2020 Psychic Predictions – All and New from Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker – YouTube Dec 23, 2019

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  1. Recently psychic sally and derek acorah two of the best known mediums were found to be frauds.
    The spiritualist newspaper some years ago was found to have a staff of which every one was homosexual. Several of whom had convictions against kids, their use of funds
    for homosexual parties in Brighton, and only promoting of Homosexual mediums brought the paper to bankruptcy.
    Many churches now refuse to have the Psychic News as a result,
    But psychic abilities are real, the Russians lead the way in militarising psychics
    America lags behind, and is based on the British governments team in W W 2
    where a drunken Winston Churchill was fooled by a fake psychic on the make,
    This old article tells something about it

  2. Psychics are frauds. Only God knows the future, no one else.

  3. Precognition is extremely personal. All have the potential to “just know”, but
    just like all have potential for perfection, only God knows all.
    Believe it or don’t, but this man’s ability has been proven, and the fact that he doesn’t
    pretend to know all speaks volumes.

  4. The USA spent millions training psychics to do special things, the USA will spend bilions and bilions on anything that can be used militarily, but dont bother about their own people living on the streets.
    I have sought out many psychics and some have astonishing abilities and some like gypsy fortune tellers need locking up.
    There are only frauds becuase they have to have something to mimic
    and there are some very talented psychic folk out there.
    Winston Churchill was a total drunken nobhead poofter, no more no less

  5. (((pro Johnson pro Israel pro US)))

    hes a shill

  6. God doesn’t know the future because if it did what would be the purpose of existence?

    Quantum mechanics proves this, the future is indeterminate until we decide or make a choice then that collapses the wave function. We decide the future with our choices.

    Hard to believe? That is what physics is proving. It wasn’t what we expected because we wanted to believe the god was out there and not us. We create our reality and because we don’t know this when it goes bad we claim god is punishing (or testing) us. This wrong perception of God is what is found in the pages of the Holy Bible.

    Now if you are a devious prick, like an death cult Evangelist who wants end times to prove their version of the Bible, you write a book that convinces your followers that the Bible says this and that and it will inevitably lead to this ending. If you get millions of people to believe your version of reality then that reality will manifest as those people make choices with who they elect and so on.

    Then as those choices manifest it appears to the group manifesting it that it is true.

    This convinces the believers that the book is true, and the prophecy is true, and so they even more fervently believe, choose, and manifest that ending. Belief in the prophecy literally manifests in real time as fulfillment of the word and thus becomes a self fulfilling feedback loop.

    That is literally what is happening with the end time christian cult enraptured with Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu. These two deviants see the devotion and belief and literally act it out for approval, and votes, and to stay in political power. Thus a dyanamic is set up between the believers and the politicians. You can bet that Bibi is going to use John Hagee to get approval of the Amerikan Evangelical hellions and thus get the approval of the Amerikan scumbag politicians.

    Another way to think of this is a game, what fun would the game be if you knew the results beforehand?

    Now you might take (your) life seriously but that is only because of ego consciousness, many people do realize the futility of their life, they work, scrap and save and then you die. Everything we build will become someone else’s then it all gets wiped clean in some future cataclysm or certainly when earth ends.

    Then the matter forms another planet and it all starts over again, millions and billions of lives come and go, and no one knows how it turns out, not even God.

    When someone asserts only God knows the future it is a statement from that person’s ego and their devotion to some religion or philosophy in which a higher force that they subscribe to is in charge and determining the outcome. The purpose of such a belief is to paralyze the non-believer of that religion-god-philosophy.

    What is God? Ego. This can be easily demonstrated if you reject the believer’s god. They will feel exactly as if you reject them as a lover. Darkmatter 2525 illustrates this:

    The Real God: An Epiphany
    1,861,332 views • Aug 11, 2011


  7. @Yukon Jack,
    You know, or you think you know? Cause when you think you know, you definitely,
    positively don’t, you just think you do. If it’s easily demonstrated (%100 proof positive)
    you didn’t.

  8. All religions on earth are slave religions, where the believer is led to believe they have no responsibility how things turn out. The people causing the crisis are totally divorced that their actions are causing the crisis.

    I can prove we have a culture of demonic god believing slaves. Christians vote for warmongers then when the criminally insane politicians bomb the crap out of some brown skinned villagers the Christians in Amerika shrug their shoulders and say it is god’s will.

    Then they say – look at how god’s plan is being fulfilled. Prophecy is true!

    They repeat this, they do this over and over again and then when the demonically insane politician says they hate us for our freedoms we lap it up and believe it to be so. First we bombed the crap out of Vietnam then we went to Iraq and did it again.

    Jews are exceptionally good at this demonic level of denial, and I say Christians are copy cats. The Jew antagonizes his opponent and when the normally peaceful non-Jew reacts they Jew says look they hate us, they are anti-semitic. They do this everyday and their possession by the evil holy text is so epic they go on the television and announce it as if that was reality taking no responsibility for their actions whatsoever.

    Trump does this and just did it with Soleimani. He murdered a man in cold blood, blamed it on him, and accused him of what he was doing. Trump is the terrorist arming and funding ISIS, not Soleimani. Trump just proved to the world his level of treachery yet his Christian base still supports him and will vote for him again.

    If you say Donald Trump is a terrorist then Franklin Graham will run to his support. The preachers are thus in on the deception and the murder. The most hard core Bible believers are also the most hard core supporters of Trump and what he does.

    When I point this out and tell those god believers that they are demonically insane because of their beliefs, they wave their hand at me and say I don’t know what I’m talking about. That Yukon Jack is just crazy, he says we are fulfilling prophecy not God.

    They then call me the anti-Christ or that I hate god or that I’m going to hell. They will NOT listen to reason or logic because it challenges their slave mentality in which they are comfortably numb supporting the power structure. The slave never takes responsibility for how it turns out.

    Since Christians are of a great majority and have a lock on the political process I moved upwind to the coast because this curve we are on. We are heading toward a great conflaguration – the Christians are damned determined to bring the end times on all of us. Amerika is in a death spiral and is going to auger in as the world has had enough of us and our Jewish meddling in their affairs.


  9. Hi all! I find the above dialogue about knowing/not-knowing very interesting. I will go about this new day doing my very utmost best to direct my energies towards taking good care of what I know, knowing that the not-knowing will reveal itself in due course.

  10. Prof Newton has written 3 books which prove that our lives are mostly mapped out before we come here.
    My name is Adam Pierce, i was age 12 and named as one of the boys sueing Greville Janner and his gang of jewish homosexuals, Leon Britten Yuri Geller Clement Freud The Amazing james Randi etc
    We were taken to a Hotel in Brighton in a large blacked out van
    we were all given a glass of coca cola and all 9 of us felt very woozy, we had to undress to our underpants and parade back and forth in front of these disgusting homosexuals.
    There were several spirit mediums there, and i was told several members of staff of the spiritualist news paper.
    We were chosen by various men led to a side room where mattreses on the floor
    and sodomised. I was barely conscious on both occasions this happened.Because of threats me and most other boys had to drop out of suing Greville Janner.
    Make no mistake janner was a homosexual pervert.
    Recently it has become known that the medium Keith Hudson had used black magic threats to silence boys from speaking out, several of us boys have kept in touch.
    and we know that Epstein also used underage boys, not just girls to entice over 300 UK perverts into being blackmailed/
    Over the years i had much psychiatric help and counseling, i stil have anger issues over being used by these evil men

  11. No mention of crimes by the vatican or by israel
    both of which are the enemies of anything spiritual
    also no mention of the devils homosexual agenda

  12. Good for you, Cathy, knowledge lived IS wisdom. Cause has some very subtle ways
    of affecting all us effects, but God knows if He has to hit us upside the head with a 2×4,
    He will:

  13. The future is to be learned after the fact that we know.
    “God doesn’t know the future because if it did what would be the purpose of existence”.
    God isn’t concerned with the future, that is only a concern to you because you know beyond reasonable doubt you are not immortal but something in the psychic has a very hard dealing with that, which religion tends to make more complicated. So does your quantum theory nonsense which applies the Godly method of observation you can just do yourself.
    I loathe religions but accept they are a human agency and believe the good ones are about growth and learning which others will hijack for convenience because they are into retardation.
    What matters to God is not the future or the past but the here and now the present.
    Now if God was an it that means that God is not nothing. God is not it. My father a very wise man once said there is no such thing as nothing just no think.
    The anunnaki no matter how they tried could not stop us looking across plains then up into the night sky and wondering of the infinity(the awe) of it all. Then came the questions who made that, who made we, who made those that made me.
    How did others come alive.
    Quantum theory is a very human attempt at explaining one of the great constant universal laws which is Change. Better than string theory at least.
    Throughout this life the greatest constant is reality and that reality has always been here and always will, reality in observance the eyes and timeline of God.
    I have dreamed years before with clarity of places I’ve ended up later in life so there is something in where we are meant to be.
    If we are under an individual agreed karmic plan for learning then no doubt that will be connected to conscience.

  14. Thanks memyselfnie for your encouragement. Within the word “learn” is the word “ear”, and I realise many decades ago that I was learning but not listening. And then it was pointed out to me that “listen” and “silent” contain the same letters, but rearranged. I love to learn and share what I’ve learned, but I had omitted the silent element, which provides the soaking in of learning. “Study to be quiet” is one of my favourite passages. Now I savour quiet time, to help me soak and grow, to reflect and and decipher and digest, to pause and ponder.