To Take Our Democracy Back, End all American Wars Overseas

William J. Astore – American Herald Tribune Dec 30, 2019

USS Theodore Roosevelt. The carrier strike group is America’s primary means of military power projection. Click to enlarge

You know an American war is going poorly when the lies come swiftly, as with the Afghan War, or when it’s hidden under a cloak of secrecy, which is also increasingly true of the Afghan War.

This is nothing new, of course.  Perhaps the best book I read in 2019 is H. Bruce Franklin’s Crash Course: From the Good War to the Forever War.  Franklin, who served in the U.S. Air Force in the 1950s before becoming an English professor, cultural historian, and an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, is devastating in his critique of the military-industrial complex in this memoir.  I recommend it highly to all Americans who want to wrestle with tough truths.

Let’s consider one example: Franklin’s dismissal of the “stab-in-the-back” myth (or Rambo myth) that came out of the Vietnam War.  This was the idea the U.S. military could have won in Vietnam, and was indeed close to winning, only to be betrayed by weak-kneed politicians and the anti-war movement.

Franklin demolishes this argument in a paragraph that is worth reading again and again:

One widespread cultural fantasy about the Vietnam War blames the antiwar movement for forcing the military to “fight with one arm tied behind its back.”  But this belief stands reality on its head.  The American people, disgusted and angry about the Korean War, were in no mood to support a war in Vietnam.  Staunch domestic opposition kept Washington from going in overtly.  So it went covertly.  It thereby committed itself to a policy based on deception, sneaking around, and hiding its actions from the American people.  The U.S. government thus created the internal nemesis of its own war: the antiwar movement.  That movement was inspired and empowered not just by our outrage against the war [but] also by the lies about the war, lies necessitated by the war, coming from our government and propagated by the media.  Although it was the Vietnamese who defeated the United States, ultimately it was the antiwar movement, especially within the armed forces, that finally in 1973 forced Washington to accept, at long last, the terms of the 1954 Geneva Accords, and to sign a peace treaty that included, word for word, every major demand made by the National Liberation Front (the so-called Viet Cong) back in 1969…

The truth was that for three decades our nation had sponsored and then waged a genocidal war against a people and a nation that had never done anything to us except ask for our friendship and support [during and after World War II].

This is well and strongly put.  The American people had no interest in intervening in Vietnam in the 1950s; the Korean debacle had been enough.  But the U.S. government intervened anyway, lying about its involvement until it could no longer lie.  Then a bigger lie was concocted, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, to justify a larger commitment of troops in the mid-1960s, which led to near-genocidal destruction in Vietnam.

Wars built on lies are rarely won, especially in a democracy.  But even as they are lost (Vietnam in the 1960s, and now Afghanistan), there are always “winners.”  Weapons contractors and other war profiteers.  The Pentagon, which from war gains more money and more power.  And authoritarian elements within society itself, which are reinforced by war.

If we wish to take our democracy back, a powerful first step is to end all American wars overseas.  This would not be isolationism; this would be sanity.

Wars, secrecy, and lies are three big enemies of democracy. Maybe the big three. War suppresses thought and supports authoritarianism. Secrecy prevents accountability. Lies mislead the people. And that’s what we have today. Constant warfare. Secrecy, e.g. reports on “progress” in the Afghan War are now classified and no longer shared. Lies are rampant; indeed, lies are policy. Just look at the Afghan Papers.

Yet wars, secrecy, and lies have been incredibly successful. The Pentagon budget is booming! Weapons sales are exploding! No one is being held accountable for failures or war crimes. Indeed, convicted war criminals are absolved and touted as heroes by the president.

The solution is as obvious as it will be painful. We need peace, transparency, and truth. End the wars, declassify all those “secrets” we the people should know about our military and wars, and reward truth-tellers instead of punishing them.

William J. Astore, a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF), is a TomDispatch regular. He has taught at the Air Force Academy, the Naval Postgraduate School, and the Pennsylvania College of Technology. His personal blog is



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  1. Unfortunately when a country’s political establishment is held firmly within the financial grip of the Jewish banking system your dreams have little if any chance of coming true. Until the day that the people of America decide to change the system and possess enough faith in their own ability to do so the Jewish plan will continue .” By deceit shall we make war”.

  2. When Ted Studebaker raped and killed the 2 little girls at soham
    Holly and Jesica
    remember Ted was based at the nearby US airbase
    Tony Blair instigated a full monty cover up
    and the huntley guy was brought into the frame.
    Ted Studebaker was sent home in the early hours.

  3. Iran is now engaging directly with the military forces of the antichrist – Netanyahoo and his slaves Wrathchild whores of Judeo-Christian Amerika. Yesterday’s seige was all too familiar, a wave repeat of the Fall of Saigon in April of 1975.

    The US Embassy in the Green Zone, the Zionist hive spy nest, is being squeezed like a zit and it is only a matter of time time the helicopter airlift out the State Department personel.

    Yesterday, Bagdad Bob. now the comical ally of the Iraqi occupational government, broadcast the great success of American copatriots, “Trump is making Iraq great again” and “we are winning the hearts and minds of our fellow Iraqis”.

  4. As soon as he mentioned the “Good War” I finished reading.

  5. PS: Tell that to the USA Deep State and Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Complex. They will rig the elections – oops, the elections are already rigged! So good luck with that! Armed militias must storm Washington DC and remove all government officials, period!

  6. Why do you people keep saying that we have a “democracy”? Is that what dumb Americans are believing our government is ,instead of a Republic?

  7. Please! Do Take Your Ill-Defined Democracy Back!

    You know American “wars” are going poorly when the lies come swiftly, when they become increasingly absurd, when lies are so ridiculous, they make sheer stupidity look like Einstein. Infantile, uninspired, insipid, inane lies put forth by armies of well-paid liars, fakes, frauds and deluded believers in one fairy tale or another, ad nauseum. Meanwhile, back at the front, the truth is being buried under a giant avalanche of Bullshit as usual.

    USS-Theohore-Joosevelt Carrier Pigeon Strife Group is one of the Rothschild Terrorist Organisation’s primary means to terrorize countries who refuse to bow down to the Almighty Rot Child Dollar.

    “If there is a merciful and all powerful and just God, like what Christians like to believe, then why doesn’t He come back before all the slaughter and suffering?”

    “It would be really sick to watch humans suffer for thousands of years then come back in the last minute to administer some justice. It seems to me that if there was a God that wanted justice on earth then great crimes like 911 would not go unprosecuted.”

    – Yukon Jack

    Yes Yukon. Justice delayed is justice denied

    What’s so good about evil being defeated in the END?! If evil is only defeated in
    the end, it means that evil was present during all the time(s) we existed. What kind of justice is that? Let alone perfection! You have to be a blind mouse to believe God is perfect! He’s just doing the best he can to stay alive, like the rest of us…

    “I challenge your faith to a dual”
    – Yukon Jack

    Who else besides The Zewz & the Shabos Goyim did 9-11 Plus The Cover-Up of 9-11?

    The governbent(s) did it with lie amplifiers in Shitstream Media, bought to you by… screwy zewz who own and program the twisted lying propaganda machines. These would be part of the same tribe of perverted dinosaurs who want to scrub the Internet of truth and honesty: The ADL, the SPLC, JOOGLE, JouTube, Twatter, facegook… all tools in the suppression of sanity, just one of the tactics employed by the Rothschild Zewish Empire of Usury, Misery, Tyranny and Insanity.

    Who else besides The Zewz & the Shabos Goyim did 9-11 Plus The Cover-Up of 9-11?

    The mass majority of the people participated in the charade of 9-11 by believing (or pretending to believe) the absurdities pushed by Bullstream Media, by ignoring or belittling truth tellers, by trusting certified liars, by their silence and excuses, their unwillingness to care for the gross injustice and horror of it all.

    The media made it easy for the intellectually lazy and the materialistically possessed to continue indulging in their fantasy world.

    Meet the Victors: The Liars. Give ’em their Stanley Cup.

    The liars in the “Government”, in the “intelligence” agencies, “Defense” departments, “Justice” systems, “News” networks, “Education” systems, “Universities”…

    Meet the winners: The Liars of The West

    Rothschild mercenary contractors and killers
    Bolshevik torturers, furious murderers
    Blackmailers , buggerers, and so many others
    Congratulations to all perverts and liars!

    The liars in the government
    The liars in “intelligence”
    The liars in the parliament
    The liars in defense

    The liars in the News
    The liars on TV
    The liars in the schools
    At university

    Rabid Lubavitcher rabbis hypnotize the yanks
    Sorcerers scorch the Earth while bankers fuel the tanks
    Propping up communistic snowflake libertardians
    Navel gazing narcissistic fake humanitarians

    They hide the damage to the Earth
    Or blame it on the meek
    They cover up Fukushima
    With psy-op of the week

    The liars promote nuclear
    For reasons known to be unclear
    They falsify, defame, deny
    Their lies will make you die

    The liars distract and insult
    Intelligence and life itself
    Disinformation liars bring
    Has quite a nasty poison sting

    You have your facegook lie book handed down from on high to Moses Zuckerberg the Turd. In the JOOGLE jungle, I hear the TWITTIE-Birdies tweeting about the unimpeachable BLOTUS. JooTube censors are stomping out the truth as if it was a cockroach infestation. The real criminals ruining life on this planet and its creatures will declare all dissidents criminal and the insouciant ignoramuses will go along with them because they’re lazy cowards! What the majority of people in a sick society votes for, is of no value at all. The sheep and their masters will inherit this decaying, radioactive, murdered planet Earth. Give ’em their Stanley Cup so these liars may finally shut the fuck up for ever!


    From The Shadow-Banned People’s Republic of The Internet,


  8. Well said everyone.

  9. quote; “Yes Yukon. Justice delayed is justice denied

    What’s so good about evil being defeated in the END?! If evil is only defeated in
    the end, it means that evil was present during all the time(s) we existed. What kind of justice is that?”

    Couldn’t have said it better. It seems to me that the idea that Almighty God waits until the very last moment of the “end times” to come back and take care of business is not a very good belief because it is essentially instructions to the believers to stand down and wait for the Lord to return and take care of the bad guys.

    So while we wait for justice, evil reigns happily unopposed.

    Think about this people, who wrote the verse telling us to stand down? God? Or was it the state taking all power and justice into it’s hands (under the claim of god) and fooling us with verse?

    If you read Caesar’s Messiah, Joe Atwill patiently explains who wrote the Gospels and why they wrote them. This is some of the most important information of our age, the quick way to absorb this material is just watch the 2 hour video summary of the book:

    CAESAR’S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus – OFFICIAL VERSION

    Another thing that Neale Donald Walsch writes about in his numerous books about God and his wishes for us. He asks how can God be all powerful if it has desires that are unfulfilled. If God demands justice then by the definition of omnipotence we would live in a just world. Obviously our view of God is wrong. We got God all wrong.

    BTW I think Neale got God all wrong (lol) he was telepathically contacted by a higher being posing as god — god is myth being used by higher intelligence to control humans in lock down on the galactic penal colony (hell) for unwanted souls sentenced to earth. That information is spelled out in detail in the book “Alien Interview” by Spencer.

    Thus the reason earth is hell and will stay hell is because the higher power in control of earth is making sure things stay exactly the way they are. And those myths we’ve been spoon fed by world’s religions are meant to paralyze us and allow the devil free reign. That’s why Jews rule, that’s why things are bad all of the time, because this place is a penal colony of endless torture for the soul.

    And this also means all this hope we have of a better tomorrow is wasted energy. Under this theory the idea of Jesus coming back to administer justice is poison injected into the body via the mind and holy text so that the soul is tortured while being in the body. The soul whose essence is love and truth is made to bear the suffering of the body.

    Crazy theory right? I think it is the most accurate description of what is really going on AND proof of this theory is it is acted out on a macro scale in Israel where Palestinians are tortured and no one can do anything about it.

  10. People have to stop blaming the Jews for everything. Sure they end up owning the store but we let them, because there is no real competition – no group which over centuries and centuries has bothered to concentrate and consolidate their wealth, power and intelligence. We (if there is such a thing as “we” anymore) have spent all of our time fighting among ourselves, and then blame the Jews because the capitalize on the strife.

    It was likely the Zionists which did the wet work for 9/11 but the crooks in the establishment and our crooked government agencies were likely the major benefactors.

    “Insurance scams and insider trading, electronic fraud and vulgar betrayal, missing money and evidence destroyed. There are at least 8.5 trillion reasons to investigate the money trail of 9/11. ….. 9/11 was a crime. And as every detective knows, the first rule of criminal investigation is to follow the money. So why did the 9/11 Commission specifically reject this rule?”

    Instead, we focus on Silverstein’s paltry $4 billion, which no doubt was mostly used to pay the Mosaad boys and girls from Israel for rigging the buildings and their little performance.

    This TS posting says nothing about the Jews. It is about the Vietnam war, in which many establishment elites and investors made billions. The military wanted a war because they simply needed one. The US forces were not tired from the Korean war. They were out of shape, with most personnel having no combat experience. Since WWII the US became the leading power in the world, and its muscle needed some exercise. The USSR was no real threat but useful for the arms race and the MIC, but the Vietnam war provided a theatre for a constrained war where all of the military resources could be utilized and weapons tested. Also, the official line to the public was the “domino theory” where like a game of dominoes, communism was spreading from the north and if the south went then Cambodia and Laos would go as well. If the entire cold war was fake to make a small number rich, then okay, then maybe it was the Jews, but I doubt it.

  11. But they cried out,
    Away with him, away with him.
    crucify him………..
    Then delivered he him therefore
    unto them to be crucified….

    “A Democracy is nothing more than mob rule,
    where fifty-one percent of the people
    may take away the rights of the
    other fourty-nine percent.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    ” Democracy is a pathetic belief in the
    collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”