FA consider investigation for Port Vale’s Tom Pope over ‘Rothschilds’ tweets

PA Media – The Guardian Jan 5, 2019

Port Vale striker Tom Pope (right).

Port Vale striker Tom Pope gained attention this weekend for scoring against Manchester City but could now be subject to an investigation by the Football Association after posting a series of tweets linking the Rothschilds to “every bank on the planet.”

When asked by a fan to “predict the World War III result” Pope tweeted “We invade Iran then Cuba then North Korea then the Rothschilds are crowned champions of every bank on the planet.”

When another Twitter user highlighted why the FA might want to investigate a potentially anti-semitic remark, Pope continued to defend himself.

“How is it racist??” he replied. “Seriously is someone out to destroy me or what? Someone asked how does WW3 end and I replied when said countries were invaded and they have all the banks!! What’s the problem with that? Seriously??

In another post, he tweeted: “They own the bloody banks! There’s no racial malice whatsoever and anyone would say the bloody same! I didn’t choose a side I merely stated they own the banks and that’s it!”

It is understood the FA are looking into the matter and could launch an investigation depending on the outcome of talks with both the player and his club.

Pope had drawn special attention before Port Vale’s FA Cup tie with Manchester City for tweeting last year that he would score 40 goals a season if he faced John Stones every week, and duly scored Port Vale’s solitary goal at the Etihad, leading to a frosty post-match meeting in the home dressing room between Pope and the England defender.

“They all dragged me in, the Man City players, but John wouldn’t speak to me,” said Pope, whose goal was also his 109th for the club, a post-war record. “It was a little bit awkward. I shook his hand but he wasn’t too happy.”

Pope certainly felt he had no reason to back down, later tweeting: “I’d just like to say I was completely wrong and bang out of order to say I’d score 40 a season….. it’s more like 50.”

All eyes were on their duel and, although Stones largely dealt with him well and had the last laugh as City prevailed, Pope certainly had his moment.


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15 responses to “FA consider investigation for Port Vale’s Tom Pope over ‘Rothschilds’ tweets”

  1. The truth is ‘antisemetic’.

  2. well hes right
    Rothschild plans according to a banking insider, is to make a one world curency
    all banks amalgamate under rothschild and based in the world capital of jerusalem
    but of course those countries in the Middle east who wont play the game must be bombed
    then- they have to borrow money from the bank to rebuild, and rothschild then owns them
    he does not call himself king of the world for nothing

  3. God Bless Tom Pope, I love ya mate and why don’t you sign for Leeds United? It’s about time footballers stood up and prove they’re not all thick. If the FA do decide to take action it will prove that not only are they a tyranny but that they too are owned by the Rothschild demons. I will say this though, Port Vale have a famous investor and fan in Robbie Williams and he isn’t all that he seems either,an illuminati puppet but ultimately a Rothschild puppet. So watch your back Tom. Good on you though mate.

  4. At last, a footballer with a brain and honest to boot! I may just start following the game. Great chap.

  5. It takes a footballer to highlight an issue which no Western politician would dare to raise.
    There are many such issues which need airing, and until those in power recognise that the truth is rising to the surface, they will face retribution when their roles in the great deception are revealed.

  6. This isn’t good news for Pope himself in the short term, but he’s not the first Pope to speak out about usury ! No doubt he will be forced into grovelling and perhaps visiting Auschwitz etc. The powers of the status quo in seeking to ostracise him though might score an own goal against this footballer.

    This does illustrate how truth about how the world is permeating intelligent popular discussion. A few decades prior to the internet roll out ordinary people – even intelligent ones – couldn’t be expected to understand the truth about the bankers.

  7. Good for you, Tom!! Don’t apologise or back down!!! Your beautiful moral integrity is worth far far far more than The Rotchilds’ crapola!!

  8. Great man. If only there were more people like you trying to give eyesight to the blind

  9. It certainly shows how powerful and sensitive the Rothschild cartel is, and that they probably have a lot to hide. It is because they are supporting people like Netanyahu and the radical Zionist cause, that they do weigh in very heavily on behalf of them, and that they deserve to be blamed, especially if we do end up in another major war. Anyone in the establishment network silencing Pope and saying that the Emperor has no clothes is doing a disservice to Pope, the people, the truth, and to free speech, especially on such an existential issue. Also, it is a very serious disservice to the Emperor who has been parading around in the nude for too long now, as if his prowess and affairs were not clearly seen. When the powerful, in control of so much of our lives, are given immunity to exposure and criticism, then there can be no real accountability, and we are in fact living in a tyranny..

  10. make no mistake, the jews put Bad-Bungling-Boris was put into office for the war on iran etc
    same as the same jews who put in Tony Blair for a war on iraq and syria
    and Winston Churchill put in by the jews to punish Germany for Hitler putting rothschild in prison and taking the Germ,an economy away from the jews.
    I dont follow football-bollox but how right this man is

  11. Leave ol Rothy alone maintenance is bitch.

  12. And let’s not forget that their ‘money’ is actually fake and worthless currency and that all loans provided by their satanic corporate banks are not real loans at all! There are no loans in the satanic statutory system. But try telling this to the mind-controlled sheeple across the world and they accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist. But not one of the deceived sheeple actually accuses anyone of being a conspiracy factist when you provide them with factual evidence of the satanic deception of the corporate banking system. Guess they don’t even know what the terms conspiracy, theory and fact mean. Not surprising at all!

  13. Truth is Treason in an upside down world.

  14. Agree Truthy1! In a time of universal deceit speaking the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

  15. Although very few comments (sadly), at least they are awake and aware. Unfortunately, ‘awake and aware’ encompasses probably less than 2% of the population – especially in the US.

    ‘We’ are after the last remaining ‘non-Rothschild countries’; Syria, Iran, N Korea. This is why they are ‘a threat’ or ‘rogue’ or ‘terrorists’, so when braindead people hear ‘trigger-words’, they will concur with ANY illegal and immoral actions.

    Israeli-puppet Trumplestein actions showed pre-meditated actions in this murder, and an illegal Act of War. He and his controllers knew they couldn’t touch Soleimani in Iran, so waited (and needed to stop) a ‘de-escalation of tensions’ between S.A. and Iran. Soleimani was ALSO quite successful against the US and Israel’s ISIS and al Qaeda – which I’m sure made both countries rather unhappy with the ”terrorist” (as Trumplestein/MSM keep saying) General’s actions.

    This is a Hague-worthy action, but Trump is protected by Israel and the Rothschild cartel…..so absolutely nothing will happen.

    And the US, Israel, and Mr. Rothschild WILL get their much desired (and needed, for the US Dollar/economy to remain afloat) war, so if Iran doesn’t fully play along (they’ve showed intelligence AND restraint, even with the several False Flag ‘attack’ attempts, so I will not at all be surprised by a MAJOR False Flag event with severe loss of life. Sad, but those sacrificed ARE sheep – goyim – to all 3 parties, and will go to their graves believing that they were attacked by ‘Islamic terrorists’.