Figures on Left and Right Come Out in Support of Unpopular Anti-Iran Antagonism

Eric Striker – The Unz Review Jan 6, 2020

A number of figures in the alt-media and extreme-left movement have surprised their audiences by rationalizing the Trump administration’s Israeli-directed push towards war with Iran.
The consensus between high profile voices on the Zionist “far-right” and anarcho-neocon “far-left” in America and Britain reflect the party line in Israel, where even Amir Peretz of the ostensibly left-wing “opposition” Labor party hailed the Pentagon’s decision to assassinate Maj. General Qassem Soleimani by luring him to Iraq under the false pretense of peace negotiations.
Spencer Sunshine, a self-proclaimed anarchist and prominent voice in the American “antifa” scene who has been accused of Zionist entryism in the past, took to twitter to reiterate Sean Hannity’s script on the killing: that the Iranians brought it upon themselves by “antagonizing” America and “meddling” in Iraq. It speaks to the state of the modern coopted left that somebody like Sunshine can express the Israeli government’s line and still survive the scrutiny of his peers. Sunshine is very suspicious of anti-war sentiment due to the fact that Jews like Sheldon Adelson and Jared Kushner are responsible for our over-the-top Iran policy. He has spent much of his career fighting what he calls “left-wing anti-Semitism” (principled anti-Zionism).
Caroline Orr, another fanatical Jewish supporter of “antifa,” chastised “fellow” leftists for ignoring Soleimani’s supposed slaughter of Syrians during the fight to save the country from ISIS. After some pushback, Orr is backpedaling, but her initial approval shows the Jewish nexus between the virulent anti-white forces on the left and the appetite for war against Iran on the so-called right. She also has made a name for herself for promoting fake news about “Russiagate” and attacking anti-war presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.
While a branch of the left led by “tankies” (Workers World Party and Revolutionary Communist Party) behind the ANSWER coalition are adamantly against imperialism, many anarchists and “democratic socialists” support the CIA-led protest groups we have seen in recent months in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, which have largely subsided but were intended to purge pro-Iran political factions. These groups are meant to incite a civil war, so these left-wing voices basically support regime change as well, just not by a full US ground invasion.
The ANSWER coalition’s anti-war protests that erupted across America were small, showing that the left is not passionate about opposing this conflict. Figures like AOC and high ranking advisors in the Bernie Sanders campaign all attended the Zionist Dov Hikind’s march against black “anti-Semitism” yesterday, but not any of the anti-war rallies.
On the other side of the coin, Anne Marie Waters of the “For Britain” group has fully embraced an invasion of Iran. Waters, a remnant of the largely Jewish funded “counter-jihad” movement, does not bother to articulate what the West stands to gain from such a conflict. Her only argument is a neo-liberal desire to impose gay plutocracy on the unwilling Iranians so that Israel can safely continue its expansionist foreign policy.
Mike Cernovich, who made a name for himself in 2016 in part for his non-interventionist views on Syria, has been reduced to an Iraq-war era Toby Keith style jingo. He got so much pushback that he too was forced to “clarify” his opposition to war overnight.
Alex Jones of InfoWars has released a new conspiracy theory claiming that the Jews who control Donald Trump’s government had to set off a chain-reaction that will lead to a regional conflagration in order to prevent World War III. According to Jones, the Obama administration is responsible for tensions with Iran by engaging with diplomacy with the country instead of attacking it. His audience isn’t buying it. Over half of the reactions on his Bitchute video on the topic are negative.
Nick Fuentes of the Youtube show “America First” has also come under fire for recent statements on Telegram. While he prefaces his statements by saying he technically opposes a full war with Iran, he followed this by cheerleading threats by Zionists in Washington to bomb ancient Persian cultural sites, calls Iran a “degenerate Muslim shithole,” celebrates “America bullying ppl and throwing around missiles”, and comes to the defense of the “American-led” globalist military order, which Trump himself repeatedly criticized throughout his life and, as Tucker Carlson has said, won the presidency in large part by running against it.
The mealy-mouthed Charlie Kirk of TPUSA, a libertarian-Zionist think-tank Trump has recently adopted to engage in outreach for his 2020 campaign, tepidly approved of Washington’s hit on Soleimani, but has also come out in support of full military withdrawal from Iraq.
Any military entanglement with Iran polls very poorly in America.
The latest opinion research finds that almost 70% of Americans believe heightened tensions with Iran are entirely the fault of the Trump administration. Even after Trump and Mike Pompeo accused Iran of attacking the oil fields of “ally” Saudi Arabia on September 14th, 75% of Americans responded that a war with Iran was completely unwarranted.
While a vocal minority of people are eager to see explosions and dead Arabs at any cost, the majority of Americans understand that a war with Iran will not be like Afghanistan or Iraq. Public support is also not anywhere near where it was for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Such a conflict will be felt at home, either through Iranian sleeper cells attacking US targets, large numbers of dead American soldiers in the Middle East, or exploding food and gas prices. The argument that killing Soleimani has made Americans safer was widely mocked after the State Department put out a subsequent statement telling US citizens to get out of Iraq immediately.
White workers have no stake in this Israeli-dictated war. The current failure of the left and right to hold a full-throated line against the coming catastrophe is why a third position is needed now more than ever.
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5 responses to “Figures on Left and Right Come Out in Support of Unpopular Anti-Iran Antagonism”

  1. I tuned out of Inforwars and Brietbart a long time ago because of the obvious Zio control. The best clarity I have heard regarding the ME mess is the TS posting today of E. Michael Jones, where finally we have someone with an audience who does not pull his punches and says it like it is. All of these Zio shills in the media, in my view may represent the most of Jewish people, but I really doubt that, by the simple fact of Jewish whistleblowers who are saying essentially the same thing as EMJ and blaming the Zio power brokers, and by the fact that there can be some pretty serious consequences for a Jew to criticize his or her tribe.

  2. Very nice expose’ on the MSM shills.

  3. I will be polite with my words. Multiply them by a factor of ten so you might get my drift. Screw the US & yes, screw its sheeple as well. Please, Yellowstone, do your thing. May volcanic islands in the Atlantic fracture and slip into the sea. Let California suffer a massive quake. Hopefully, these will all happen at the same time. Some chance. My hate towards Amerika and its cohort of supporting states, the usual suspects, has now reached a new high. We need WW3 just to clear the air.

  4. Y’all:

    Good comments by Fred B and Truthy1. Carl Jones, on the other hand, is out of touch!
    In the USA, it is not the People that are the problem, other than they are sheeple and watch/believe too much from Zio-controlled MSM. Maybe due to Trump that is changing! Unfortunately, those types of events about Yellowstone, Old Geyser, Pacific Rim ( Western North American/ Pacific Ocean of Fire/Fault line) will cause devastation of Western North America from British Columbia, Canada to Baja, Mexico. The likes of California ( Silicon Valley, etc.) will fall into the Pacific Ocean. Good bye Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc.. But, yes the Anglo-American IsraHelli Alliance is on its way down! These are the Sea-based SEA powers, while Russia, China, India, Iran, Turkey and Germany, will be the new Eurasian Landmass LAND powers. These LAND powers will dictate the NWO.

  5. PS:

    This article shows how good the ZioBanksters Khazarian Mafia are at representing all sides in an argument, because they control all sides and control all sides by leading them (Controlled Opposition). As for criticizing JEWS, you can, but you must be in on the game. If you are a Jew and not in on the game, you will go down in ridicule!