Iran could have nuclear bomb ‘within a year’: an old accusation is repeated

Introduction – Jan 10, 2020

Like they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again and this is exactly what is happening with efforts against Iran. Like earlier media coverage of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, new efforts to malign Iran are being broadcast by the Western mainstream media almost daily.
The objective is to turn Western public opinion against Iran so as justify some sort of military action.
Apart from Trump accusing Iran of being a “leading sponsor of terror” in a recent statement, the president went on to say that Iran’s “pursuit of nuclear weapons threatens the civilized world”.
In fact in his recent address Trump listed a string of crimes that Iran was guilty of. From the Iranian authorities killing 1,500 protesters during recent protests in the country, to helping create “hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq”.
Even if we ignore the massive overestimation of deaths in recent protests in Iran, or the probability that the CIA had a role in inciting those protests, Trump’s hypocrisy is nothing short of astounding. If only because he pointedly ignored the part the U.S. played in the other countries he mentioned.
After all, it was the U.S. and its allies that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. It was American ally Saudi Arabia that “intervened” in Yemen and fought against the Houthi militia. While it was America’s Saudi allies that funded the Free Syrian Army, who were then armed with U.S. weapons and who brought terror to large parts of Syria.
None of this was even alluded to in Trump’s recent address.
If that wasn’t bad enough, Iran has now admitted that it “unintentionally” shot down the Ukrainian Boeing 737, which crashed near Tehran on Wednesday. The admission only adds weight to the accusations aimed at the Islamic Republic.
Worse still, it’s now also being claimed that Iran could have a ‘nuclear bomb “within a year”. Of course we’ve heard these claims before, on numerous occasions over thirty years, and nothing ever came of them. Like claims about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, which also proved to be entirely fictitious, they are simply being used to turn public opinion against what Washington views as a potential target.
So what follows is propaganda of the worst sort. It starts of by claiming: “experts fear Iran could have atomic weapons in just a year”.
That’s a serious charge but the Mirror doesn’t name these “experts” or even quote them. To make matters worse it doesn’t even say precisely why these supposed experts believe that Iran could have nukes “within a year”.
In other words the Mirror makes very serious claims against Iran without providing one bit of evidence to substantiate them.
This is not “journalism”, it is nothing more than propaganda in the guise of journalism.
It’s no wonder that many now refer to mainstream media journalists as presstitutes — in effect intellectual whores in the service of the powers that be. Ed.

Iran could have nuclear bomb ‘within a year’ as it’s accused of downing plane

Neil Murphy – The Mirror Jan 10, 2020

Experts fear Iran could have atomic weapons in just a year which could push the region on the brink of nuclear war.

Tensions remain high after Iran was accused of downing a Ukraine International Airlines jet bound for Kiev on Wednesday, claiming the lives of all 176 people on board.

Western leaders say they have intelligence that links Tehran to the tragedy which occurred as Iranian forces launched a revenge missile attack against US troops stationed in Iraq.

On Thursday, a US official, citing an extensive review of satellite data, said Washington had concluded with a high degree of certainty that anti-aircraft missiles brought the plane down.

The official said the Boeing 737-800 had been tracked by Iranian radar

Earlier this week Donald Trump declared “Iran will never have a nuclear weapon”.

He added: They understand that. We have told them very strongly. Iran now is not wealthy like it was when President (Barack) Obama handed $150 billion. They are much different country,” he said.

EU foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to seek ways to guide the United States and Iran away from confrontation, knowing that a miscalculation on either side could be costly.

Iran is believed to be pursuing its atomic energy programme in secret, despite promising in 2015 it would halt its nuclear research.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Friday that the country has failed to respect the 2015 Vienna nuclear accord.

“If they continue with unravelling the Vienna agreement, then yes, within a fairly short period of time, between one and two years, they could have access to a nuclear weapon, which is not an option”, Le Drian said on RTL radio.

“Iran’s desire to prevent the crisis from escalating has bought us some time, it has the effect of cooling this down just a little,” a senior EU diplomat said.

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau said that the destruction of the airliner, which carried 63 Canadians, “may well have been unintentional.”


13 responses to “Iran could have nuclear bomb ‘within a year’: an old accusation is repeated”

  1. What’s the similarity between the Jesus, the “moon landings” , ET visitations, and the “nuclear explosions” over Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

    None of them have happened, the fiction has been used for political reasons, and their return is always being declared as “imminent”…

  2. North Korea suffered terribly under USA aggression
    they have offered nukes to iran many times but always been refused
    The USA and its paid mercenaries kill thousands in the middle east countries
    but never israel, not one jew
    why is that ?

  3. Mr President . But why all the fuss about Iran and no fuss about Israel that has dozen of nuclear weapons ? Knowing recent history, every country should have those weapons to deter the American invaders . North Korea is right in developing nuclear and missile technology . The general principle is : It Israel can get away with nuclear devices every country can . Democracy has nothing to do with this subject . There is no democracy , if you consider that the CIA buys the leaders of every western country . Give up , your logic sucks .

  4. Iran is evil. It wants to destroy our way of life, democracy, Christianity, and humanity.

  5. Force US out of Iraq (by any means necessary)…then theyll have to leave Syria…then Israel will be surrounded.

    From that position the ME and World can be stabilised and the US can be further isolated and its economy weakened..until it slowly implodes into civil war.

    Then Israel can be dealt with..

  6. Iran should develop the bomb in secret just like Israel. Then they can claim they don’t have the bomb but really do just like Israel. Then they can send secret coded communicate to Bibi and say hey we got the bomb and it is aimed at your party headquarters so leave us the f-ck alone. They need to tell Satanyahu if anyone attacks us we are nuking Israel first.

    Now that Trump murdered Soleimani the Iranians are really pissed. Trump kicked the hornets nest and now there is hell to pay. In a month Iranians will surely elect hardliners, a ultra nationalist conservative sweep. They will change the submissive tune and start more direct engagement with the jew meddlers. Tit for tat coming. Bomb our airbase we bomb your airbase. Israel needs to be shown real wrath like missiles raining down on F-35 bunkers.

    By having the bomb you stop the all out attack. If you do not have the bomb you invite the all out attack. Iraq did not have the bomb. Israel took out the Osirak reactor, then Israel did 911 and got Amerika to completely destroy Iraq. Iran needs to understand they will suffer the same fate without the bomb.

    The bomb is Iran’s salvation which is why Netanyahoo is so hysterical about it. There can be no greater Israel if Iran gets the bomb.

  7. The pathological lying bulldog known as the U.S. government and lapdog Canada, citing Rothschild Terrorist Organization propaganda, said they believed Iran shot down the aircraft with a surface-to-air missile, a conclusion supported by videos verified by the one and only trustworthy Associated Press which is also owned by the RTO…!

    Pay Man Parmezan said:

    “This is the right step for the Iranian government: to admit responsibility, and it gives people a step toward closure with this admission,”

    “I think the investigation would have disclosed it whether they admitted it or not. This will give them an opportunity to save face.”

    Pay Man did not say that It also had the added bonus of undermining the credibility of information provided by senior Iranian officials. As recently as Friday, Ali Abedzadeh, the head of the national aviation department, had told reporters “with certainty” that a missile had not caused the crash.

    Yukon Jack:

    “So Amerika will be forced out. Turkey wants us gone. Afghanistan wants us gone. Syria wants us gone. Russia wants us gone, Iran wants us to get lost. Yemen hates us.

    Amerika will be forced to fall back and set up camp in Saudi head chopper Arabia, maybe a new airbase in Israel. As the Jew pig state is squeezed from the furious Shias block party in the East, Israel will no doubt ramp up the torture and genocide of remaining Palestinians.

    Bibitte, in final acts of desperation launches waves of air attacks on Syria, Iraq, and
    Iran until they start raining down missiles on Hel Aviv and Haifa targets.”


    Clausewitz, Trump and Soleimani

    Hey TemplarGR, I hope you’re joking… israhel and its twisted suckophants are evil, not Iran! The zewz ARE destroying life, decency, morality, truth, justice, beauty, harmony, art, good literature, goodwill, hope, trust, humanity, nature, animals, plants, YouTube channels, careers, reputations, livelihoods, dreams…

    The zewz aren’t shrewd, they’re screwed and tatooed!

  8. The official said…

    Tensions remain high…
    Experts fear Iran could have…
    Western leaders say they have intelligence….
    Washington has concluded with a high degree of certainty…

    Earlier this week Donald Trump declared…
    “The death of Soleimani saved lives and delivered American justice.”

    There you have it…from the horse’s ass; believe it.
    If American justice looks like that, imagine what American injustice looks like…

    Killing Iran general delivered ‘American justice’, Trump tells rally
    Reuters – Jan 10, 2020

  9. Simon Smith… are a deluded man, who lives in cloud cuckoo land.

  10. People like you Austin drive me up the wall 🙂

  11. The Iranians made it clear any retaliation from the US in regards to Iran hitting the US base would result in an all out strike on Israel. With the accuracy the Iranians just displayed even the houses of Israeli officials can be targeted.
    So the Iranians don’t need nukes and to build the facilities required to make them takes time and resources the Iranians don’t need to waste or possess.
    Whether the jet was brought down by missile or not that’s been dealt with, truly classic to see turdo backtrack and admit the bleedin obvious.

  12. Iran can become like North Korea, but that is not how a Civilization over 2500 years old thinks! Iran’s independently developed precision missile systems are enough. They just need to cover the whole ME like a blanket! The only concerns Iran has are: the up-coming elections in February ( moderate or more radical government), insurgency outside Iran’s borders by CIA/MOSSAD agent provocateurs to cause Arab Spring uprisings and chaos, sabotage of Iranian electronics in all vital systems (nuclear, military, electoral and industrial) by IsraHelli hacks, malware and backdoors. Regardless, Amerika is on its way down, like the Roman Empire in 476 AD. The UK and IsraHell will also be knocked down. The German-led reformed EU and Russia / China and India as a Eurasian Landmass LAND power is rising and the NWO is shifting eastward around the Mediterranean Sea. Bible prophecy is slowly unfolding. IsraHell’s only saving grace is that Jerusalem, IsraHell is the Eurasian LAND power’s bridge to Africa. This is secretly why the Rothschild’s wanted that Palestine area, besides the Greater IsraHell project! New Silk Road, BRI , SCO: look them up! This is what Amerika wants to prevent and Iran for IsraHell is the excuse! But IsraHell does NOT care, it benefits either way!

  13. It is to their great credit that Iran does not have a bomb. All seventeen U.S. intel agencys AND the mossad AND the head mahaffa of Iran can’t be wrong. In fact, him saying that
    they don’t even want one, after all these years is quite something. It’s the difference
    between could and should.