Flashback: Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says

Moscow Times – June 26, 2019

Iran “won’t be alone” if the United States decides to launch a military strike on the Islamic republic, a senior Russian diplomat said on Wednesday.

U.S. President Donald Trump targeted Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other top Iranian officials with sanctions on Monday. The dramatic step to increase pressure on Iran follows Tehran’s downing of an unmanned American drone last week, which Russia said had violated Iranian airspace. On Tuesday, Trump threatened to obliterate parts of Iran if it attacked “anything American,” but later left the door open for talks.

“Iran will withstand this type of fight and Iran is not alone,” Zamir Kabulov, the Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for Asian countries including Iran, said at a Russian-Iranian policy forum in Moscow.

When asked if Russia was ready to provide material support to Iran if the U.S. attacks it, Kabulov said that “specific actions are a question for the Russian president.”

“But it’s not just Russia, many other countries sympathize and empathize with Iran,” the Kommersant business daily quoted him as saying. “Tehran won’t be alone if the U.S., God forbid, takes wild and irresponsible actions against it.”

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said separately that Moscow will try to persuade the U.S. and Iran to start “civilized” dialogue.

“This, of course, assumes the end to the [American] policy of ultimatums, sanctions and blackmail,” Lavrov told another briefing later on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia and its partners will take steps to counter new sanctions that Washington imposes on Iran, but did not specify what those steps would be.

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4 responses to “Flashback: Iran ‘Won’t Be Alone’ If U.S. Attacks, Russian Official Says”

  1. millions of muslims allowed into the UK by criminal politicians are expected
    to play a part in reacting to any more USA aggression, christians are sympathetic as they had much respect for the iranian general.
    both religions are blaming jewish terrorism

  2. Reuters contributed to the above article? Would that be the same Reuters that the Rothschild vermin have a controlling stake in?

  3. It makes sense that Russia backs Iran, as Russia had to step in to stabilize Syria that was being raped to death by the Ziocon Obama and Hellery. If Iran is destabilized then the Muslim hordes south of Russia become an even bigger problem.

    Putin has clearly state no more wars are going to be fought on Russia soil.

    Russia also backed North Vietnam and North Korea. The pattern is established, western imperial ambitions or in this case Greater Israel Project are to be stopped, stalled, turned into money losing quagmires like Vietnam.

    Amerika has been losing money in Iraq from Day 1. It is a really stupid national policy that only benefitted Jews who own arms corporations and Israel. Everyone else loses. American reputation is at an all time low. Trump is just the latest stooge that keeps those failed policies alive and all the while the national debt clock is spinning like a propeller.

    Iraq has voted us to leave. Iran has got Iraq’s back. Russia and China have Iran’s back. Who’s got Uncle Sam’ back? Backstabbing Israhell. What a joke, it is only a matter of time until the loser retards in the district of criminals figure out the only thing to do is retreat. Trump may well be the last President as things are spiralling out of control.

    People do not see the situation right, Amerika is in a debt death spiral. The Fed is monetizing everything right now at a rate of many tens of billions a day!

    IMO we are now looking at a new TET offensive. Things will stir up again and slowly but surely Amerika will be forced to retreat. We will see the Fall of Saigon 2.0 and when it happens the BLOTUS will boast of our great victory.

  4. Trump has announced “All is well” after the missile strike. LOL

    Animal House – All Is Well!

    Fall of Baghdad coming soon.