The Road to Hell is Paved with Lies

John Kaminski — John Jan 11, 2020

If someone invites a person to a peace conference, and then murders him on his way to attend that event, would you say that this killer is the kind of person you’d like to hang out with (thinking he’s just like your favorite Hollywood superhero — handsome, powerful and dishonorable)?
If you put your faith in weapons, but have no regard for those they hurt, no matter how many people you might kill or make sick for life, is this the kind of person you would trust with your children (as so many do when they let their kids join the Army)?
If you worship a God who champions the murder of infidels — of all those “not like you” — and promises you prizes that are only the camouflaged projections of sexually inadequate perverts, would you continue to worship that God (is this why people no longer send their kids to church)?
The three questions are really one, you know? If you say yes to any of the three, then you are indeed the problem. America’s problem and the world’s. The chief obstacle to human survival, you might say. If you were honest enough to admit it.
Think for a moment about where you received your information FROM; and then analyze the difference between what they told you happened and what actually happened according to a wide variety of reliable sources. Is this not our situation with our government/media today?
9/11, the contrived foreign invasions, the domestic false flag terror events — thousands of concerned observers can produce solid evidence these were all government fabrications, yet are prevented from doing so because the government and media are so closely connected to (not to say owned by) the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.
Are we not getting a scripted version of reality that has little or nothing to do with the facts on the ground?
You see it most clearly in the widespread infection throughout Western media regarding the people of Iran, who are demonized as badly as the Germans were before the Jewish World Wars during the last chance humanity had of escaping the fractional reserve manacles the Jews have fastened around the necks of everyone on Earth.
Proudly boasting of that power U.S. President Donald Trump took it upon himself to murder an Iranian folk hero whom he had lured to a secret peace negotiation in Baghdad. Tens of thousands took to the streets of Iran in mourning for the funeral of Gen. Qasem Soleimani; 56 mourners were killed in a stampede during the burial procession. Soleimani was enticed to Baghdad by a backchannel communication from Trump relating to a supposed peace initiative between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Popular Judge Jeannine Pirro praised Trump’s murder of Soleimani on Fox News in a classic case of media spin ignoring the historical facts of the case — namely, that Soleimani was the real hero for vanquishing ISIS (the Mossad/CIA version of Arab terrorists) from much of Iraq and Syria. That the Iranian deaths may have hastened the deaths of many Americans who were invading his homeland make him a terrorist in the minds of kosher controlled Americans.
But this is how media flip things. The entirety of Jewish owned media in the U.S. tries to cling to the notion that Iran is the bad guy, a threat to the American way of life (whatever that remaining from high standards of Constitutional justice that have been eroded and demolished by Jewish money). The righteous commentators do this by repeating the script they have been given by the rich Jew criminls who control worldwide media.
The unsuspecting American public chooses one side or the other, but as we so clearly see in the rhetoric of today’s politically correct politicians, both sides are solidly in support of our murderous war machine without any verifiable evidence not spun for Jewish purposes — we allow the killing of foreign peasants for reasons that either we don’t understand or won’t even listen to!
It’s the U.S. invading both Iraq and Iran, not the other way around, to steal their oil. Duh-uh! Soleimani cannot be made a villain for defending his own country, his own people, against The Great Satan. According to Donald Trump, anybody in any country who resists the ongoing crimes of the Jewish American war machine is a terrorist, while simultaneously it is the government that makes these statements that is the real producer of these terror events.
This means nobody in the world is safe anywhere, a thought that has crossed the minds of many millions of people on every continent.
So this incredible power of the purse, the Jewish money that rules the world, plus his title as U.S. president, gives Trump the right to shoot down an airliner containing the guy who evicted ISIS and the Western proxies trying to overthrow the Syrian government — all because of a proposed pipeline! . . . gave him the right to murder his enemy in a chickenshit kind of way, by a missile from a drone.
Trump’s power gave him the right to murder an honorable soldier in a disgustingly dishonorable way, a soldier who had fought bravely for both his country and his neighbors against the universal menace of the worldwide Jewish money machine? Who exactly is the enemy here?
Trump’s words are the statement of a U.S. president who has become clinically insane with his power, which comes from catering to Jews who know nothing about integrity or honesty — or respecting other human beings.
The thing to remember about all these media pronouncements calculated to trigger our warmaking instincts is that all these labels the media put on people are rarely correct.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a good example of this. He’s a trained ophthalmologist, has a politically conscious wife and three beautiful children. He has kept the lid on fractious religious differences in Syria as Saddam Hussein had done in Iraq. What would Assad be doing gassing children in his own country, as the White House had claimed?
The only people Assad would be fighting would be the Israelis who stole the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Americans who have been funding terrorists and invading his country for a decade, and making war on most of his neighbors for more than a century. Who is the enemy here? It’s the Americans, for sure, trying to protect oil interests, as Gen. Smedley Butler mentioned almost 90 years ago.
And yet these unfortunate Syrian children were fatally gassed, 200 or so of them, their little bodies were positioned perfectly for all the photographers to show the world, and this event actually happened twice! So who was it murdered those children? Could it have been your beloved government? Was it an ophthalmologist or a Chicago “community organizer”?
You make the call.
If you live in this world you have probably heard the term “false flag”. And if you have heard the term, you probably know that the world’s foremost specialists in this regard are the Israelis, whose security presence penetrates all levels of human society down to the most minute subcategory.
9/11 was their masterpiece. It solidified their control of all the nations on Earth, and taught them they could install any reality they chose to.
What do you have to know to believe what they tell you on TV? The appealing answer is that you don’t have to know anything. Which makes it easier for them to make you believe anything they desire.
If you haven’t watched Mike Delaney’s “Missing Links”, drop everything and do so right now! This is the essential homework for our time. Get it through your thick skull about who is actually in charge of the world.
Few Americans yet realize Donald Trump has given America her “forever reputation” — a bloodthirsty nation that murders people working for peace!
You will never hear this on corporate public media, but it is the truth.
Americans think they can buy anyone and anything but the rusted rot they leave behind is a more accurate description of their false promises. Just look at the warmonger pigs in Congress trying to conquer the world for Israel. Americans have become the untrustworthy bad guys of the world, just like our president, warping the world by twisting the truth.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

13 responses to “The Road to Hell is Paved with Lies”

  1. So, muslims don’t want the death of “infidels”? Really?

    Trump didn’t kill for religious reasons, but for political reasons. Iran is the theocracy, not USA. Iran is evil, and should be destroyed, it is an evil jihadist dictatorship that wants to obtain nuclear weapons while they can’t even double check their anti-air systems and murder civilians in cold blood.

    Sorry no sorry, Iran has to go. And Islam is cancer, Islam should be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is a satanic religion.

  2. I’ve said it since Sept. 11 2001; “if this patently obvious sham of two planes literally pulverizing three skyscrapers isn’t exposed for what it IS, then we’re finished.” Kaminski is right, it was “their masterpiece”. Everybody is so entranced by TV that they’re literally enslaved by it. I haven’t owned a TV for over twenty-five years. I was in to my seventh year of no TV when 9/11 happened. My abstinence rendered me immune to its “programming.”

  3. TemplarGR
    What an unbelievable ignoramus you are..

  4. TemplarGR
    the article by John has hit your nerve , lost your balance and vomit the hidden ajenda of zionists , ” Iran is the theocracy, not USA. Iran is evil” you must be kidding . isnot theocracy
    better than ruled by zionists cabbale? who thinks and believe a Goim lesser soule is to serve the devilish master . terrorists give their true names to thire victims and that’s a wicked trick over used by satanics as well. history is a proof who has to go. no nation has been uprooted and destroyed and hated again and again except one in human history . this universe has owner and moral and virtue are the conditions to survive . its a proof that world has been going for long time prevailing evil , sodam and gomera. pegans , pheros ,….

  5. The plan is to totally annihilate Iran. This is why Iran must get nuclear weapons before they are carpet bombed like Iraq. Iran is lagging NK, for the reason that Iran was not bombed like North Korea – where every single structure was destroyed going into winter. Iran leadership has no choice but to fold or drive the Americanos out.

    “Iran is evil, and should be destroyed, it is an evil jihadist dictatorship that wants to obtain nuclear weapons”

    The mad Jewish supremacist is worried that Iran might get nuclear weapons and thus will prevent annihilation by Israel. The ayattollah refusal to get nukes because of religious doctrine might cost Iran their nation. As insane as the mutually assured destruction concept is, it is an effective deterrent to the bully.

    As crazy as the egotistical racist supremacist Jew is – like Bibi Netanyahu – he will back down when he knows Iran has missiles that can’t be stopped by air defense, and these missiles have a nuke that will cause an intense explosion that is so powerful it will burn people alive – some completely vaporized, it will also create a hole in the ground where the temple on the rock was. A nuke will change the Jerusalem skyline forever.

    Using Alex Wellerstein’s website

    a 20kt surface burst on Jerusalem will kill

    Estimated fatalities: 41,750 Estimated injuries: 128,030

    One bomb annihilates many people in a matter of seconds, this threat WILL get the Jews to backdown.

    Iran has no problem living in peace with its neighbors, but Israel has no intention of ever living in peace with anyone, including the people of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia and Japan. There is every reason to suspect that the disastrous fires of California and Australia are being caused by Israel and Rothschild. They will literally burn us out of our homes on their road to glory.

    If you doubt their ability to screw us look at what they did to Japan, they nuked Fukushima and now the Pacific Ocean is polluted for the rest of history of the human specie. Think about it, Jews wrecked the world’s largest fishery FOREVER.

    Trump is an utterly insane actor that needs to be immediately removed from office because he is empowering the evil Israelis and their plan to conquer the world. What must happen next is a rogue military element must get bombs on Israel and put the parasite out of existence before it gets any worse.

  6. Firstly I would like to inform you that Iranian research teams looking into the Ukrainian flight incident have come to the conclusion that “without any doubt”, US has used a cyber-obfuscation/deception attack to mislead the air-defense unit to “misidentify” the passenger jet for a cruise missile. IRGC had suspected this, however being under heavy pressure they had to claim responsibility as research would take time. In the coming days more will become clear.

    As for the idea that Iran needs nuclear weapons, I am an Iranian and I tell you we do not need nuclear weapons, we just need nuclear fuel-cycle and the ability to always be just a step away from making one! Why? Because it is just the threat of it that matters. Allow me to elaborate… Iran’s Supreme Leader has clearly said it is forbidden, he absolutely means it, but our enemies never believe that, they would say it is Taqia and a lie!

    Maintaining nuclear weapons is costly and bad propaganda opportunity for the enemy. Pakistan has one but it has no real use except to counter India. Wahhabi elements exist in Pakistan and the possibility of nukes getting into their hands, but US never worries about it. With over ~340 US drone attacks with collateral damage in Pakistan and many more in Afghanistan often hitting wedding parties or funerals killing many civilians, Pakistanis can only burn wooden models of US drones in protest! Compare with Iran that has no nuclear weapons but has the most captured and destroyed US and allies drones in the world, from RQ170 and RQ4 all the way to ScanEagle…. Furthermore Iran’s now-proven missile capability can easily destroy Dimona nuclear facility in Israel or Hezbollah can do this. Dimona is a liability really if you think about it. Assuming paper-dome could defend defend it against incoming missiles, still it could be easily overwhelmed. This means Iran has conventional nuclear deterrence.

    Speaking of drones, as you remember Iran had tracked Global Hawk from UAE and issued 4 warnings before shooting it down. Iran did not attack the manned U2 spy plane accompanying the Global Hawk at the time and later weird as it is, Trump actually thanked Iran for it!! So the question is Iran’s air-defense and radar worked perfectly back then but somehow fails distinguishing a passenger plane for a cruise missile?

    Trump had also tweeted boasting that he would bring some very expensive shiny new military tech to be used on Iran!

    Years ago commander of IRGC’s aerospace division, general Hajizade had explained how air-defense units work on their and they don’t have to ask for permission to shoot. After Global Hawk take down, he said it was the soldiers at the air-defense base who did it and took NO credit for himself. This time it was not directly his fault but he comes and takes ALL responsibility for this failure! People see such behavior from IRGC generals that they love them so much. Qasem Suleimani was humble and powerful at the same time, genius and loving at the same time, he fought next to his soldiers in the front lines with savage ISIS, survived all of that but in the end was killed in a cowardly attack when he was on a diplomatic mission. He save both Iraq and Syria from ISIS, yet today “some” Iraqis have forgotten when ISIS was at the gates of their cities and were begging for help.

  7. John Kaminski is spot-on again.

    IMHO, until Israel is governed by Jews, there will never be World Peace.

  8. @ مقداد وفائی
    Thank you for giving us your perspective. You have pointed out some of the deceptions our governments are involved in. All of us are being played for fools. The “nuclear weapon” deception has been held over our heads and used for propaganda since its inception as a fear tactic. Your country’s leaders, for some reason, decided not to play along with the global deception and yet they also use it as a deterrent, a cheaper one at that, as you clearly stated.
    Today 27188 days have passed since the first media fake propaganda about the Hiroshima atomic bomb was published by the USA during WW2. It is simple! Real, working nuclear weapons do not exist and Japan and USA keep it secret by law! No military commanders or political dictators can push a button, drop a nuclear bomb or launch a nuclear missile to wipe out the opposition.

    The atomic bomb fraud 1945-2019 / Welcome to the Home Page of — the premier nuclear truth site
    The Main Resource for the Nuclear Truth movement since 2011. / Are They Real? A Documentary
    All governments are working in unison, behind closed doors, for the NWO system. The Hegelian dialect is in full use on both sides and in the middle. We ( you & I ) are caught in the middle of it all.

    I was invited as a guest for dinner to the house of 5 Iranian Aeronautic students in Tulsa Oklahoma in the early 80’s. I have the highest praise for those individuals that I broke bread with. I was able to learn from them that we are all basically the same and it is our goverments and their educational and religious propaganda machines that don’t want us to know this. Peace to you Brother

  9. Truthy 1– thanks for your insights. I have been to some of the websites you mentioned and I hope/wish/pray that people will (at the very least) read them–someday people will wake up to how much we have been lied to (and how much we have been robbed)!

  10. Iran’s air-defense is on a network connected to a central command, in the US this is called NORAD, indeed each base acts autonomously however constantly receives and sends data from/to the network. This central network is actually part of the Iran’s regular Army and not IRGC, General Hajizade came and took all the blame because those responsible were scared of the consequences, he is a true hero. Often times sacrificing your life for a cause can be much easier than sacrifing your reputation. Those Iranians that were insisting on saying that this must have been an engine failure did not lie they just did not know, however much of the blame is on those army commanders at the command of the unified defensive network who didn’t act as they should have until IRGC’s commander who is mainly involved in offense and not defense had to come and selflessly took all responsibility. Now we know it was a kind of US cyber attack, but it is in such dire situations that we can distinguish real men from small men! Shortly after a successful and historic missile attack on US base he had to come and accept this serious failure. Had Iran not retaliated strongly, US would only understand this as lack of will and they would push for more attacks on Iran. After Pearl Harbor, US assassinated general Yamamoto and Japan didn’t do anything, this led to the Nuclear Attacks on Japan. In fact it is now clear that Japan did not even have fuel for cars and no will to fight on, but it was attacked with Nukes regardless. If we are to learn from history, evil enemies behave like wolves, if you step back they step forward, you must show them that you can firstly harm them and secondly have the will to fight them. Unfortunately President Rohani and his government have been consistently sending the wrong signals to our enemies. We have a Theocratic system and IRGC as opposed to regular military to keep the democratic part in check. Iran has many fault lines and it could be divided into 5 tiny countries. We are surviving because of our religion, you can now go and call us whatever you want. Can these freedom and democracy lovers show us one place where democracy was not spread by sword? Democracy makes countries weak, those in power like to see you on your knees and give you primal freedom but they would never give you real power, because power must be earned and without it you have no real freedom.

    Danish sergeant John who was also on the AinAlAssad base explained what actually happened and what he thought. You can look up for his interview. In one part he said, it was clear Iranians hit only the US part of the base and only high value targets, he said US would not even allow them to go in those parts of the base. Key points like radars and command posts were hit by missiles.


    Indeed, the Zionist media can use anything from Weapons of Mass Destruction to Women Rights for their propaganda purposes. Nuclear Weapons is the same and overrated. I ask myself, if Iran was the Super Power and abusing its power to oppress US and elsewhere, what would I do? I have no doubt I would defend the oppressed.

    The masses of sheeple are not just in US, they are also in Iran, Iraq and elsewhere, they are moved around by the waves created by the Weapons of Mass Deception. Peace to you too bro!

  11. Apologies but I just noticed something else in the comments and I think it is important but off-topic and I need to clarify:

    In Arabic words can be simplified into three root letters. Both “Peace” and “Submission” have the same three root letters (سلم). In greeting one another Muslims say Salam (سلام) to each other similar to Shalom in Hebrew. It means “peace to you” but this does not mean Islam (اسلام) also means a similar thing “Religion of peace”, this can be correct in terms of root words, however anyone who studies Quran can understand Islam in fact means “Submission”, you submit your will to the will of God.

    If Islam is religion of peace, then peace with what and who? Peace with Satan that God says he is the open enemy of mankind, peace with child killers? So this is really unclear. Amazingly those who hate Islam maneuver on this meaning! Pictures of ISIS beheading next to this meaning is a perfect example of Zionist masterful deception and propaganda and the art of hitting multiple targets with one shot! Last time I checked Trump said who created and nurtured ISIS.


    Alright let us say Islam is Satanic, now ask yourself: why US and Israel are close friends of Saudis? Saudis that behead, don’t let women even drive, supply 9/11 pilots, create the ideology of ISIS, etc…

    Today, Zionist Jews, Zionist Christians and Zionist Muslims are allies, they are building a place in AbuDhabi – UAE that has Mosque, Church and Synagogue next to one another.
    Pope visited UAE and signed the initiative too…. this all looks so “peaceful” and nice!

    On the other hand, Iran too has allies or friends that are Christian (i.e Russia), Jew (Neturi Karta), Muslim (Sunnis) and even atheists…. Just think about it.

    Iran is busy surviving the Zionists trios (عبری، عربی، غربی) . Iran has done its best not to kill coalition soldiers from other nationalities in AinAlAssad, has kept the max range fo its missiles at just 2K showing has no intention to attack Europe, has saved Christians in Syria, has fully supported Sunnis in Gaza. What is in the interest of Iran: to convert everyone to Islam (joke) or to gather global allies of different faiths and beliefs?

    Furthermore Iran has had real internal frictions between liberals and revolutionaries since the revolution; Supreme Leader, IRGC/Basij and now also the Judicial branch on one side against the Executive and Legislative branches. Note that Iranian communists were defeated ideologically in the beginning of Islamic revolution they got no share after Shah so they killed 13000 in the streets of Tehran alone, they later sided with Saddam and have done great atrocities, they are today known as MEK and have beeen removed from US terrorist list, John Bolton loves them! The stench of thsi alone is so much that should force people to see the reality of “war on terror”. Khomeini sent a letter to Gorbachev advising Soviets not to trust Liberals but they didn’t take heed! Soviet union was divided. So… communists were defeated in Iran too…however Liberalism was not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Usually the most loyal people of any revolution end up in the military, specially so in case of Iran because soon after they enticed Saddam to attack us to nip our revolution in the bud! …the rest of the hypocrites get into politics and become politicians! After 40 years Iran’s parliament is still filled with liberal MPs. A liberal member of a Parliament can even burn a US flag or attend the first row in a Friday prayer, don’t be fooled! President Rohani wears religious cloths but he is a liberal through and through. Please understand the dynamics of a society before judging, Quran speaks a great deal about hypocrites there is even a chapter named after them, they are those who become Muslim but don’t really believe. So what does Quran say about dealing with them? It will be a long discussion for another time! Suffice to say they are the most dangerous threats to Islam and the way to deal with them is actually SOFT and not HARD, we are to literally suffer them until they show their real colors!

  12. The great liberal hypocrisy is the only thing that lot seem to trade but looking from the outside after decades of paying attention I don’t see neoliberalism getting a foot hold in Iran.
    It would be good to hear old mates above views on China’s BRI and Iran’s future in the multipolar as this goes beyond oil.
    Great reads from both John and old mate above thanks and cheers.
    Templar talks a foreign language? Maccabee courtesy of Act iL.
    Quran 5:83, God says, And when they(christians)
    hear what has been revealed to the messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they have recognized of the Truth. They say oh Lord we believe so register us among the witnesses.
    When euranglolanders use verses 9:4,5,6, 9:29 arrogantly against Muslims they are ignorant of Muslim history. They are in fact ignorant of their own history.

  13. Thanks. Regarding China, they need a basket of oil, they need to get their oil not just from one place, this is for their security. Unfortunately President Rohani has done great damage in various ways to Iran, if he is not fifth column then he is very stupid. In fact both Rohani and Trump are proven liars, they can easily look at the camera and lie! Rohani’s liberal government has done serious mistakes. For example Iran did not have an ambassador in the embassy in China for 18 months! Rohani’s gov imported soy from US can you believe it? This is while US and China were in soy-wars! What does this tell Chinese? That Iranians are unreliable and dishonest. As I said much of the contradictory decisions made in US and Iran are the result of this friction. US found the courage to assassinate Qasem Suleimani because Rohani is still in JCPOA, the idiot is still keeping the deal while US is out! Trump had threatened to tear the deal, Supreme Leader responded saying we will burn it! Then Rohani goes in front of cameras with red face and say we keep it with the Europeans! I don’t know if at nights you cry because Trump is your president, but many in Iran cry because of Rohani! He has lost so many opportunities and has literally halted Iran’s accelerated advancement in almost every field. Have you heard of another Satellite launch since Ahmadinejad? No, after nuclear agreement they pour cement into the heart of Natanz reactor! Anyways… even though we have so many problems, still the future can be very bright for Iran. The government of Rohani is probably the last liberal government as they have lost all popularity, I cant say if we’re going to have another president or not, however the end of liberals means massive acceleration in development for Iran as there won’t be any internal obstacles. I also expect many to stand trial.