The U.N. & Central Banks: A Rockefeller & Rothschild Coup

By Spiro Skouras – Activist Post Jan 6, 2020

The central banks have recently become obsessed with two things. As Zero Hedge points out, one of these objectives is climate change. The other is blockchain technology and the digitization of currency.

But why would the global central banks suddenly be obsessed with climate change and blockchain? Shouldn’t they, instead, be concerned with debt and insolvency? In this report, we take a peak behind the curtain, as we examine the connections between the United Nations, the central banks and their collaboration to usher in a new sustainable global financial system.

Instead of debating the science behind Climate Change, let’s follow the money and see who stands to gain. Rich and powerful billionaires like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates and George Soros among many others, have all thrown their weight and money behind this global agenda which, if successful, will forever change the world as we know it.

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4 responses to “The U.N. & Central Banks: A Rockefeller & Rothschild Coup”

  1. Global warming is a scam to hide pole flip and our failing magnetic field. The purpose of greater sheeple control is to maintain public order for as long as possible.

  2. No pole flip or magnetic degeneration, all fables. Global warming is a cover for man made controls of the atmosphere through technological means, not carbon emissions. Carbon dioxide comprises less than one half of one percent of the total atmosphere !

  3. This is a wealth transfer scheme, where the Super-Rich (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc.) or the 0.01% will remove and destroy the assets of the other 99.99 % ( poor to upper middle-class), such that the 99.99% will die off or be killed, so the Super-Rich can obtain the wealth of the dead for next to nothing. The digitized electronic crypto-currency (like Bitcoin with Blockchain) allows control of the population from birth to death and everything the population does on a daily basis in that lifespan. Thus it is like the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”, where without the mark ( forehead or right hand : biometrics) you will NOT be able to BUY or SELL anything to sustain your own and your families life. Thus creating a HELL on EARTH for those that DO NOT COMPLY. This goal is being achieved by the ZioBankster Khazarian Mafia and Illuminati Secret Societies through the neoliberal New Age Religion of Gaiia / Mother Earth. And Useful Idiot Autistic Teenager Greta Thunberg is the Poster child for this foolishness. Remember Emotion and Children are great psychological weapons and propaganda tools.

    And yes, Climate Change is a Hoax. How so? Imagine if CO2 were just 1 (1%) purple kernel of corn and the other 99 (99%) were yellow kernels in a pile of 100 kernels
    (100% of the atmosphere), while blindfolded , as if interactions between kernels, pick out the purple kernel. The odds are very small ( 1 in a 100) that you could pick out that purple kernel. That is the same type of possibility for CO2 to have an effect on the Earth’s atmosphere. The SUN, Solar Flares ( Maximums and Minimums) and the movement of water vapour (water cycle) have more to do with Climate change.

    If the math and true Science does not convince you, than perhaps Banking and applying for a mortgage will. For example, Al Gore predicted years ago along with his Inconvenient Truth Video that coastal cities like San Francisco would have their low level areas ( beaches and the like) underwater by at least 3 metres to 30 metres. If that were true, would Al Gore be able to finance (mortgage) with a bank his Fisherman’s Wharf Condo Complex? No the Bank would deny the loan. So why does Al Gore own a Condo Complex on Fisherman’s Wharf? Answer: because Climate Change is a Scam, but Al Gore is making Big Bucks from his Climate Change/ Carbon (CO2) Cap ‘n Trade Stock Exchange in Chicago. Chicago, another city by a body of water, Lake Michigan!
    These Globalist really do think we are fools! NO, not me, but I am not rich enough to take advantage of the Con! So by Agenda 21 or now 2030, we will suffer!