Massive child sacrifice gravesite found of “indigenous” Native Americans

Ethan Huff – Natural News Jan 8, 2020

Remains of a child sacrificial victim in Peru. Click to enlarge

A popular leftist mantra suggests that European colonization of the United States was a horrible evil that displaced innocent “indigenous” people groups that always coexisted peacefully with one another. But historical reality shows that early Native Americans were actually hardened killers who thought nothing of sacrificing human children as gestures of homage to their many gods.

A recent archaeological excavation in Huanchaco, Peru, located about 346 miles north of the Peruvian capital of Lima, uncovered hundreds of skeletons that were once the bodies of children aged between four and 14. Experts now believe that this is the world’s largest child sacrifice site, which was created by the Chimú civilization that existed there between 1200 and 1400 A.D. – long before Christopher Columbus ever set sail towards the New World.

Video footage captured at the site depicts a horrific scenario in which innocent children were murdered in cold blood and buried facing the ocean as per the superstitions dictated in this ancient culture. This particular burial site was apparently created during a very wet El Niño event, as those who perpetrated this mass sacrifice apparently believed that it would help quell the torrential rains.

“This is the biggest site where the remains of sacrificed children have been found,” stated Feren Castillo, the excavation’s chief archaeologist, to AFP back in August. “There isn’t another like it anywhere else in the world.”

In addition to the roughly 250 child skeletons found at the site, archaeologists also identified the remains of some 40 adult warriors, suggesting that this particular sacrifice incident was multi-faceted. The ancient gods of this indigenous people group apparently demanded that their dead humans come in a variety of ages and life stages.

“This is horrible news for the Native American innocence myth,” writes Tyler O’Neil for PJ Media. “The very worst site for a particularly horrific form of human sacrifice – the ritual killing of children! – long predates Christopher Columbus’s first steps in the New World.”

Modern-day leftists are suggesting the same rituals and sacrifices be made to the god of climate change, even as they scream about children in “border cages”

Such atrocities weren’t limited to just South America, it’s important to note. All across the pre-Columbian Americas, including in Mexico and the United States, ritual sacrifice was common, as was slavery – meaning white people weren’t the ones to introduce the ever-dreaded s word to the Americas.

“In Meso-America, the Mixtec sacrificed rulers who lost a ballgame, while the Maya sacrificed humans to close sinkholes – with many of those sacrificed being under 20 years old,” O’Neil further writes. “The Aztecs infamously sacrificed roughly 80,400 prisoners (mostly defeated warriors) by ripping out their hearts. They also sacrificed children to appease their rain god, who required children’s tears.”

“In fact, the Day of the Dead festivities (before, during and after Halloween) popular in modern Mexico extend back to Chapultepec Park, the resort of Montezuma and other Aztec rulers. The modern display of skulls is reminiscent of Aztec skull racks, huge wooden frames holding the impaled heads of enemies or sacrificial victims, the Chicago Tribune reported.”

Meanwhile, today’s climate-obsessed leftists are ushering in similar barbarism under the guise of fighting “climate change” and “global warming.” A growing contingent of vegans, as one prominent example, is calling for people to eat human flesh rather than animal flesh because this is supposedly better for the environment.

Leftists are also calling for more abortion to cull the herd and reduce global population efforts, which they believe the god of climate change will honor with less severe weather. It’s ancient savagery being revived for our modern era, even as these same folks lament the “human rights abuses” happening at our southern border with the so-called detainment “cages.”

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