Kennedy Jr. says we’re living a science fiction nightmare

Children being turned into permanent pharmaceutical industry consumers

Jacob Hall – Iowa Standard Dec 6, 2019

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Click to enlarge

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was the special keynote speaker at the November 16 Empowered to Action 2019 Conference hosted by Informed Choice Iowa. Kennedy started by telling the audience how he got involved in the cause.

An environmental attorney and advocate for over 30 years, Kennedy was knowledgeable regarding neurological injury following exposure to mercury. As he toured the country speaking about the threats to health posed by mercury exposure in 2005, a growing number of parents approached him to advise that he should be looking at the mercury content in childhood vaccines and a potential link to the rising number of autism diagnoses in the U.S. He started investigating the issue, studying the science, and asking questions of people with various federal health agencies.

“These guys at the CDC originally were telling me ‘well, there’s a good mercury and a bad mercury,’” Kennedy said. “I knew at that point, their argument was not with me, it was with the periodic table, because there’s no way that could happen.”

Kennedy said according to well-known vaccine proponent and rotavirus vaccine developer Paul Offit, who he spoke with by phone, ethyl mercury leaves the body so fast that it doesn’t have time to do damage. However, Kennedy said that he had read Thomas Burbacher’s monkey studies which confirmed that although ethyl mercury does clear the blood quickly, it goes directly into the brain, where it rapidly metabolizes into highly toxic inorganic mercury, and then lodges there, creating inflammation and brain damage.

Speaking of the vaccination program in the U.S., Kennedy noted, “They had mandated all these vaccines and nobody had done an analysis on metals. Nobody had been thinking about this. The reason they were thinking about it (then) was because they were seeing the beginning of the autism epidemic. They were all panicked.”

Kennedy then focused on the Hepatitis B vaccine in particular which the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices added to the recommended childhood schedule in 1991, to be given to children in three separate doses, the first vaccine in the series to be given on the day of birth. He referred to a study which compared outcomes of giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to infants in the first 30 days to infants who did not receive the vaccine during the first 30 days. The study found that those who did receive the vaccine had an 11.35 percent relative risk for autism. Causation is assumed if there is a risk great than two.

“This was 11.35,” Kennedy said. “Now, you can prove people with yellow fingers have a 500 percent greater chance of getting lung cancer, but that doesn’t mean yellow fingers cause lung cancer. The relative risk for smoking cigarettes a pack a day for 20 years of getting lung cancer is 10. So they knew at that moment, every one of them knew, that they were causing the autism epidemic. They knew it beyond any doubt.”

Kennedy said he has a gripe with doctors.

“I’m really mad at these doctors. I’m done letting it go,” he said. “They’re watching these children come in and they’re all sick and what is going on in their heads? What do you have to do? It’s like Upton Sinclair said, it’s hard to convince a man of a fact if the existence of that fact will diminish his salary.”

Regarding the much-debated link between vaccines and autism, Kennedy said, “I know kids who have autism and who have severe autism. I see the suffering. These are kids who were leaders. They were exceeding all of their milestones.”

He added that many in the generation of children born after Congress gave pharmaceutical companies blanket immunity from being held liable for vaccine injuries and deaths will never write a poem, go out on a date, have a conversation with peers or use a toilet.

Kennedy said he has seen children living with a fate “worse than death” and that is what has compelled him to give up other causes to focus on this critical issue.

“This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in human history,” Kennedy said. “We are living in a science fiction nightmare.”

He stated that children are being turned into permanent pharmaceutical industry consumers. The four companies who manufacture vaccines in this country are making $50 billion every year selling vaccines but they’re also making $500 billion a year selling Adderall, EpiPen’s, Albuterol, inhalers, diabetes medicine, seizure medications, etc. Kennedy indicated that the demand for these drugs and products were created by the conditions created by vaccines.

It isn’t an idea that Kennedy is comfortable with.

“I don’t want to believe that people are deliberately making a generation of our children sick so that they can sell them drugs for life,” he said. “But the evidence of that is now overwhelming. We have traded a handful of harmless, mild, self-limiting childhood rashes, I’m not even going to call them diseases, they’re rashes that are all treatable and all curable. And we’re trading them for a tsunami of chronic diseases, none of which are curable. None of them. They’re all life sentences.”

When Kennedy was young, he worked with kids who had intellectual disabilities. He had heard about autism, but most Americans knew nothing about it until the 90s.

“We never saw kids like you’re seeing today with the biting, banging and the helmets,” he said. “In Special Olympics, we prided ourselves on being able to handle every child. For every child we could devise a competition, for even a kid who was essentially in a vegetative state. We’d put them on a platform and have them push a sand bag off the platform. We never saw kids like this. We couldn’t have handled them. We said we could handle any child, but we couldn’t have handled these kids. The violence, the screaming, all of these other problems — it didn’t exist. The CDC’s strategy is to tell us, it’s always been with us, we just didn’t notice it.”

Kennedy said that would be like missing a train wreck.

“If that is true, then where are all the people with autism in my generation?” he asked. “Where are the 65-year-old men walking around in the mall with football helmets on and diapers? Where are they? They’re not locked up some place. The answer is, they don’t exist.”

Another area of concern is the amount of trust people put into the pharmaceutical industry and our federal health agencies.

“Those are the same industries, the same companies that invented the opioid epidemic and everybody knows that,” Kennedy said. “Those companies didn’t do it alone, they had the FDA and the CDC’s anointment of those drugs.”

Kennedy said the four companies that make all 72 vaccines that are now mandated for children—Merck, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi—are all “serial felons.”

“Those four companies over the past 10 years have paid $35 billion in damages, penalties and fines for falsifying science, defrauding regulators, and lying to doctors,” he said. “Vioxx, which is Merck’s product—the biggest vaccine-maker in this country—marketed this as a headache drug when they knew it caused heart attacks. They knew it from their clinical data. They hid it.”

Had those individuals who took Vioxx known about the real risks, they likely never would have taken it, Kennedy pointed out.

“If they knew it caused heart attacks, they probably would’ve said ‘I’ll take an aspirin,’” he said. “Merck knew they were going to kill at least 100,000 people. They ended up killing 500,000 people in five years.”

Because of the 1986 Congressional Act removing liability to drug manufacturers for vaccine injuries and deaths, Merck and other vaccine makers have little motivation to ensure vaccines are safe.

Kennedy expressed concerns over censorship of information questioning vaccine safety and efficacy, and also over the reaction from the Democrats when it comes to vaccines.

“I am embarrassed of my Democratic Party,” he said. “I grew up in a party that was skeptical about accumulations of power, particularly big corporations.”

But according to Kennedy, the Democrats steadfastly refuse to consider that the pharmaceutical industry might be lying about vaccine safety.

Kennedy said he asks his Democrat friends, “What about ‘my body, my choice?’What about ‘isn’t it time to listen to women?’ What about the seventh amendment right to jury trials? The Constitution says if you get injured and the injury is valued greater than $25, no American should be deprived of the right of trial by jury That’s the Constitution,” Kennedy said. “How did we get to this place where we don’t have the right to a trial? These companies are running amuck and they own all of the institutions in our society that are supposed to stand between a greedy corporation and vulnerable little children who have been compromised.”

Congress, government agencies, and the media have all been corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry according to Kennedy. Despite this, he told those in attendance there is some good news with current cases.

He is currently representing Jennifer Robi, a 24-year-old who is suing Merck and Kaiser Permanente for injuries she sustained following receipt of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine.

“Jennifer Robi had the Gardasil shot when she was 15,” Kennedy said. “She’s been having seizures about every 40-90 seconds ever since. She’s in a wheelchair. She was at the top of her class, an extraordinary athlete, nothing but a golden pathway for her life.”

Kennedy stressed that everyone has the potential to wake up to the truth about the risks vaccine pose to the health of our nation’s children despite the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

“All they need is something to wake them up and make them alert and to open their hearts to the truth,” he said. “And then they’ll start to see the truth all around them. They’ll start to see the children. None of us is going to stop, no matter what they do to us, no matter how they try to shut us up, we’re not going to shut up. We’re going to keep fighting.”

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8 responses to “Kennedy Jr. says we’re living a science fiction nightmare”

  1. This of course will be of great financial benefit to the pharmaceutical companies, who; without sick people buying their drugs; would go bankrupt. It is therefore logically in their best financial interest for everyone on Earth to be sick and taking their drugs. Do not the same people who own the pharmaceutical companies also own the fertilizer and G. M. companies?
    If YOU want to be healthy; wealthy and wise, take God’s Advice and NOT Satan’s and that of his “blind” and “deaf” followers.

  2. Basically, the vaccine program in its present form, is a criminal construct. The program in its present form should be shut down and dissolved under Chapter 7 bankruptcy provisions and vaccine research and any program that emerges from the ashes should only occur after this dissolution. The RICO statutes may need to be invoked. It is a corrupt, criminal system which constantly makes errors, cannot deal with the errors it makes (the coverups are historical), lies and covers up the errors and the criminal behavior and the damage done and is completely Orwellian in practice and purpose.
    Because of all of the players involved, their chokehold on the data, the grant mechanisms, the corrupt, criminal regulatory approval process and of course, the political dummies who pitch monopoly, universal healthcare to their even substantially more stupid client/voters, the present system is devoid of any utility. That is not to say that vaccine/immunization technology is devoid of utility, it is the present system that needs to be completely jettisoned. It has to be cleared out and reworked from the ground up.
    If we only look at a few vaccines presently offered in the vaccine program, we see the MMR, HPV (gardisil), polio and a few others as having little protective effect, tremendous downside risk and damage to children and regulatory practices (captured) which result in tremendous damage and death to children. The MMR vaccine was approved in 1978 in a horrendously fraudulent and criminal approval process. The HPV vaccine has done tremendous damage such that numerous countries including Japan, France, Spain and India have initiated criminal lawsuits against the manufacturers of these products. India has had a horrendous recent bout of criminality associated with live polio vaccine trial conducted there where the vaccine trials caused more than 75,000 cases of polio. Italy recently had to fire its entire vaccine board because of the fraud and criminality associated with a number of vaccines which caused incredible damage to its victims and the vaccine were shown not to have activity associated with an immunogenic response.
    At this point, arguing about informed consent is a red herring and completely futile. You can’t provide informed consent when the data provided is so opaque, so clearly fraudulent and completely corrupt and the beasts in the system go out of their way to lie to those trying to make informed decisions on the basis of the fraudulent data. An informed, moral person cannot agree to any of this because the system has lost its way.
    It is time to completely shut this down. No more excuses.
    If the system does not shut down, then individuals should do whatever they need to do to protect their children and allow the system to collapse on its own.
    We are long past the time of trying to work with the criminals in this beast system.
    Shut it down. Make it right. No more excuses.
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. means well. He is an absolute hero to our children. But by arguing for informed consent rather than for complete dissolution and are working of the system his approach will not fully resolve this problem. It is time to make this right.

  3. Curing patients is not sustainable business model.

  4. He needs to be careful as we ALL know what his namesake from family history had done to him for telling the TRUTH!!

  5. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr ! Georgia Guide-Stones .. No more comments needed ??

  6. That the Western establishment is dead set on culling the world population and there being no checks and balances on any of them, they no doubt are already planning our demise. As they concentrate more and more power and wealth into their hands, we become weaker and weaker, until they decide to pull the pin on us. The sign we will likely see is when the rats start leaving the ship which they plan soon thereafter to sink. While the US government is constructing interment camps for the millions of political dissidents who will rebel, we must now formulate countermeasures of our own, including a takeover plan that will simply isolate from power all of the top echelon people and sellouts deliberately orchestrating and furthering our demise.

  7. Pray for this man. We don’t need another Kennedy Assignation.

  8. Great illuminating piece! May God bless and protect Robert Kennedy Jr for having the courage to speak the truth on this subject, given the family history of being murdered for speaking truth to power. And I completely agree with the comment of Kill the Beast System above.

    The present system of toxic vaccines must be destroyed, burnt to the ground. We can then look through the ashes, using a perspective of real science and careful trial, to figure out the very few vaccines which were actually beneficial. And there is NO safe level of mercury for human beings, so the first person to suggest the addition of mercury to vaccines again should be literally publicly burned at the stake.

    Those 4 Big Pharma corporations are absolutely unconscionable and morally repugnant. I don’t care how many products they produce which may actually benefit poor slobs suffering from one ailment or another, just the fact of what they have KNOWINGLY done in the realm of vaccines and otherwise destroying CHILDREN for obscene profit makes them utterly and absolutely EVIL. Anyone and everyone involved in those companies who have had anything to do with the vaccine programs, AND the ridiculous “ADHD” scam, should be impoverished, face trial, and then be publicly executed. Same goes for any of the obscene criminals in Congress who passed that outrageous “law” granting immunity to those criminal and morally repugnant entities. This issue is one of the most shockingly evil crimes in the history of the world, which is really saying something, and we are lost if we don’t take a stand.