PC Specialist Ad Banned in UK Because it Doesn’t Feature Women

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Jan 11, 2020

A PC Specialist ad has been banned in the UK for perpetuating “harmful gender stereotypes” because it doesn’t feature any women.

Apparently, the commercial, which features a white man, a black man and an Asian man, isn’t diverse enough.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority cracked down on the ad after just eight offended morons complained.

Despite PC Specialist’s core market being 87.5% male, the fact that their commercial isn’t politically correct enough was its undoing.

As we previously highlighted, a Volkswagen commercial was also banned in the UK for violating “gender stereotypes” because it showed a woman caring for a baby.

The ASA also banned an ad featuring a sexy female mechanic after a single complaint because it could cause “offense” and was sexually suggestive.

Commercials that reinforce negative gender stereotypes against men, such as one about ‘manspreading’ that appear on the London Underground, are apparently fine.

There are also no restrictions on ads showcasing obese people, although commercials featuring slender women who work out are banned.