Judge Permanently Bans Parents Protesting Against Homosexual Lessons in School

Russian Faith – Dec, 2019

Parents have protested elsewhere against their children being given lessons about homosexuality. Pictured, parents outside Nottingham’s Fernwood Primary School. Click to enlarge

Despite Ofsted declaring the lessons to be “age-appropriate”, some families have claimed that classes teaching LGBT education to their children are in contradiction to their religious outlook and are not appropriate for students of ages 4 to 11.

A UK judge ruled that protests from parents frustrated that their children are too young to be taught about LGBT politics have been permanently banned outside the school.

High Court judge Mr. Justice Mark Warby granted a request made by Birmingham City Council, who sought a court order to impose restrictions on demonstrations at the school and extend the exclusion zone around Anderton Park which forbids their right to protest.

Following a five-day hearing, Justice Warby stipulated that the restriction “does not amount to unlawful discrimination against the protesters”.

Under the 2010 Equalities Act, schools must prevent any unlawful discrimination based on the characteristics of students, including their religious beliefs, and ensure that parents are aware of the content being taught to their children.

He explained that protesters had “misunderstood and misrepresented what is being taught at the school”, and that the new lessons were not “promoting homosexuality” nor were they teaching sex education, as was alleged by the opposition.

Those who oppose the introduction of LGBT classes claim that they are against their religious beliefs and that their children are too young to be subject to the “sexualisation” of education.

While the classes were opposed by members of both the Christian and Muslim communities, the majority of the protesters were of the Muslim faith and have been staging regular demonstrations outside the school in recent years outside of Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham.

Before the ban, the crowds could be seen shouting slogans and insisting that same-sex relationships stand in contradiction to their families’ religious beliefs.

The protestors adamantly deny accusations of homophobia, saying that they do not discriminate against anyone.

In response to the rulingPaul Whiteman, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said that the decision made it “abundantly clear” that the school entrance was no place for a protest.

Earlier in the year, Headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson spoke to Sky News, calling the protests “homophobic” and revealed that some members of staff even required professional help due to the events.

She told Birmingham’s Civil Justice Centre: “I have seen many tweets and texts and video messages by the protesters that shows they are not interested in consultation.”

“There are many things that I have seen and heard over the past nine months, particularly posted by some of the defendants, that are inciting hatred.”

Shakeel Afsar, a leader of the protests, told the court during the case to impose the exclusion zone in October that:

“We want our children to learn about equality but this needs to be done in ways that are age appropriate and that is in consultation with parents.”

“There was no prior consultation before children were sent home with Princess Boy books”, he said to the court.

“Parents feel as if they (the school) are teaching children of Ibrahamic faith that homosexuality is acceptable. That is different from saying homosexuals exist.”

Other primary schools in the Birmingham area have received public pressure, even to the extent of caving to the demands. Parkfield Community School removed its LGBT programme after similar demonstrations and a death threat was sent to headteacher Andrew Moffat.

In March, up to 600 children of both Christian and Muslim families were kept home from Parkfield in response to the “No Outsiders” program being taught there to children of ages 4 to 11.

According to barnabasfund, the parents considered the lessons “not age appropriate” and that pupils were being “brainwashed”.

The classes include lessons incorporating same-sex relationships, transgender issues, and LGBT rights, with plans by the Department of Education to make them compulsory by 2020.

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6 responses to “Judge Permanently Bans Parents Protesting Against Homosexual Lessons in School”

  1. When the State decides what is best for our children, and acts against parent’s wishes, then we are living in a totalitarian country. The Government can quote democracy and “British values” all it likes, but the facts demonstrate these platitudes as completely false rhetoric. Financially, socially, and increasingly spiritually, we have become a repressed population. The only difference between us and the Yellow Vests, is that there are too many in this country who are completely brainwashed by a corporate media which has been spewing out propaganda for decades. Britain is going downhill fast, and it has nothing to do with BREXIT. Apathy rules, and unless people take action to look after their own interests without State involvement, and this will involve localism, including local banking, they will find themselves destitute as the world sinks into an abyss of unsustainable debt.

  2. Greville Janner. that vile abuser of small boys from care homes
    was head of the Board of British deputies. which is just waht it says, a deputy government
    behind our own government, they send us to wars, they rob us and tell us as gods chosen people they can do as they please.
    Said in April 2012, quite ” we the jews own the UK all its property its assets and its people are ours to do with what we please, because we own it, your laws will have to fall into line with israels, your children are ours and pedophilia wil become legal
    and there is nothing to stop us “

  3. Is the difference between the French and British apathy….or is it something else.
    Two points.The British Secret Police MI5 have infiltrated every nook and cranny of British society…JUST LIKE IN THE USSR…..Nobody does anything in politics WITHOUT the secret police taking an interest…..
    The British Press like to characterise the French as cowardly……TODAY THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE….on the political level the English are the most cowardly of all…..they have allowed the ruling elites to steal all their income making Britain THE MOST unequal western democracy in existence with the possible exception of the USA.
    The English allow themselves to be brainwashed into passivity by the atrocious lying media….
    You get the impression the English hide out in quaint little villages hoping it’s all going to go away.Theyll get a rude awakening sooner or later……WATCH AS THE CRYPTO JEW JOHNSON ALLOWS ANOTHER QUARTER MILLION OF ALIEN PEOPLE TO ENTER AND LIVE IN BRITAIN THIS YEAR.

  4. A phobia is defined as a morbid irrational FEAR of something. A natural revulsion to something disgusting is NOT a phobia. Are these anti-Human propagandists qualified to make a medical diagnosis anyway?

    The reason the protestors are predominantly Moslem is because the English would very quickly find themselves under arrest if we dared to say a word against the out-of-control government which has completely lost touch with reality. Only foreigners are permitted to speak out against this destructive lunacy. The indigenous Brits are denied a voice in what was once our own country, the country our ancestors created.

    We have to be thankful that the Moslem invaders are standing up to the perverts that intend to destroy all our children’s futures because nobody else dares to do so in thought-crime Britain.

    The lunatics really are running the asylum, but sanity WILL reassert itself sooner or later, even though it will almost certainly prove Enoch Powell to have been correct in his predictions.

  5. A main reason for a revolution, and I am absolutely serious. Not only do they want to control the number of children you have, and destroy the family system, when you have children, these bastards running things say the children belong to the state and they can teach them and indoctrinate them any way they want.

  6. What is so obvious here is the New World Order’s attempt to destroy the nuclear family. Combining all this push for homosexuality and the obviously forced immigration ( to destroy national boundaries) into many countries we are seeing a near full swing of the New World Order. Considered a conspiracy theory awhile back…we now see the truth. Unfortunately the Sheeple are so dumbed down that they will just be at the side lines when this world is transformed into a controlled global plantation.