Killing Iran general delivered ‘American justice’, Trump tells rally

Reuters – Jan 10, 2020

President Donald Trump made the killing of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani a theme of his re-election campaign on Thursday, drawing cheers from thousands at a rally when he said the death saved lives and delivered “American justice”.

At the campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, Trump spent a lengthy part of his stump speech defending his order to kill Suleimani and rejecting criticism from Democrats who say he overstepped his authority with the US military’s drone strike against the commander of Iran’s military al-Quds force at Baghdad airport a week ago.

He accused Suleimani of organising violent protests by Iran-backed groups at the US embassy in Baghdad earlier this month. Trump, who frequently trumpets his support of the US military, said that if he had not sent US troops to protect the embassy, the demonstrators might have broken in and killed Americans or taken them hostage, a repeat of the 2011 storming of a US diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, in which the US ambassador was killed.

“Last week the United States once again took the bold and decisive action to save American lives and deliver American justice,” he said.

Trump’s appearance at the arena in Toledo was his first campaign rally of the 2020 election year, a sign of how critical the state is to his winning a second four-year term in office next November. Trump won Ohio in 2016 by 8 percentage points, flipping a state that had gone for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Trump and his top advisers have said Suleimani was masterminding “imminent” attacks against American targets in the Middle East, but have drawn criticism for not providing more detail to back up the claim.

“Suleimani was actively planning new attacks and he was looking very seriously at our embassies, and not just the embassy in Baghdad, but we stopped him and we stopped him quickly and we stopped him cold,” Trump said.

Trump placed Suleimani’s death a week ago as part of his tough-on-militants message and an example of what he said was a stronger military under his watch.

Suleimani’s death prompted an Iranian retaliatory missile strike on Tuesday night against two bases hosting US and coalition troops in Iraq. Trump said he had been ready to launch retaliatory strikes until he was told that no American casualties had resulted.

“They hit us with 16 missiles and I said, ‘How many?’ We were ready to go. We were ready to go. I said, ‘How many? How many died? How many were wounded?’ ‘Sir, none.’ None. Pretty good warning system. None. ‘How many were hurt?’ ‘None, sir,’” he said.

“So we didn’t do anything. We were ready. We were ready. Not that I wanted to. But we were ready,” he said. “You have no idea. A lot of people got very lucky.”

While tensions remain, a broad war between the US and Iran has not erupted and Democrats are battling to rein-in Trump’s ability to launch a new conflict in the Middle East.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed a resolution on Thursday to stop Trump carrying out further military action against Iran.

Trump mocked Democrats who felt more information was needed on the imminent danger Suleimani posed. He said he had to make a “split-section” decision and Democratic leaders would have dragged out the process and leaked to the US news media if he had given them a heads-up before the operation.

“He was a bad guy,” Trump said of Suleimani. “He was a blood-thirsty terror, and he’s no longer a terror, he’s dead. And yet now I see the radical-left Democrats have expressed outrage over the termination of this horrible terrorist.”


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  1. Since JFK’s assassination, after LBJ and each succeeding President ended his term in office, I said that the incoming POTUS cannot possibly as bad. However, I have always been proven wrong. It really doesn’t matter any more what the Candidate’s race, religion, or political party is because, the majority of them are either swamp creatures, or duped shills feeding from Israel’s pig trough.

  2. Reuters was bought out by rothschild some while ago
    and is no longer reliable

  3. For “swamp”… SWAMPSTEIN……the whole of Washingstein is crawling with Jews.Infact on Jewish religious holidays government offices empty out….
    “LBJ”….WAS without a doubt a crypto jew and the change in the US governments position on Israel was dramatic as soon as he took the White House.He also was KEY in the cover up of the Jews attack on the USS Liberty…along with McCains father (also a crypto jew).
    How many Americans have now realised they have elected another imposter,this time on the supposed right….as Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner is supposed to represent the left (estimated wealth said to be approaching 100 million)….The whole joint is corrupt and its daily fakenewspaper is owned by the Jew Bezos…The Washingstein Post.
    Nobody with a few extra braincells could possibly have entertained the idea that Trump would prove to be anything but a fake…..AND THEYLL PUT HIM BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE…..GUARANTEED.

  4. Trump is 100% certifiable insane AND SO IS HIS BASE. Every single thing he says is a bald faced lie. He is an unrepentant Jew whore mega-liar thug who should be immediately arrested and sent to a mental institution along with his daughter and son in law Chabad death cultists.

    Trump is riding a huge tsunami wave of QE infinity squared – money that goes to banksters then right into the stock market which is going exponential. When it eventually breaks the crash is going to be epic. Then we’ll say what the orange orangutan yellow haired clown says about his responsibility about the up then down market.

    ZH: BofA: QE Is Annualizing A Stunning $1.1 Trillion In The Past 4 Months

    Stock market going vertical and BLOTUS Trump lying his damn ass off about his cold blooded pre-mediated murder of Soleimani. What an ass. I hope he gets tarred and feathered then impeached.

    Did you all notice that Zionist whore rag Pelosi has NOT filed charges on Trump for murder 1?

  5. @ Vespasian

    Obama is also a Jew. Jewish mother. He can benefit from “law of return” to Palestine.

    The name “Barack” comes from Jewish tradition.

  6. @ Patrick:

    Black Jews are not allowed in IsraHell anymore. When the Ethiopian Jews came to IsraHell, the Khazarian Mafia AshkeNAZIm bunch vaccinated all the black women and those black women were rendered sterile because they were given ant-fertility drugs. IsraHell is for White Central and East European Caucasian people of the preferred AshkeNAZI variety mostly. They are the ruling class!

  7. “He is no longer a terror”?. Believe me Trumpet the terror for you from the grave is just about to start. As for the American people this rally speech is a terror of lies. An 80s B rated horror with the peacock as the showman psychopath, the audience happily cheers on the corruption and subversion that same corruption they saw in Hillary and Obama.
    Good luck keeping the petrodollar intact while placing useless hurdles in front of BRI. The focus isn’t on the decline of the US west anymore they sold themselves out to exceptionalism the famous Jew tail they chase.
    The Iraqi leader was hassling the peacock(trump) to make good on the rebuilding agreements after years of no action by the US. So he made a deal with China for the rebuild and the peacock threatened his life and country with relentless demonstrations and snipers taking them out or Iraqi security forces that decision being the peacocks. The exact same play as the Ukraine, Libya and elsewhere.
    At the same time the Saudis were starting talks through back channels with the Iranians as the main bodies of oil(US is not one) seriously think about joining in mutual benefiting agreements with each other.
    Trump needs to head back to the tanning salon before making establishment speeches that last move by the Iranians turned him snow white.
    America is constipated part of straining out a gnat while swallowing a camel one suspects.