Did Pompeo Dupe Trump Into the Soleimani Hit??

Mike Whitney – The Unz Review Jan 10, 2020

Donald Trump is under the illusion that the fracas with Iran is over. He thinks that Iran’s pinprick missile strikes on US bases in Iraq have assuaged Tehran’s thirst for revenge. But he’s wrong. The missile strikes were merely the first salvo in an epic cage match between Iran’s Axis of Resistance and its 70 year-long nemesis, the United States. As Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Wednesday, the missile attacks were not sufficient payback for the assassination of Iran’s most decorated military hero, Qassem Soleimani. They were just “a slap”, just Round One in what will surely be a long and bloody campaign aimed at driving the US out of the Middle East.

I wonder if Trump has any idea of what he’s done? It’s one thing to hector, threaten, coerce and sanction a rival nation, especially a nation that sits on an ocean of oil in a strategically-located area like the Middle East. But it’s another thing to assassinate the country’s highest-ranking and most revered military commander, an Iranian Rommel, whose tireless devotion to service spans a 40 year-long period. That’s not something that can be shrugged off or swept under the rug. That’s an act of war that requires a muscular response from the state. No country can allow its military leaders to be killed with impunity. Iran will have to fight back, and they will fight back. The question is “how”?

Iran will likely intensify the strategy that Soleimani perfected; hybrid, 4th Generation unconventional warfare conducted via Iran’s proxies in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Lebanon. They will forgo using their bulging arsenal of long-range ballistic missiles and, instead, implement an asymmetrical strategy aimed at roiling markets, blocking shipping lanes, demolishing petrochemical plants and wasting oil tankers. The objective will be to wreak havoc across the region making the US presence less and less tenable while invoking plausible deniability as to the perpetrator. It will be a war that is largely conducted in the shadows. The Middle East is a target-rich environment for those who have the proxies, the weapons and the inclination to create mayhem. This is a war that Iran is prepared to fight and this is a war that Iran can win.

Iran also has more extreme options as illustrated in this excerpt from an article at DW:

“The IRGC can threaten shipping lanes in the Gulf, Gulf of Oman and the Caspian Sea through the application of a wide variety of assets it has at its disposal, including submarines, smart torpedoes, smart mine capability, and land-based, long-range anti-ship missiles strategically based on the mainland, islands, and ships”…Such attacks could put a halt to the world’s oil transport network, at least for a time. One-fifth of global oil production is shipped through the strait between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. If the Strait of Hormuz were to become unsafe for ship passage, it would not only affect the United States but also a large number of countries around the world. The US would be under great pressure to end any war with Iran as quickly as possible….” (Iran-US conflict: Tehran’s asymmetrical approach, dw.com)

Did Trump mull-over any of these grim scenarios before he ordered the assassination of Soleimani? Was he told that both Obama and G.W. Bush opted not to kill Soleimani because they knew the backlash would be too great? Did Trump even know that Soleimani helped the US defeat ISIS and al Qaida in Iraq and Syria?

How much did Trump actually know about Soleimani or was he intentionally kept in the dark by his fanatical neocon advisors like Mike Pompeo? That doesn’t excuse Trump or make him any less culpable for his decision, but it does suggest that his sources of information might be tainted by conflicting political agendas. A recent article in the New York Times titled “Pompeo Upended Middle East by Pushing Trump to Kill Iranian General” appears to support this theory. Here’s an excerpt:

“Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the loudest voice in the administration pushing President Trump to kill Iran’s most important general….The strike against the Iranian general has affirmed Mr. Pompeo’s position as the second-most powerful official in the Trump administration…… as the man at the center of the argument to launch the drone strike that killed Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani — and who pushed Mr. Trump to withdraw from the landmark Iran nuclear deal in 2018 — he is in the unusual role of shaping national security policy…

Mr. Pompeo, 56, could become known as the man who helped lead the United States into another conflict in the Middle East — breaking one of Mr. Trump’s key campaign promises just as the president faces re-election..

Mr. Pompeo said he and other American officials “evaluated the relevant risks” that the strike against General Suleimani might bring. He cited “continuing efforts on behalf of this terrorist to build out a network of campaign activities that were going to lead potentially to the death of many more Americans.”…(Pompeo Upended Middle East by Pushing Trump to Kill Iranian General, New York Times)

This simply isn’t true. Soleimani did not organize any “campaign activities” to kill American soldiers. That’s baloney. He was in Baghdad working on a peace agreement with his Saudi counterpart when he was incinerated by a missile launched from an American drone. Pompeo has produced no hard evidence to back this spurious claim.

Nor is there any proof that there was an “imminent threat”. That’s another one of Pompeo’s howlers. The only threat that materialized was the threat that an Iranian General on a peace mission would be senselessly obliterated by a bloodthirsty cabal in Washington. Here’s more from the Times:

“…no major attack against the sprawling and heavily-fortified diplomatic compound in Baghdad’s Green Zone is “imminent,” even though Mr. Pompeo has asserted that repeatedly, said the official, who discussed administration deliberations only on the condition of anonymity. Some Pentagon officials had said earlier that there was no intelligence revealing any unusual threats.

On Tuesday, Mr. Pompeo did not repeat his assertions that the United States had intelligence about an “imminent” attack and instead pointed to recent violent episodes.

“If you’re looking for imminence, you need look no further than the days that led up to the strike that was taken against Suleimani,” Mr. Pompeo said, apparently referring to the rocket attack by an Iranian-backed militia that killed an American interpreter, Nawres Hamid, in Iraq on Dec. 27.” (New York Times)

So rather than admit that he was lying, the cagey Pompeo simply diverts attention to the American contractor who was killed last week. That’s called bait-and-switch, a tactic that’s typically used by hucksters and charlatans. The fact is, there was no indication that an attack was imminent. None. Soleimani posed no threat to US troops or US assets at all. He was killed for nothing or, rather, he was killed because Trump and Pompeo wanted him dead. That’s the bottom line. Here’s more from the same article:

“Pompeo… is a chief architect of the rising tensions between the United States and Iran. As Mr. Trump’s first C.I.A. director, he created a special center to deal with Iran…Days after becoming secretary of state in 2018, Mr. Pompeo pushed Mr. Trump to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and reimpose strict sanctions on Iran. He has nurtured closer partnerships with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, enemies of Iran that sometimes have agendas that run counter to American interests….

In April, he advised Mr. Trump to designate as a foreign terrorist organization the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, an arm of the Iranian military that includes General Suleimani’s elite Quds Force. It was the first time the United States had applied that label to a part of another government.

And after the Dec. 31 breach of the American Embassy in Baghdad, Mr. Pompeo pushed harder for the strike against Mr. Suleimani, which Defense Department officials had presented to Mr. Trump as an extreme and not particularly palatable option only days earlier….

Last year, on a trip to Israel, Mr. Pompeo invoked the Bible in saying Mr. Trump was a modern-day Queen Esther sent by God to save the Jews from Iran.” (New York Times)

Let’s summarize:

  1. Pompeo was the biggest and most outspoken supporter of assassination.
  2. It was Pompeo “who pushed Mr. Trump to withdraw from the landmark Iran nuclear deal.”…
  3. It was also Pompeo who convinced Trump that the benefits of killing Solemani outweighed the risks
  4. It was also Pompeo who justified the assassination by stating that there was a “imminent threat” against US assets, a claim for which there is no evidence.
  5. It was also Pompeo who persuaded Trump to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization.”
  6. Pompeo is the “chief architect” of the administration’s failed Iran policy which includes the ongoing economic strangulation and the abandoning of Washington’s obligations under the terms of the nuclear agreement.
  7. And, it will also be Pompeo who– like his ideological twin, George W Bush–will be “known as the man who helped lead the United States into another conflict in the Middle East.”

Again, none of this justifies Trump’s monstrous decision to kill Soleimani, but it does show how Pompeo’s ingratiating “apple-polishing” behavior has helped him to advance his own political agenda, an agenda that appears to be far more tilted in Tel Aviv’s favor than Washington’s. How does that fit with Trump’s “America First” doctrine?

It doesn’t fit at all, in fact, it strongly suggests that Pompeo’s loyalties lie elsewhere. Why else would he put the US on a path to a military confrontation with Iran, a confrontation that will undoubtedly have catastrophic implications for the United States? How does that benefit America?

And what would the outcome of such a hellish, region-wide conflagration be? Here’s how “Grand Chessboard” geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski summed it up more than a decade ago:

“An attack on Iran would be an act of political folly, setting in motion a progressive upheaval in world affairs. With the U.S. increasingly the object of widespread hostility, the era of American preponderance could even come to a premature end. Although the United States is clearly dominant in the world at the moment, it has neither the power nor the domestic inclination to impose and then to sustain its will in the face of protracted and costly resistance.”

This is the nightmare scenario, the end of America brought to you by the two biggest dunderheads to ever to serve in public office: Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo.

Is there any way to stop this train-wreck?


An Amrican writer who runs his his own landscape company in Snohomish, Wa, U.S., Mike Whitney regularly features on ukurnet and other websites

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  1. Before spending the time to read this long piece by Mike Whitney I used the Browser FIND function and search each term separately:

    Netanyahu, Bibi, Israel, Zionist, Mossad

    and did not find one hit on any of those terms.

    Thus I conclude that this article is misdirection and didn’t read it.

  2. Congratulations to all involved in exposing and indicting Large-Mouth Pike Pompeso. Long in the making, this will be a decisive blow against the malignant U.S. warmonger’s activities worldwide. Hope this is the first step to regime change in Langley Virginia.

    I invite the Honorable Minister of Justice & Punishment, Umbra Bellator, what he considers a suitable punishment…

  3. yeah theyre gonna squeeze the fatass americ*nts out of the ME…

    vietnam style panic retreat

    then excise that ugly little tumour.. israel

    Justice will be done!

  4. they should assassinate that cowardly blubberbucket pumpeo

  5. No Mike Whitney, Pompeo didn’t Dupe Trump Into the Soleimani Hit. Of course not! It was anti-gentiles, bankster jews, who duped Trump into the Soleimani murder.

    No doubt Pompeo is a POS, but Trump takes his orders from bankster jews like Adelson, Saban, Singer, not subordinate govmen like Pompeo. Ditto what Yukon Jack said.

  6. “Mike Pompeo has expressed disappointment with European reaction to the US killing of the Iranian general Qassem Suleimani, suggesting that the UK, France and Germany had not been sufficiently supportive.”

    “Frankly, the Europeans haven’t been as helpful as I wish that they could be. The Brits, the French, the Germans all need to understand that what we did, what the Americans did, saved lives in Europe as well. Qassem Suleimani led and his IRGC [Revolutionary Guard] led assassination campaigns in Europe. This was a good thing for the entire world, and we are urging everyone in the world to get behind what the United States is trying to do to get
    the Islamic Republic of Iran to simply behave like a normal nation.”

    Large Mouth Pike Pompedo
    Secretarmy of Snake Department

    Pompeo: European response to Suleimani killing ‘not helpful enough’
    Julian Borger – The Guardian Jan 4, 2020
    Brainwashing in Action: Pence Hails Virtue of ‘Certain War’
    By Finian Cunningham

    (BrainWashington) – Over nearly 95 per cent of its historical existence the US has been involved in waging wars, sometimes covertly or by proxy. Since the Second World War alone, the US has been involved in up to 60 wars or covert conflicts, inflicting a civilian death toll estimated at 20 million. Arguably, there is not another nation, past or present, with such a record of belligerence.

    The American ruling class perpetuates itself by sending working-class schmucks into wars-for-capitalist-profit, over and over again. The unremitting warmongering that underpins American capitalism is testified by Pence’s address to the West Point graduates. Stripped from the pious rhetoric, Pence was telling like it is: the American way is war, war, and more war. The American way is Total War on the planet to get whatever US corporations need in order to make the oligarchic class even richer.

    Even when the US is purportedly engaged in “diplomacy” it is always ready to exercise
    the “all options” of militarism in order to get its infernal way.

    Pence referred to US troops one day going to the Korean Peninsula because, he asserted, North Korea is “a threat to peace”. A country where the American military killed three million people during the 1950-53 Korean War. He warned there could be another war against North Korea or China. Partly because China, he said, was “challenging American power”.

    That’s acceptable cause for war?

    Pence’s reprehensible disclosure of militarist designs towards North Korea and China is bound to undermine diplomacy, if not torpedo it altogether. How are Pyongyang or Beijing expected to engage with a US administration that ultimately views war as an option in order to get its way if negotiations fall short of US demands?

    How is it then possible for US Vice President Mike Dence to get away with making warmongering all over the planet sound like a virtue? Why are those supposed American virtues somehow perceived as genuine and believable? And, all the while, the Western corporate news media are obediently silent, bereft of any critical questioning. What does that say about the extent of brainwashing in today’s world?

    Brainwashing in Action: Pence Hails Virtue of ‘Certain War’
    By Finian Cunningham on June 2, 2019
    Finian Cunningham – Strategic Culture June 1, 2019
    The road to ruin is paved with lies – John Kaminski
    Saturday, 11 January 2020

    Who exactly is the enemy here?

    If someone invites a person to a peace conference, and then murders him on his way to attend that event, would you say that this killer is the kind of person you’d like to hang out with (thinking he’s just like your favorite Hollywood superhero — handsome, powerful and

    “Popular Judge Jeannine Pirro praised Trump’s murder of Soleimani on Fox News in a classic case of media spin ignoring the historical facts of the case — namely, that Soleimani was the real hero for vanquishing ISIS (the Mossad/CIA version of Arab terrorists) from much of Iraq and Syria. That the Iranian deaths may have hastened the deaths of many Americans who were invading his homeland make him a terrorist in the minds of kosher controlled Americans.”

    Trump’s power gave him the right to murder an honorable soldier in a disgustingly
    dishonorable way, a soldier who had fought bravely for both his country and his neighbors against the universal menace of the worldwide Jewish money machine? Who exactly is the enemy here?

    Trump’s words are the statement of a U.S. president who has become clinically insane with his power, which comes from catering to Jews who know nothing about integrity or honesty — or respecting other human beings.

    Few Americans yet realize Donald Trump has given America her “forever reputation” — a bloodthirsty nation that murders people working for peace!

    You will never hear this on corporate public media, but it is the truth.

    Americans think they can buy anyone and anything but the rusted rot they leave behind is a more accurate description of their false promises. Just look at the warmonger pigs in Congress trying to conquer the world for Israel. Americans have become the untrustworthy bad guys of the world, just like our president, warping the world by twisting the truth.”

    John Kaminsky

  7. Mike Whitney’s article carefully leaves out any mention of the real perps, Ratchild, Israel and Bibi plus it plays to all the retards that it wasn’t really Trump’s fault it was the fat blob porcine porcupine porkmobile lardass CIA career criminal Pompeo. It wasn’t the god emperor our lord and savior nooooooooo.

    What a load of bs, Trump appointed Pompeo and Trump hates Iran because he loves Israel. So how could it be Trump? He was tricked by that pompous asswipe I tell ya. This article reeks of BS. – a whole stinking manure load dumped into your mind, lots of trivia and facts, it is meant to be read by retards that still rally around the traitor Trumpenstein.

    You know Kevin Barret FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS covered how the Israel newspaper were speculating that Netanyahu would start an Iran war to save his political career before any of this happened and witless Whitney fails to bring this up

    Anyways this same article was published over at UNZ and the comments are better than the article. Obviously the readers are far better versed in facts than Whitney, who appears to be another disinformationist who never talks about the Jews – a filthy liar.


    The very first comment over at unz is epic:

    1. cynic says:
    January 10, 2020 at 6:45 pm GMT • 200 Words

    “President Trump’s approach to diplomacy is innovative – and unique. No other leader would place an $80m price on his own head as a result of a perfidious murder of another country’s national hero engaged in a diplomatic mission which he had claimed to support. He has greatly increased his chances of meeting a violent death. Even after he leaves politics in five years time he will always be looking over his shoulder, wondering if all his guards love him more than they love money. Whenever he plays golf he will have to wonder whether the green will explode under him. If he takes a stroll, surrounded by guards, he will have to consider whether this will be the time when death falls on him out of the sky. Even if he visits one of his own hotels he must consider the risk that it might collapse around his ears.

    People have already pointed out that Trump and his generals looked scared at his recent media appearance. “

  8. Donald Trump is just a front face, decisions are not made by Trump. When he said he would attack 52 sites including cultural ones and threatens in many other places and then backed down. All of this is done by the main decision makers; put Sponge-bob instead of Trump and still nothing would change, no matter who’s the president.

    One of the reasons they dared to assassinate Suleimani was the soft-signals that came from Rohani’s government. Remember Iran is still dealing with the liberals inside the country and they are almost finished, but not just yet.

  9. re “Is there any way to stop this train-wreck?”

    No! The ‘Dam Of Karma’ is over-flowing and is about to break… and ZOG USSA will be swept away into TOTAL OBLIVION