Boeing, Boeing, gone?

Irish Savant – Jan 11, 2020

Boeing used to be one of the Great Companies. Legendary. For a century its technical excellence and innovation kept it at the summit of aircraft manufacturing. But now it faces the worst crisis in its history with its commercial business in particular facing a bleak future. The 737 Max scandal that has cost hundreds of lives and billions of dollars isn’t its only problem. The flagship 787 Dreamliner is deemed so unreliable that it seems even key Boeing staff won’t fly on it.
“If it’s not Boeing I’m not going” has mutated into “if it’s Boeing I’m not going”. What happened? Well such a spectacular decline cannot be multi-causal. But I’ll wager that the ‘shareholder value’ concept and a commitment to diversity have been critically important. Shareholder value is shorthand for replacing engineers and designers with accountants. Short-term profit becomes the priority with top executives (usually from marketing or finance  backgrounds) “earning” million-dollar bonuses while speculators use their insider knowledge to make a killing, usually at the expense of R&D and quality.
And then there’s diversity. “Boeing has made diversity and inclusion a strategic priority — and external validators have taken notice. On May 7, it was announced that Boeing ranked 32nd out of more than 1,800 companies that participated in DiversityInc’s 2019 Top 50 Companies for Diversity survey — moving up 17 spots from No. 49 last year. Boeing also was ranked No. 2 among the top companies for veterans, No. 9 on the list of top companies for people with disabilities, and No. 10 on the list of top companies for mentoring and sponsorship.”
Well done Boeing. Now could we get back to the 737 and Dreamliner problems?
   Your Life In Their Hands

Back in the day I worked closely with HP and IBM, both, like Boeing, legendary companies and both subsequently destroyed at least in part by diversity. (Hi Carly). I was always impressed by the dedication of their software and engineering staff. Literally 100% White, they’d be at their desks late into the night, at no extra pay, just driven by a commitment to quality and reliability. You will seldom get such commitment and diligence from blacks or affirmative-action women while –  trust me on this – bindi programmers will simply try to get away with whatever they can get away with. And with software it’s easy enough to fake test results.
The company has been hollowed out, its standards degraded, its culture corrupted. It will of course struggle on, sustained if nothing else by “defence” expenditure, financed by magic money from the FED. Even so ‘financial engineering’ and diversity have done their work in emasculating yet another Western institution.




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  1. It is possible people worked unpaid overtime because of the fear of being sacked…..Employees are very badly treated in the US…..and get laughable holiday allowances compared to other developed democracies.The exploitation verges on the criminal.
    Americans keep watching the zio television which is a complete fantasy world…The Kardashians being the tip of the iceberg….The internal secret police,like Britain,actively disrupt legitimate political movements which could interfere with the status quo.

  2. Mechanical infrastructure, electrical components, engineering and such have become so complicated it takes the best minds to understand them. You aren’t going to find many of these minds in the minority community. You have the same problem with management. Retirements, dismissals, consolidation etc. and pretty soon a company looses what made it great in the first place. It becomes hallowed out and there is no going back. Affirmative action candidates sure as hell can’t fill the gap. There is also a major problem with work ethic, and in the final analysis I don’t completely blame employees. The corporate honchos only care about their stock options. Everyone looking out for themselves while the country goes down the drain. So be it.

  3. you cannot run a first world economy with a third world workforce

  4. Saying ‘diversity’ is a little unfair. This is a simple case of accountants pushing profits by off-shoring, especially fight testing. Cast your minds back to the designed 2008 financial crisis. The US gov suppressed the fact that the US had been in a recession for 18 months prior to the 08 collapse. Airline orders dried up, but Boeing managed to get a huge order from the Chinese. The planes were sold at below cost & Airbus and regulators should have been waving red flags but no one said boo. The crimes of Boeing executives should close this company down, but as the article states, Boeing is a defence company, so nothing will happen.

  5. About time some company ignored the diversity nonsense and went back to merit. The best employees are NUMERATE. You would be surprised how inummerate many people are. They are a danger to the company, and can soon be identified by a few simple questions on arithmetic (which they claim is math)

    I once asked several interviewees what would be the pre-tax price if the the tax-inclusive price was £100 and tax rate was 10%.

    Most said it was £90,,,, wrong,, it is 100/1.1 = 90.909

    The only one who got it right was a graduate Engineer, but one who got it wrong was also a graduate engineer. The moral of this story is to run your own test.

  6. The future for us is no travel on airlines at all-Agenda 2030.

  7. “You would be surprised how inummerate many people are. They are a danger to the company, and can soon be identified by a few simple questions on arithmetic”

    Very true. I was on the verge of taking out a patent on a navigational device for pilots which unfortunately ( for me) relied on a degree of elementary competence in mental arithmetic.
    Much to my surprise, but just in time, I discovered, in trainee pilots, many with demanding, high-paid jobs, deficiency in simple mental arithmetic.
    The electronic calculator and the infantile metric system have a lot to answer for.
    Puzzled by this, I sought answers, and got them from two sources.
    1) The US Air Force, during WW2 and beyond…… found that on average, out of all conscripts, only 30% had anything like the ability in mathematics/arithmetic to become competent navigators.
    2) A local Maths teacher, who made a bit on the side teaching mental arithmetic to wannabe corporate types, who suddenly realised, rather late in life, that it might be a good idea to become numerate.
    His conclusions……That it is near impossible to teach someone over the age of thirty, starting from scratch, competent, useful arithmetic. By that age the brain has become near fossilised. There was the odd exception, of course…..but that was the rule.

  8. Sam raises the important point that (((they))) don’t want us to travel (January 12, 2020 at 9:04 pm).

    Roads are no longer maintained, though we find endless “roadworks” causing long delays on every major route. Most minor roads are literally disintegrating, with potholes everywhere. Many local roads have encroaching vegetation (brambles being one example). Even pavements are threatening to become indistinguishable from the grass verge as weeds are allowed to grow unchecked and the surface, whether slabs or tarmac, is broken up by tree roots.

    Many rural areas have little or no public transport, and what exists is unreliable, inconvenient and often expensive.

    With abominations like the 737 Max, people won’t want to fly any more. I strongly suspect this is by design, in which case we’ll see many more disasters.

    The criminals behind all this lunacy consider themselves akin to farmers that want to keep “their livestock” (us) securely penned and unable to travel.