Democracy Is Fraud! – We Need Monarchy! – Popular Russian Priest on Top TV Show

Russian Faith – Jan 5, 2020

Father Dmitry speaks frequently to the public in his sermons that Russia must reinstate the monarchy, and that democracy is a hoax that benefits only the wealthy.

Father Dmitry Smirnov is, hands down, one of the most popular priests of Russia. He has a huge following and is very active on television, radio, and his YouTube channel. 

He is incredibly witty and often so blunt that he leaves his audience gasping. But not only is he entertaining; he also speaks of the things that too many people today are silent about.  

He is especially outspoken in his criticism of LGBT and abortion, and his passionate support for homeschooling. He heads the Russian Church’s Committee for Family, Motherhood, and Children.

This is a clip of him on a top Russian talk show, Sunday Evening with Vladimir Soloviev

Father Dmitry speaks frequently to the public in his sermons that Russia must reinstate the monarchy, and that democracy is a hoax that benefits only the wealthy.

This is a great example of him doing so in a 10 minute discussion on the nation’s leading political talk show – ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’.

What Smirnov says is fascinating. He believes hereditary monarchy is deeply problematic, and that ideally monarchs should be elected, as in the Byzantine empire.


– You speak a lot about politics. You always mention that you’re against democracy and support a constitutional monarchy. What makes democracy so vicious?

Protopriest Dmitry Smirnov, High Church Council:

– I completely agree with Churchill: Democracy is the worst. The very wording is deceiving. Democracy? The elections are won by the one whose campaign was the most expensive. (applause) Democracy was invented by the people who had no titles and no opportunity to get into power, only money. They took a word from ancient Greece. But Ancient Greece had a different kind of democracy. You had to own property, be a well-respected citizen, have a family, and so on and so forth. Can one…

– So only the worthy and famous got into power?

– The most worthy. The glorious ones. The ones who earned a name. It’s just wrong. A homeless alcoholic has a single vote. The principal of the Moscow State University also has a single vote. An old officer who rose to the rank of General and a green recruit who can’t tie his own shoes properly. Everybody has a single vote. Is that what you call democracy? It’s fraud! (applause)

– But that’s what democracy is like. What’s so bad about democracy? Could you suggest another option?

– Democracy allows some people to shamelessly and insolently manipulate others. (applause)

– The USA is often used as an example of true democracy. They’re doing just fine.

– “Fine” is a broad term. I wouldn’t want to be doing “just fine” in the USA even if somebody paid me ten million dollars. (applause)

– Well, I don’t think anybody would do that. Why though? Many Americans believe in God and go to church on Sunday much more frequently than Russians do. What’s wrong?

– Many of those “believers” go to sects instead of churches. It’s important to bear that in mind. Their foreign policy and the fact that they print money for the whole world allow them to create better conditions for their citizens. That’s clear. (applause)

Their wages and retirement benefits seem higher if we compare the bare figures. But when the government controls your every step and you have zero rights in your society, it weighs you down.

– What rights do they lack that we have? You mean we’ve got so many rights and they’ve got zero? We’re comparing the real states which aren’t perfect.

– Well, my American friends… Most of them are of Russian origin. They whisper even inside their own cars. And you and I can openly discuss anything live on TV.

– That’s true, even though whispering in one’s own car sounds a bit odd…

– I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it didn’t happen just once.

– Father Dmitry, some people require psychiatric care. It’s quite popular in the US.

– Some of our people require it as well. (applause)

– That’s true. Ok, so which path should  Russia choose then? People who’ve just tuned in might think: “Wow, what are they suggesting here?? What about our roots?”

– I’m not suggesting anything to anyone.

Thats too bad.

Some people, including Vladimir Solovyov, ask me what I think…

– That’s right.

– …what I’d do. And I tell them.

– What would you do for Russia? Which path would you choose?

– Monarchy, of course. We’ve always had monarchy. It’s in our blood. The Russian people who built this country, who built all spheres of our outstanding culture, did it under a monarchy. The end of monarchy symbolized the beginning of the dark days that started in 1917 and wreaked havoc upon our country.

Our lifestyle was destroyed, our freedom of travel restricted. Families with multiple children became uncommon. The class system was eliminated starting from its core – the peasants, who were the most pious Christians. Now, the fields that our ancestors had worked for 900 years are either barren or covered in forests. (applause)

– It’s a tragedy.

– Everything is ruined. Everything created by the Soviets has ground to a halt, is not working anymore.. Sometimes, my occupation makes me travel across the country. It looks as if an army marched through the place yesterday. The country looks like it suffered either another Siege of Stalingrad or an invasion by  Genghis Khan. (applause).

– But didn’t your beloved tsars lead Russia to a catastrophe? Didn’t Peter the Great do great harm to the Orthodox Church? Didn’t your tsars bring about the events of 1917 that led to the collapse of the House of Romanov?

– Their mistake was that they were not decisive enough.. Somebody, please, forgive this old man, I forget the name, said that if a few  thousand people had been hanged there would have been no revolution for the next 100 years.

– A nice Christian approach.

– Yep.

Imagine, a man comes to your house holding two knives and starts stabbing your family. How would you respond?

– With a bullet.

– Good, God bless you. You’re a true Christian, Vladimir. (applause)

– You don’t say. But Peter the Great was quite decisive: hundreds were executed.

– He was raised in the German enclave. He borrowed a lot from Holland and the other countries he visited. Being a Russian person whose heart and mind are always open, he was mesmerized by clarity, order, skill, and so on. He thought that his strong will, charisma, and title would allow him to make Russia a European country.

He did a lot of harm, including making the Church one of his Ministries. Yes he harmed us. But the essence of the Church remained the same. Moreover, he was heavily influenced by Mitrofan, the archbishop of Voronezh. Peter respected him and he managed to soften Peter’s harsh temper. At the beginning of his reign, Peter personally executed some soldiers. He felt his executioner wasn’t up for the task. “Give me the axe,” he said. However, reaching the end of his life he became rather serious…

– Was he saying: “Chop ’em, I’ll watch?”

– Well, kind of. Anyway, he became much less brutal.

 Once again, monarchy doesn’t seem to be an ideal option.

– You see, a monarch doesn’t have to be born into a royal family. A monarch should be elected.

– So we get something like the Roman Empire?

– The Byzantine.

– The Eastern Roman Empire.

– Yes. You see, all people are sinful

– That’s true.

– We pray: “May thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But if all the logs are rotten the house will eventually collapse. The system must be adjusted. However, people shouldn’t suffocate their leader with a pillow when they want to change them. They should be elected legally by the parliament, electors, and so on. Wealth shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing the electors.

– Their worthiness should?

– Yes, their worthiness, and this should reflect their contribution to society, for example, perhaps they were brilliant scientists, or excellent government ministers

– Ok, so  whom should we elect to be our monarch?

– I have no idea. Let the people decide.

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18 responses to “Democracy Is Fraud! – We Need Monarchy! – Popular Russian Priest on Top TV Show”

  1. A very interesting preist
    Lok at the C of E and the vatican, not one word about the genocide in Palestine
    Christs enemy was the devil, as worshipped by the jews, how many Christian clergy warn of this ? none.
    But there is a voice in the wilderness who is gaining a great following.
    Bishop Wiliamson please google him on youtube

  2. Monarchy….how about the Norwegian monarchy where a senior member of that family has run off with an African tribesman specialising in black magic….her motive most likely sexual.You could draw vague parallels with Rasputin.
    The appalling dysfunctional Windsors have reached their sell by date…..and should be replaced….by representatives of the people of Great Britain….

  3. Well said.


  4. I do not want to defend democracy. He is right. But he is a professional Christian, he misses social order based on ignorance and slavery. Christianity is a religion of surfs.

    Look at this chart:

    Schools are blue, hospitals green, clinics yellow and churches red. Number of churches in Russia still grows at a rate 1000 a year. What for you need a hospital – just pray to this Jewish jinn on gallows!

    For the last thirty years Russia is experiencing an attack of religious imbecility. Dialectics.

  5. Totally agree that we democracy is a fraud, but monarchy? No thanks, just look at the parasite UK Royal family as Harry resists being flushed into the palace basement. The Core, does it exist? The ABofC is a total Zionist funky. The way forward is to ban the party system… in the UK, its a one party system but all the constituent parties are controlled by the same corrupt elite.

  6. I too , even though a Scotsman, are an admirer of monarchy.I well remember a tv interview back in the early seventies where a Glaswegian housewife was asked about oor entry in ra (the Conmon Market), later to become the EEC, then, even later, it morphed into the EU.
    “Ah’m deid agin it, ye’se ken The price o’ burra will go through the roof.”(translation….I’m dead against it, you know. The price of butter will go through the roof.) She has one vote. Then a certain John Harvey-Jones, the boss of ICI, the biggest chemical combine in Britain at the time, comes into view. I can’t for the life of me remember what his views were…..but there you go. Thousands of jobs, maybe tens of thousands of jobs depended on his opinion…..yet what did he have?……one vote.
    How absurd is that?
    The Russian priest has a point….. We should listen to him.
    How to prevent racism….in one easy lesson, supplied by Elisabeth I of England.
    Her majesty, was taking a springtime constitutional through London Town he she became alarmed at the sight of many ‘Blackamoores'( Non Christians of dusky hue) which her majesty( like myself) found distasteful.With a clap of the hands, she issued an edict……That all Blackamoores should be gone from London Town as soon as possible.
    And lo ! It came to pass, that all Blackamoores were rounded up, transported to the slave markets of Spain. and there, sold, yielding a handsome addition to the English Royal Exchequer.
    How’s that for getting rid of racism?
    If only , if only, our great British parliament could react so decisively and unequivocally to this recurrent,vexatious problem of our sad times, as did this great monarch of the past.
    Here’s to the dear old Queen !

  7. Folks – you should be aware that the monk is talking about monarchy from the Russian perspective. When he says “monarchy” he means “absolutism”.

  8. Demoncrazy is a fraud! Commun-jewism is a fraud! Capital-jewism is a fraud! Oligarch-ala-sorosism is a fraud! Every type has been tried and failed because men a greedy and corrupt. The quintessential nation wrecker is a guy like Donald Trump, the egoist is heralded while the humble servant like Jimmy Carter or Herbert Hoover is mocked.

    All governments are frauds! And do you know why?

    No one has any authority over another. If you create any supra organization claiming authority, under any stripe, banner, church, “ism”, it will be corrupt and fraudulent and attract the worst of the worst because of the power it offers. Americanism devolved in 200 years to Dick Cheney ism. The most ruthless cutthroats rise to the top of power.

    All governments become vehicles of evil for those in control for their private interest.

    Ayatollahism is a fraud because one religious freak then dictats what all else can do, like what clothes to wear. Who has the authority to tell you what clothes to wear, if any? NO ONE!

    What priest-Imam-rabbi-preacher has any authority over you? NONE! They are all totally full of shit. The say god gave them authority to rule you! That is the biggest con job in history. Women in Iran-Saudi who decide not to wear a burka can be decapitated. Now that is some evil in the name of god ain’t it? What kind of evil covers up the beauty of a woman in the name of God?


    Just think how obnoxious a monarchy is! Off with your head for the slightest infraction. Prisons for non-believers of the idiotic-religious-ism. Who is to tell you what to believe, what god or no god to believe in? Whose business is that but your own? The priest is always a radical supremacist who believes his faith is the one true faith.

    The only soulution found that is somewhat workable is a limited government, with powers reserved to the people and smaller units like parish or borough or state, that functions as policeman, road keeper, money value maintainer. A loose confederacy and the right of movement – so you can flee if you live in one that goes bad.

    A nation dedicated to the gold standard is the nation closet to the heart of God. On the flipside the JEW SYSTEM OF USURY IS THE DEVIL’S OWN HEART.



    The best option for a crooked world is a constitution and bill of rights, penalties of death for trying to change it, national socialism without the militarism. The politicians must not work for anyone but the people, no Jew whores, no banker whores, no CIA kill zones for private interests. AND NO CORPORATIONS TRYING TO MAXIMIZE PROFIT BY FARMING THE CITIZENS!

    The only acceptable government is no government at all – anarchy – which is why every jackal and hyena political whore demonizes that concept. But men can not live in peace without government because a whole lot of them are by their nature evil. There is something very wrong with the specie call human beings which is why the alien created Anunnaki theory is gaining in popularity.

  9. Democracy is a fraud. An absolute monachy is a good thing because it can control the money power. Democracies cannot, because they are corrupted by it. Controlling the money power is the single most important thing in the world today. Until its power is broken we cannot have peace and Justice. Fr. Dmitry seem to be a very intelligent and interesting man. I agree whit him on many things, however if he talking about a Constitutional Monachy I cannot agree because a Constitutional Monachy has no real power, it is still subject to a Democratic Constitution.

  10. “The only acceptable government is no government at all – anarchy – which is why every jackal and hyena political whore demonizes that concept.”

    Again, on the nail again Yukon.
    Every film about anarchy depicts an apocalyptic wasteland, where gangs of rampaging murderers, roam the streets. If they’re not raping they’re murdering and eating the dead. This is what they paint to the public. This tells you “you don’t want anarchy. This is anarchy. You need to be controlled by governments who have your best interests at heart and to keep you safe.”

    Here’s some things to consider:

    Q: Do you think all those men in WW1 would have died had Britain been an anarchy?
    A. Of course not – no government means no wars. No police means no protection for the bankers who brought it about. More so, those behind the creation of communism, wouldn’t have had the freedom to do so, as they’d be too busy trying to stay alive. So no Russian Revolution and communism.

    Q: What about WW2 and all the peoples of Europe who died?
    A. Again, no government would have meant no war. No Rothschilds to bring about WW2 as they and their people most likely would have been removed ‘permanently’ from society.

    Q: What about 9/11?
    A: Wouldn’t have existed, nor any war with Iraq, no Serbia, no USS Liberty as there would be no Israel….

    You can really look at everything that has happened, detrimental to humanity and the survival of the human race and you can instantly bring about government being responsible, although puppets of (((you know who))) for bring it about.

    Anarchy simply means: without rule and rulers.
    Therefore if some paedophile rapes a 7 year old, then they’ll be subsequently caught and strung up – no police to protect them, no judiciary to let them off.
    People are simply unable to fathom the very reason government was created – other than to stop revolution ever 5 years, when the people get pissed off with being rogered over a barrel by the aristocracy, factory owners and landed gentry, but because government was created to take away the very thing it tells you it represents – freedom.

    Think about it? Where would feminism be in an anarchy? Where would communists be in an anarchy? Where would the LGBTQ and paedophiles be in an anarchy? Where would the non indigenous and those wishing to destroy the nation they’re in be in an anarchy? Exactly and it’s why these very peoples ARE the proxy warriors of government and the new world order.

    And finally understand this one simple reality: No one or a group of people has any authority over you, nor has any right to give authority to another or a group of people to have authority over you WITHOUT your given permission. Anyone who does so is, in fact acting as a tyrant/dictator. The police have no authority over you, but they impose it, because they have a gun and/or they will bring in more of their colleagues to subdue you, assault you, unlawfully kidnap you, unlawfully imprison you and when you go to court, you’ll be unlawfully fined/imprisoned by another member of the robber gangs that control our society.
    They continually threaten you with “anarchy will ensue if you don’t do this” to scare the crap out of you, courtesy of msm and Hollywood programming, but they know, more than any, that were real anarchy to happen, on this earth, their very lives would be snuffed out faster than a chicken, trying to get through a camp in Ethiopia at the height of the famine back in 1984.

  11. They Call It Democracy – Bruce Cockburn

    Padded with power here they come
    International loan sharks backed by the guns
    Of market hungry military profiteers
    Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
    With the blood of the poor

    Who rob life of its quality
    Who render rage a necessity
    By turning countries into labor camps
    Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

    Sinister cynical instrument
    Who makes the gun into a sacrament
    The only response to the deification
    Of tyranny by so-called “developed” nations’
    Idolatry of ideology

    North south east west
    Kill the best and buy the rest
    It’s just spend a buck to make a buck
    You don’t really give a flying fuck
    About the people in misery

    IMF dirty MF
    Takes away everything it can get
    Always making certain that there’s one thing left
    Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

    See the paid-off local bottom feeders
    Passing themselves off as leaders
    Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows
    Open for business like a cheap bordello

    And they call it democracy
    And they call it democracy
    And they call it democracy
    And they call it democracy

    See the loaded eyes of the children too
    Trying to make the best of it the way kids do
    One day you’re going to rise from your habitual feast
    To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
    They call the revolution

    IMF dirty MF
    Takes away everything it can get
    Always making certain that there’s one thing left
    Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

    Bruce Cockburn “Call It Democracy” live @ Wanha Walimo (Lahti, Finland) 26.10.2013

    Bruce Cockburn ~ Call it Democracy Live

    Bruce Cockburn Live. Call It Democracy

  12. Hungary’s Constitutional Kingdom lasted nearly 1000 years. It fell from without not within. During that time Hungary did a good job of keeping Jews And Muslims from being Predatory. Plutocracy didn’t make inroads. Anybody who’s is a realist and is data driven must admit that both Byzantine and Hungarian Kindoms did pretty well. Democracy is one of the worst forms of government

  13. Nothing whatever will change till people get their heads out of their asses and grip the fact that they, and they alone are responsible for their own actions AND life situations. Everyone is looking for a tit to suckle Nd as long as it is so, nothing will change. There will always be a group that is smarter then the rest.

  14. Has anyone had the misfortune to watch the American “current affairs” programme? 60 Minutes.

    All the presenters are millionaires!….since when do journalists so called amass millions of dollars…THIS highlights the fact that America no longer has a functioning fourth estate,the cornerstone of any democracy.
    The presenters are an hilarious joke….they all think they are a gift to the American public….representing the common mans interests…..all puffed up with a sense of their own self importance.Perhaps only Americans would buy any of this…..NONSENSE.They have the obligatory minorities just to give Americans a good feeling about the programme….THEY ARE AS BAD AS THE JEWS RUNNING THE PROGRAMME!.

    Perhaps the standout WORST of the lot is the octogenarian Leslie Stahl who barely remains upright when interviewing guests.Appropriately the aging jewess was raised in Swamp-Scott Massachusetts….because she is most definitely a creature of the Washington Swamp.
    Her net worth is given at FORTY MILLION DOLLARS!!…So yeah she is going to get to the bottom of financial corruption in America….What a preposterous JOKE…..
    Her interview of the CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank was instructive and TYPICAL of the deception carried out against the American public….
    The interviewed started out promising…then descended into an absolute FARCE….
    It was cleverly done…..because Americans watching this garbage are somewhat aware of the damage done to the country by “the bankers”…..bailed out using American taxpayers money… naturally Americans would have been expecting the CEO Jamie Dimond to be pressed on the matter.
    Stahl gave a brief bio on him before the interview…the bio was designed to lead the viewers away from the fact that Dimond,like all the rest of the corrupt scum…are Jews!…..Thanks for the deception Leslie…a real journalist….what a trooper.
    But Stahl ain’t finished yet….from then on the programme went on to cover up the huge corruption of these Jewish bankers AND ACTUALLY PROMOTE DIMOND AS A CRUSADING HERO ABOUT TO RESCUE BANKRUPT DETROIT….with fancy financial packages perhaps worked out on the back of a Cornflakes packet.
    When Stahl asked him about the Jews annual pay packet…..$31,000,000 SHE LET THE OILY BASTARD OFF THE HOOK BY NOT PURSUING IT….she was probably recalling that she would likely bump into him at an Israeli Fund Raising party sometime later.
    The completely corrupt media in America is one of the reasons the Jews have been able to get pardons for Jewish mega criminals…..
    So the dessicated ZIO-HAG should have been put out to pasture a couple of decades ago….she,along with these other millionaire “journalists” bear a lot of the responsibility for the state of America today.Its industry offshored and its borders….in name only…UNLESS of course you are a REAL Journalist…in which case expect to be stopped at the border and your laptop downloaded to the FBI….OR JAILED LIKE JULIAN ASSANGE…..Leslie Stahl is pure Zio-Trash an insult to the profession of journalism….its about time Americans DEMANDED better….but they wont….for now….usually it takes a food shortage to rouse people.

  15. What a bunch of clowns. Monarchy is evil and corrupt. No Monarch should be considered above the rest of us and able to rule over us. Just because many democracies are corrupt does not mean we should return to being slaves to people born out of certain sperm, just because. You know, monarchies used to be corrupt as well, and more so.

    Democracies are corrupt because people are evil, corrupt, lazy, and stupid, it is not Democracy’s fault and will not be fixed if you allow an imbecile to rule for life. You want to become North Korea and jailed for life if you don’t keep your ruler’s photo in your home? Seriously?

    It is also funny seeing this clown priest longing for monarchy when he already lives under a monarch and has been for decades, under Putin.

    As for the idiots who once again attack Christianity, don’t be afraid, God is watching you. You will pay for every single slur and insult, eventually, you will see.

  16. Some excellent comments here, especially Yukon Jack’s summary, but many others as well.

    I’d just like to add a few thoughts of my own.

    Though not a strictly accurate definition, the word “anarchy” can be thought of as made up of “an”, as in “anti”, and “archy” as in “hierarchy” = anti-hierarchy.

    Those that want power over others are exactly those that should never have it.

    The lunatics and malcontents that assume the “right” to rule over us are descended from CRIMINALS that STOLE everything which rightly belongs to the people – or to nobody, as in the case of land.

    Nobody – whether Human or jew – can handle power without losing their sanity (as in power mad), which is why we will always be ruled by lunatics until WE decide to put an end to their tyranny.

  17. Many comments against hierarchy. I believe you are mistaken. You pour out a child with bathwater.
    Hierarchy is natural, we are not equal. Other animals, including mammals living in herds, use tribal systems with leaders. American tribes also used hierarchy in social management.
    Anarchy is a poison. Do you remeber JFK’s speech about “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”?

  18. At what point does a hierarchy turn feudalist.
    ? A monarch can be a better representative of sovereignty(self determination) than a government until it becomes as corrupt as a government.
    Possession of government is not ours by law it belongs to those who bought it indirectly and can keep possession of it by buying the uniformed hands(traitors perhaps?) that hold the guns.
    Possession is a human agency perhaps the oldest in an anarchist utopia possession would run rampant unless you could make all people’s lives equally comfortable which is heading into Marxist fantasy.
    If government is under possession from a foreign entity wouldn’t the logical solution be to re-posses it. Now we get into “Warriors” territory and Cyrus was right, it’s all out there for the taking you just got to figure out what’s worth taking and what’s worth fighting to keep.
    Templar old son you just threatened me the same way a climate change activist does. Casting spells of witchcraft with intent for harmful consequence based in some future tense is evil in itself and juvenile Jew.
    Now compared to a massive heart attack or me pulling a knife on you your statement was no threat at all in reality and in experience of life.
    But you will think the heart attack is consequence of action right? Karma some say, well isn’t me pulling a knife on you the same thing then?.
    Who ever told you it is illegal for north Koreans not to display a photo of the supreme leader rules over you but because of your “supposed” Christian ideals you want to the unGodly and go intervene in their lives when it is never asked for.
    Yeah you’re observed in the timeline of God make no mistake about that.