high heels.  She drove her young man around town in a borrowed 1947 convertible.  Life was good. They married, had me, and then she drove him out his mind with a lifetime of contention.
At 65, my father told me he couldn’t take it anymore, he’d give her half the money and leave. Six months later he died, congestive heart failure. He never got out of the house, just too sick, too weak. His will to action was gone; his dream of freedom and dignity went with it.


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  1. It all started in the Garden of Eden.
    You will not hear this explanation from any pulpit . that is for sure.
    This series is an eye opener for anybody interested in the Scriptural truth and an unveiling of the first child of disobedience and who fathered that child. Many sexual perversions were committed in the garden that day that led to curses being put on mankind, death being but one of them.