Only 17% of Hungarians Believe the ‘Holocaust’ Happened, 21% in Poland

Mike Walsh – Russia Insider Jan 3, 2019

Belief in the alleged holocaust is plummeting. The disconcerted holocaust lobby are now moving into panic mode and respond by ramping up increasingly tall tales persistently peddled by the Jewish lobby and its Shabbos goy cohorts.
The latest global survey conducted by the ADL, an international Jewish non-governmental organisation based in the U.S., finds that Poland and Hungary are among the countries in Europe where attitudes towards the abuse of Jewish omnipotence in politics, usury and entertainment are the most prevalent.
According to the survey, 48% of Poles and 42% of Hungarians are critical of Jews, thus ranking the two countries among the most Zionist aware countries in Europe alongside Greece (67%), Ukraine (46%) and Serbia (42%). This means that 15 million Poles and more than 3 million Hungarians are antagonistic towards practices typical of the Jews in the community. The study found that the European country with views least hostile to Jews was Sweden.

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The ranking is based on responses to a series of questions concerning beliefs in anti-Semitic stereotypes with respondents being asked whether the statements were “probably true” or “probably false”.
In use for more than 50 years, these include: Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the country they live in; Jews have too much power in the business world; People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave; Jews have too much control over the U.S. government; Jews have too much control over global media; Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the alleged holocaust.

In Poland, 74% of respondents answered that Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the supposed holocaust and 64% answered that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Poland. Almost half of the respondents also answered that Jews think they are superior to other people and that don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind.
In Hungary, 71% of respondents answered that Jews have too much power in the business world, 67% that they have too much power in international financial markets and 51% that they have too much control over global affairs. More than half of respondents believe that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Hungary.

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The survey also found that a paltry 21% of Poles and a mere 17% of Hungarians believe the Holocaust happened, and that the number of Jews who died in it has been greatly exaggerated by history.
“These findings serve as a powerful wake-up call that much work remains to be done to educate broad swaths of the populations in many of these countries to reject bigotry, in addition to addressing the pressing security needs where violent incidents are rising,” said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt when announcing the findings.
A recent study found that Holocaust revisionism or true history is particularly strong in some of the EU’s eastern member states, especially in Poland and Hungary.
In fact, the perceived rise of anti-Semitism (anti-Zionism) and Holocaust revisionism in Poland has triggered a number of high-profile controversies in recent years. The Polish government is often criticised, most recently for passing the so-called Holocaust law criminalising the attribution of National Socialist Germany’s alleged crimes to Poland and the use of the term Polish death camps.
In February, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called off a trip to Jerusalem, where he was supposed to attend a summit with Visegrad Group leaders and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after the latter’s controversial remarks about the collaboration of some Polish people with National Socialist Germany.
Although the bill was eventually watered down under pressure from the U.S. and Israel, many observers highlight the continued rise of anti-Semitic and Holocaust revisionism discourse from Polish officials.
Earlier this year, a right-wing newspaper was spotted at a news kiosk inside Poland’s parliament instructing readers on How to Spot a Jew. Israel urged Poland to bar Holocaust revisionist David Irving from entering Poland, after it became apparent that he was planning to lead a propaganda-free tour of German internment camps in the country.

In April, a Polish town’s Good Friday ritual lynching of a Judas effigy was also slammed the World Jewish Congress (WJC) for being a “ghastly revival of medieval anti-Semitism”.
Hungary has also had its share of anti-Semitic incidents in recent years, with the government itself also often being criticised, notably for its anti-Semitic attacks on Hungarian born Jew George Soros known to be the main driving force behind the migrant invasion of Europe.
“Anti-Semitism has by now become commonplace in pro-government media when attacking civil society and dissident organisations,” claim organisers at Auróra, a Budapest community centre founded by the Jewish NGO Marom, who was vandalised last month by Hungarian far-right group Légió Hungária.
The community centre has been targeted several times by ethno-nationalists and by media who emphasise the Jewish background of the organisation, calling it the ‘Hungarian general headquarters of George Soros’.

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12 responses to “Only 1712 of Hungarians Believe the ‘Holocaust’ Happened, 2112 in Poland”

  1. The biggest lie is not the holohoax, the biggest lie is that there is a god. I would like to meet the person who came up with the idea and ask him/her did he/she realise how much trouble they would create from one simple lie!

  2. 21% in Poland? Give us a break! No country’s better informed about what happened in WWII than Poland, as Israel realized to its cost in 2018 after the failure of its attempt to get the WWII historical narrative bill repealed.

    In the end the Polish and Israeli prime ministers signed a joint declaration on the question of responsibility for the “holocaust” that same year, thus seriously weakening the official holocaust narrative which had been in force since the early seventies (in particular its completely false anti-Polish component).

    Now Putin’s neo-Stalinist Russia is desperately trying to deny the fact that Stalin was Hitler’s ally in 1939 by claiming that Hitler’s real ally was Poland (!). That standard element of Russian Stalinist propaganda is currently too much even for the Jews to stomach, as they don’t want to provoke the Poles again and have a repeat of lively internet discussions (in English) on the taboo subject of massive Jewish collaboration with the Russian secret police in 1939.

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  4. In the End it will all come out ! Germany will be free and the Holocaust on the German People will be known as the biggest CRIME in History caused and executed by JEWS .

  5. Ursula Havenbeck was jailed. Dariusz Ratajczak was murdered by MoSSad.

  6. Cambridge magazine last year help a poll among acedemics about the Jewish holocaust
    82% did not beleve the official line. Many despised the way the holocaust only points out
    jews that died, this is deemed to be selective racism on the jews part.
    There was disagreement about whether it actually did happen, the number of jews coming forward now who are admitting the fraud, is considerable, but they say in mitigation it was necesary at the time.
    Most of those admitting fraud are Hasidics and this has caused much friction at home.
    Asa preluse to this, the pressure from the jewish lobby to have holocaust memeorials just for jews, in every major city paid for by Britiah taxpayers has caused outrage, with many saying any MP who supports this will lose many votes next election

  7. Jewish lawyers get laws changed around the world so they can keep sueing for more money, but only for jews
    This kind of racism sickens people.
    Rememeber all the people forced to work in these camps have died
    people suing now are for their descendents family and those affected
    but no one else just jews.
    The london tattooist Chris Spivey claims that he has put numbers on jews arms
    to pretend they were forced to work in these camps.
    The war ende 75 years ago but he claims he has tattooed n umbers on people in their 50s and 60s, its all just baloney
    We spoke about this in the works canteen, not one person supported giving money like this to the jews

  8. Why no one speaks about the Gypsies’ holocaust? They were sent in the work camps on the base of the same bioparametres as the ‘Jews’ – blood type B three generations down.

  9. The deaths were due to disease and starvation. If you crowd people in bad conditions you get outbreaks of “Institutional Diseases” such as typhus, dysentery and TB.

    Zyklon was a cyanide-based insecticide used to kill fleas in clothing. Clothes, not people, were put into gas chambes and zyklon was added.

    The Germans are not stupid people and they would not have used expensive, irritant and deadly cyanide when the fumes from a badly vetilated oil stove would kill thousands painlessly; the agent being carbon monoxide.

    In 1944-45 allied bombing had destroyed Germany’s infrastructure. There scarcely a bridge, a railway, a power station or highway intact. The urban population was starving, as were the camp prisoners.

    International Jewry had declared war on Germany in 1933, so Germany was entitled to intern jews as enemy aliens, as the USA did with the Japanese.

  10. Gypsies are taught from when they are just toddlers that when christ was being crucified a gypsy stole the nails, so dod gave gypsies the right to steal for evermore.
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    Gypsies are not egyptians, they area branch of the jews.
    Hitler had posters put up almost all across Germany warning gypsies to stop thieving
    they live by theft, so went to the camps.
    and rightly so

  11. ‘Gypsies are not egyptians, they area branch of the jews.’
    A comparatively good study of the Gypsies is the book of Angus Fraser – ‘The Gypsies’.
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