The Iran Tinderbox: America Dicing With Death

Darkmoon – Jan 12, 2020

Based on numerous news reports,
edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with brief commentary.

WARNING. We cannot vouch for the accuracy of these incoming reports in regard to each detail. It is our intention simply to give a general impression of what appears to be going on behind the scenes and allow readers to make up their own minds. Whether Donald Trump should be indicted as a war criminal at some future date or awarded the Nobel prize for Peace—as he himself has hinted he deserves—is something we must leave to the discernment of the intelligent reader. 

“If they do anything, there will be major retaliation. Iran itself WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD! The USA wants no more threats!”
— Donald Trump, a few days ago

Days after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, new and important information is coming to light from a speech given by the Iraqi prime minister. The story behind Soleimani’s assassination seems to go much deeper than what has thus far been reported.
The Iraqi prime minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, has revealed details of his interactions with Trump in the weeks leading up to Soleimani’s assassination.
He tried to explain several times on live television how Washington had been browbeating him and other Iraqi members of parliament to toe the American line, even threatening to engage in false-flag sniper shootings of both protesters and security personnel in order to inflame the situation.
The purpose? To throw Iraq into chaos.  Here is the story in a nutshell:
During a closed session in the Iraqi parliament, during which the microphones were deliberately disabled on the instructions of the American superpower,  premier Abdul-Mahdi spoke angrily about how the Americans had ruined Iraq and now refused to complete infrastructure and electricity grid projects unless they were promised 50% of oil revenues, which Abdul-Mahdi had refused.
Here are the Iraqi prime ministers’s exact words, translated into English later:
“This is why I visited China and signed an important agreement with them to undertake the construction instead. Upon my return, Trump called me to ask me to reject this agreement. When I refused, he threatened to unleash huge demonstrations against me that would end my premiership.
Huge demonstrations against me duly materialized and Trump called again to threaten that if I did not comply with his demands, then he would have Marine snipers on tall buildings target protesters and security personnel alike in order to pressure me.
I refused again and handed in my resignation. To this day the Americans insist on us rescinding our deal with the Chinese.
After this, when our Minister of Defense publicly stated that a third party [i.e. America] was targeting both protestors and security personnel alike — just as Trump had threatened he would do — I received a new call from Trump threatening to kill both me and the Minister of Defense if we kept on talking about this ‘third party’.”
Nobody imagined that the threat was to be applied to General Soleimani, but it was difficult for Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi to reveal the backstory behind the terrorist attack.
We can surmise, judging by Saudi Arabia’s reaction, that some kind of negotiation was going on between Tehran and Riyadh. Above all, the Saudi Royal family wanted to let people know immediately that they had not been informed of the US operation against Soleimani. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia was not consulted regarding the US strike. In light of the rapid developments, the Kingdom stresses the importance of exercising restraint to guard against all acts that may lead to escalation, with severe consequences.
What clearly emerges is that the success of the operation against Soleimani had nothing to do with the intelligence gathering of the US or Israel. It was known to all and sundry that Soleimani was heading to Baghdad in a diplomatic capacity that acknowledged Iraq’s efforts to mediate a solution to the regional crisis with Saudi Arabia.
It would seem that the Saudis, Iranians and Iraqis were well on the way towards averting a regional conflict involving Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Riyadh’s reaction to the American strike evinced no public joy or celebration at Trump’s intervention in their affairs.
Qatar, while not seeing eye to eye with Riyadh on many issues, also immediately expressed solidarity with Tehran. This reflects a fear of being on the receiving end of Iran’s retaliation. Qatar, the country from which the drone that killed Soleimani took off, is only a stone’s throw away from Iran, situated on the other side of the Strait of Hormuz. Riyadh and Tel Aviv, Tehran’s regional enemies, both know that a military conflict with Iran would mean the end of the Saudi royal family.
When the words of the Iraqi prime minister are linked back to the geopolitical and energy agreements in the region, then the worrying picture starts to emerge of a desperate US lashing out at a world turning its back on a unipolar world order in which the US right now holds the world to ransom by maintaining the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
—   §   —
Saudi Arabia provides China with most of its oil; and Qatar, together with the Russian Federation, supply China with most of its LNG [liquefied natural gas] needs, which lines up with Xi Jinping’s 2030 vision that aims to greatly reduce polluting emissions.
The US is absent in this picture, with little ability to influence events or offer any appealing economic alternatives.
Washington would like to prevent any Eurasian integration by unleashing chaos and destruction in the region, and killing Soleimani served this purpose.
The US cannot contemplate the idea of the dollar losing its status as the global reserve currency. Trump is engaging in a desperate gamble that could have disastrous consequences.
The region, in a worst-case scenario, could be engulfed in a devastating war involving multiple countries. Oil refineries could be destroyed all across the region, a quarter of the world’s oil transit could be blocked, oil prices would skyrocket ($200-$300 a barrel) and dozens of countries would be plunged into a global financial crisis. The blame would be laid squarely at Trump’s feet, ending his chances for re-election.
To try and keep everyone in line, Washington is left to resort to terrorism, lies and unspecified threats of visiting destruction on friends and enemies alike.
Trump has evidently been convinced by someone that the US can do without the Middle East, that it can do without allies in the region, and that nobody would ever dare to sell oil in any other currency than the US dollar.
Soleimani’s death is the result of a convergence of US and Israeli interests. With no other way of halting Eurasian integration, Washington can only throw the region into chaos by targeting countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria that are central to the Eurasian project.
While Israel has never had the ability or audacity to carry out such an assassination itself, the importance of the Israel Lobby to Trump’s electoral success would have influenced his decision, all the more so in an election year .
Trump believed his drone attack could solve all his problems by frightening his opponents, winning the support of his voters (by equating Soleimani’s assassination to Osama bin Laden’s), and sending a warning to Arab countries of the dangers of deepening their ties with China.
The assassination of Soleimani is the US lashing out at its steady loss of influence in the region. The Iraqi attempt to mediate a lasting peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been scuppered by the US and Israel’s determination to prevent peace in the region and instead increase chaos and instability.
Washington has not achieved its hegemonic status through a preference for diplomacy and calm dialogue, and Trump has no intention of departing from this approach. Washington’s friends and enemies alike must acknowledge this reality and implement the countermeasures necessary to contain the madness of the United States with Donald Trump at the helm.
—   §   —
Iran has promised retaliation for the assassination of Qassem Suleimani. Donald Trump said this will lead to a disproportionate response from the US. One side can deliver on its threats, the other can’t, unless it goes nuclear.
“Our reaction,” Iranian general Hossein Dehghan said at the weekend, “will be wise, well considered and, in time, with decisive deterrent effect.” He added: “It was America that has started the war. Therefore, they should accept appropriate reactions to their actions. The only thing that can end this period of war is for the Americans to receive a blow that is equal to the blow they have inflicted.”
Dehghan is no run-of-the-mill former Iranian general officer, but was one of the major decision makers within the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). His words must be viewed as representing those of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei himself.
A closer assessment of Dehghan’s statement provides clarity as to what the US and the Middle East can expect from Tehran.
First and foremost, the response will not be carried out by proxy, and the attacks will be military in nature.
There are a host of viable US military targets in the Persian Gulf region that are of high enough stature as to qualify as “an equal blow” in the eyes of Tehran.
Three come to mind; the concentration of US forces based in Kuwait, the headquarters of the 5th Fleet in Bahrain, and the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.
Of these three, only one, Al Udeid Air Base, has a direct connection to the Suleimani assassination; the drones that fired the missiles that killed Suleimani were operated from there. Al Udeid is host to critical US command and control facilities, as well as the bulk of the American combat aircraft operating in the region. It is well within the range of Iranian ballistic missiles and armed drones, which could be expected to operate in concert with one another to defeat air defenses and then saturate the base with precision strikes which could destroy hundreds of millions of dollars of aircraft and equipment, and potentially kill and wound hundreds of US service members.
President Trump has promised that the US will not tolerate any attack against its personnel or facilities. “If they do anything,” he told reporters, referring to Iran, “there will be major retaliation.”
Earlier, Trump had tweeted a very explicit warning, telling Iran that he had already designated some 52 sites inside Iran, “some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture,” for destruction. “Those targets,” Trump declared, “and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!”
Trump’s threat, however, rings hollow. First, his tweet constitutes de facto evidence of a war crime (Section 5.16.2 of the US Department of Defense Law of War Manual prohibits threats to destroy cultural objects for the express purpose of deterring enemy operations).
LD: Note that many believe, including Philip Giraldi,  that Trump would have no problem committing war crimes, given that America has now morphed into a Mafia gangster state which considers itself beyond international law. It feels it can get away with anything now — provided it has the backing of powerful Jews in Israel, London and Washington. International law applies only to the rest of mankind, not to world Jewry and their American vassal state.

—   §   —
Trump has been down this road before, when he threatened massive military retaliation against Iran for shooting down an unarmed drone over the Strait of Hormuz last May. At that time, he was informed by his military commanders that the US lacked the military wherewithal to counter what was expected to be a full-spectrum response by Iran if the US were to attack targets inside Iran.
In short, Iran was able to inflict massive harm on US and allied targets in the Middle East region, and there was nothing the US could do to prevent this outcome.
Little has changed since May that would alter the military balance of power between the US and Iran. If Iran were to strike a US facility such as the Al Udeid Air Base, and Trump were to order a response, then Iran would most likely unleash the totality of its military capability, and those of its regional proxies, to devastate the military and economic capabilities of those targeted. These strikes would most likely include oil production facilities in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, in addition to US military facilities and diplomatic missions.
Seen in this light, Trump’s threats of retaliation appear to be little more than words.
—   §   —
There was a second significant development in the region on Sunday, in addition to the vote by the Iraqi Parliament to cut ties with the US military.
The Iranian government announced that it was ending all restrictions on the enrichment of uranium…. the newly unconstrained enrichment capability puts Iran well inside the one year “breakout” window, i.e. the time needed by Iran to produce enough fissile material for a single nuclear device.
In doing so, Iran has inadvertently opened itself up to a preemptive nuclear attack by the US.
The centrifuges that could be used by Iran to produce enriched uranium capable of being used in a fissile device are housed in a hardened underground facility located near the town of Fordow. No conventional munition currently in the US arsenal can destroy Fordow.
Only a modified B-61 nuclear bomb can do the job.
Trump has hinted that any future war with Iran would not be a drawn-out affair. And while the law of war might curtail his commanders from executing any retaliation that includes cultural sites, it does not prohibit the US from using a nuclear weapon against a known nuclear facility deemed to pose a threat to national security.
This is the worst-case scenario of any tit-for-tat retaliation between Iran and the US, and it is not as far-fetched as one might believe.
LD (in conclusion) : According to Philip Giraldi and other political mandarins who are deeply concerned about the way things are going, Trump is now beginning to show marked signs of mental instability. Giraldi suggests that Trump is “not of sound mind” and possesses  “an addled tweet-conditioned brain”. (See ‘Has Trump Lost His Marbles?’)
See also ‘Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran. With multibillionaire tycoons like Sheldon Adelson whispering in Trump’s ear to go the whole hog and do Israel a favor by nuking Iran, what can we expect but trouble? Meanwhile, plans are afoot for Israel to nuke Iran if this helps to save Natanyahu’s skin and get him reelected.  See Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran.
Most Americans who back their president to the hilt, salivating for the obliteration of Iran, either have little knowledge of history or a deficient moral sense. They are unaware that Iran has attacked no other country for over 300 years, whereas the US has never ceased to launch savage attacks on other weaker nations since WWII. And if Americans are aware of these facts, they still don’t give a damn. I sincerely hope that these heartless bullies who inflict such savage cruelties on weaker countries will one day collect their karma and pay in full measure for their flagrant crimes. [LD]   

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Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. v good article Lasha – Thank You for your research.

    Yes Im sure karma will catch up with the

  2. Excellent, Lasha! Thanks so much! Indeed, dear Mark, our esteemed Karmatic Creator is preparing some very hellish hot deals for these

  3. Meyer Lansky would be very proud of Donald Trump

  4. Is it possible that Ukrainian Flight 752 was tagged.
    Was recently serviced two days before it’s destruction… could it have been fitted with something to give it the appearance that it was a missile?

  5. Iraq is not a sovereign state and by treaty, the US owns a very high percentage of Iraqi oil, probably over 90%. It appears to me that senior Iraqis don’t know their national status. If I remember, all Iraqi utilities were sold off to Western corporations. I am not saying Iraqis can’t change this, but it’s going to be very hard. The US and Israel wants the Middle East permanently trashed & post-Brexit, they want the same in Europe. The US is already fermenting a new Balkans war. The Orthodox Church in Montenegro is about to be ripped apart. This is going to flare up, not only in Montenegro but in Serbia.

    The Jew banksters and their Satanic
    spawn falsely named ‘Izrael’ had
    a two centuries-long run of luck
    with their victims-cum-enemies.

    (And anyone whose assets the Jews
    covet – Amalek, Rome, Russia, Europe –
    is an ‘enemy’, whether the object
    of the Jews’ envy and resentment
    is their real estate or their DNA.)

    The Brits, not unjustly, are blamed
    for the Jew Sassoons’ (Sacklers?)
    genocidal Opium Wars. But it’s not
    the Brits, of course, that pocketed
    the lion’s share of the opium profits.

    The Boers and the Tommies never
    gave a second thought, it seems,
    to who exactly stood to profit from
    the resources of the country they
    were killing each other for.

    WW1 belligerents slaughtered each
    other by the million – with no slightest
    clue that the more they dropped dead,
    the more dividends the Jew banksters

    Adolf Hitler was an ideal victim-enemy –
    and WW2 was the ultimate Talmudic
    murder feast, providing for the bankster-
    assisted triumph of communism,
    obliterating the national sovereignty
    on both sides of the Iron Curtain – and
    establishing sovereign ‘Izrael’ – albeit
    at the cost of murdering a few hundred
    not-so-victorious Brits, not to mention
    the countless Palestinians.

    The Russians exterminated close
    to hundred million of their own lot –
    subsequent to the Jew bankster-
    funded 1917 communist coup – and
    most Russians still haven’t got
    much of a clue on whose behalf
    so many of them were murdered.

    The Jew banksters’ conquest of
    Britain and America – partly through
    the pre-existing structure of the
    Freemasonry – wasn’t half as bloody,
    but infinitely more penetrating. And
    hence, the politics of High Treason,
    national bankruptcy and ‘voluntary
    suicide’ on behalf of I$rael.

    President Nasser was a great guy,
    but a poor sucker of a poker player.
    The brain-dead double loser Saddam
    took to wearing a military tunic with
    some incredible shoulder-boards…
    A perfect Jews’ breakfast.

    Iran’s Ayatollahs, however, are
    the Jews’ worst disappointment.
    Those bleeding old codgers just
    sit back and shadow-play the Jews’
    game on their own chessboard –
    and always know exactly what the
    Jews would like them to do next.

    It is incumbent upon the Egyptian
    authorities to disclose the truth
    to their citizens – and write it into
    their history textbooks that the
    reason why many Egyptians today
    are alive and largely free of birth
    abnormalities and radiation-induced
    cancers is because the Jews failed
    to sink the USS Liberty and murder
    all of her valiant crew.

    There is no reason why Egypt
    shouldn’t set up a national memorial
    commemorating this Jew-engineered
    nuclear Holocaust of Egypt – that
    was only prevented from happening
    by the brave American sailors of
    the USS Liberty, who are being
    snubbed, harassed, lied about –
    and denied justice to this day.

    It would be a mere courtesy on
    the part of the government of
    Egypt to lobby the Nobel Prize
    Committee for presentation of
    the Nobel Peace Prize to all of
    the USS Liberty’s crew – both
    the survivors of the backstabbing
    kosher attack and those who
    were murdered by the I$raeli
    war criminals – under ‘licence’
    issued by the U.S government.

  8. If you cannot make love to stop war, then make international laws and enforce them.

    The downing of the airliner was totally inadvertent, and if there was negligence it was ultimately caused by the conduct of the US – by that nation’s deliberate, hostile and highly illegal actions.

    The Iranians had no real basis to trust any US indication not to bomb them, after Trump and his Zionist masters had just committed the most treacherous, and totally-illegal murders of their top man, and others, all of whom were under diplomatic immunity, on a peace mission, unarmed, and which trip was pre-announced to the US authorities. The Iranians had no idea if Trump was actually going to carry out his threat to their action and hit 52 unnamed targets in Iran with the B52’s on the way. They had no basis to trust Trump, that after their prearranged missile strike on Iraqi empty hangers, the US would or would not to bomb their nation. If fact the US military at the time of the downing of the liner was also on standby and in a state of indecision.

    How could they trust anything the US was saying at the time? The fact is they could not. Their entire air defences were not only on high alert, they were no doubt in a state of great agitation, facing the threats, hostilities, provocations, of the most largest and most sophisticated military the world has ever seen, and a nation which has set out to destroy their nation and take their oil in the same manner in which they destroyed Iraq and Libya, in preceding decades.

    Only in hindsight, can we say that Iran ought to have grounded all commercial airline flights until the crisis was over. That is where there may be some small measure negligence according to our legal standards. However, when you consider the entire debacle, under most Western legal standards, and any realistic standards of justice, the entire conduct of the US would be considered most reprehensible, and the US mostly to blame for the tragedy of the civilian loss of life in the airliner accident. If Trump’s decision was to satiate the blood lust of his principle Zionist financial backers wanting to provoke an actual war with Iran, then the assassination was largely for the personal political gain of Trump, and a great deal of the moral blame should be left at the doorsteps of Trump, his Zionist directors, and Israel.

    In law, my view is that the US would and should be held vicarious liable for at least 90% and Iran 10% for all of the personal losses and damages for the downing of the airliner, and in such an international legal action, it would not be necessary to prove the obvious and most likely Zionist links and influences. If we had an international court, with teeth and with truly independent judges, constantly under protection, scrutiny and the gun of severe penalty for any favoritism or corruption, then crimes like subversive actions in foreign nations, assassinations, regime changes, and unjust wars would be very rare or even non-existent. It would protect the weaker nations from the exploitation of the stronger, which is exactly what the major powers do not want. It also is the next logical step from the internet revolution and no doubt why the establishments in the most powerful nations are so eager to limit access to the truth through the internet.

  9. Carl Jones you need to read that treaty carefully.
    The US promises to respect Iraqi sovereignty and leave it debt free that was the agreement but in fine style and with predictability the US goes back on its signed agreements.
    The oil was shared at an even 50% of revenues but now the US wants to act like bank robbers and take the lot.
    Thieves, murderers and liars that’s all the US is reduced to. How Jew.