An Australian Holocaust

Max Igan –YouTube Jan 6, 2020

5 responses to “An Australian Holocaust”

  1. This fellow is a propaganda expert, he compiles a pile of unrelated facts to push his personal agenda. Firstly, management of forests and water is State and Local government not Federal government. (yes Australia has three levels of government). He only blames federal government. Secondly, his advocation of dam destruction would come under our terrorism laws, killing hundreds as the water flooded the lower river valleys. Thirdly, the fires are on the east coast, these dams and rivers are inland Australia, separated by the Great Divide mountain range. Finally we will never deal with the real fire problem so long as people tike this are muddying the issues, pushing personal agendas.
    I cannot believe this website continues to publish this rubbish.

  2. I am or used to be a so called “Newaustralian” . I did like living in Australia very much . I needed a few years to realise that Australia is a very vulnerable Country , it´s lack of water and the heat that can occur . But the worst i felt ,was the non existing System of Right . I saw Australia being administred like a european Country 500 years ago . So I decided for myself to return to my homecountry .It made me sad , to leave this beautifull Country , having all you need if you handle it carefully . But unfortunately the average Australian does not give a F….. So I returned only to think abaut this wonderfull place Down Under for the rest of my life since more than 40 Years in wich I was quite happy , if I had not been worried by the state this Country was in .My best Friends , Friends for life are Aussies .

  3. In defense of the author; although Max Igan and I have never met, I have been a fan of his work and his posture, spiritually and morally for some time. If he is seeming to be untruthful according to the perspective of someone whose bonafides I don’t know anything about, with only their first name given, I think I can say that any untruth on Max’s part, if it actually exists, would be accidental and not intentional. He’s one of the good guys, a courageous warrior for what is right. I’ve heard the hue and cry from certain circles, usually anonymous. Until he proves differently to me, I’m going to keep believing he’s on the side of the angels.

  4. To Conrad,
    So if you think that all these fires in Australia are just propaganda pushed by the speaker, what is your own theory then, mate?
    I am been living in Australia for about 39 years, now. I am right here in the Hunter Valley, NSW, and I see smoke going on for months and with little, or no rain for over a year now. In my views Max Igan is telling the truth.

  5. Aluminum in the ongoing geo engineering acts as an accelerant for one thing regardles if they are using directed weapons. Same in California, the fire fighters said “we never saw anything like this.”