‘Death to Britain!’

Iranian demonstrators burn the Union flag and hold up posters proclaiming ‘Down With England’ in protest outside the British embassy in Tehran amid deepening row over ambassador’s arrest

-> Protesters rejoiced as they set alight Israeli and British flags as they gathered outside the British embassy
-> They called for the expulsion of the British ambassador to Iran, Rob Macaire, after his arrest
-> The incident yesterday has sparked a diplomatic row between London and Tehran

Jack Newman – Mail Online Jan 12, 2020

Iranians burn the Union Jack outside the British Embassy in Tehran Sunday. Click to enlarge

Hundreds of Iranian protesters have gathered in front of the British Embassy in Tehran to burn Union flags during an anti-Britain demonstration.

The hardliners chanted ‘Death to Britain’ and held aloft placards reading ‘Down with England’, prompted by the brief arrest of Britain’s ambassador to Iran yesterday.

They rejoiced as they set alight Israeli and British flags as the crisis continues to escalate in the region following the death of General Qassem Soleimani.

Diplomat Rob Macaire was present during demonstrations against Ayatollah Khamenei in front of Tehran’s Amir Kabir University yesterday and was arrested after allegedly ‘organising, provoking and directing radical actions’.

He claims he was only attending a vigil for the victims of the Boeing crash but he was detained despite it being illegal to arrest diplomats.

The move has sparked a diplomatic row between London and Tehran after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab denounced Mr Macaire’s detention as a ‘flagrant violation’ of international law.

Some Iranians have taken to the streets to share their disgust at Britain and its ambassador, calling for him to be expelled from the country today.

While others have turned on the regime after it admitted mistakenly shooting down a Ukrainian airliner, killing 176 people.

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Footnote – Jan 13, 2020

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Iran protests have reportedly taken place over the accidental downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet. However, it is difficult to gauge from the Western media the full extent of the protests because:
-> The U.S., the UK and Israel would love to see regime change in Iran. To achieve this they will use civil unrest – precisely as they tried to do in Syria in 2011.
-> In the process they will use the corporate media to help create the impression that anti-government demonstrations are bigger and more widespread than they actually are. In addition they will agents on the ground to actively incite protests.
This is why the arrest of British ambassador to Iran, Rob Macaire, at an anti-government protest on Saturday is so embarrassing. Macaire claims the gathering at Tehran University was a vigil for those killed aboard the downed Ukrainian passenger. However, the fact that it turned into an anti-government protest before he left, suggests that he may have been instrumental in turning it into an anti-government protest. Ed.

3 responses to “‘Death to Britain!’”

  1. It must be something of a cottage industry in the Middleeast making US and British flags to burn. Who can blame them though? Political literacy in the Anglosphere is possibly the lowest in the world.

    One difference between Muslims that should be stressed more is the difference between the Persian Shia and Arab Sunni. To those feel of us overwhelmed in the West by new arrivals, this simple differentiation is useful in understanding geopolitical nuances.

    Tom Holland’s “Under The Shadow of The Sword” on YouTube is a greater listen explaining how the barbaric Arabs conquered the cultured Persians, but the latter managed to subvert them, and incorporate Zoroastrian practice into the Arabs rape and pillage oral doctrine.

  2. Britain is a stain on humanity it was never up to be going down to begin with.That’s what burning the flag represents. A cleansing from Britain’s stain.
    Now all you young dookies and duchesses,
    Take warning from what I do say.
    Mind all is your own you toucheses
    Or you’ll join us in botany bay.

  3. Apart from railways, civil engineering including sewage treatment, Newtonian physics, William Shakespeare(AKA Earl of Oxford), Charles Darwin, Adam Smith,the King James translation of the bible, trial by jury, traffic islands, football, cricket,rugby, golf , George Orwell, JRR Tolkien, David Irving,David Icke (?),The Truth-seeker website, The Beatles, Zippy from Rainbow, and Monty Python….What have the British ever done for us Dunno Y ?