Black Trustee Blames Jews for Antisemitism in NJ – Dec 30, 2019

As a private citizen, Jersey City school board member Joan Terrell-Paige, left, wrote on FB that Hasidic Jews were harassing blacks to sell their homes: “Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the Black communities of America? My people deserve respect and to live in peace in this city.”
This was after two Black Israelites killed three Jews and a cop at a Jersey City Deli Dec. 10 before being killed. Both the Mayor and Governor demanded Joan’s resignation. Terrell-Paige told Politico N.J. that she did not regret calling these Jews “Brutes” on Facebook and said that she had not deleted it herself. Unclear if she has resigned or not.
Then, last Saturday night, another black Grafton Thomas 37 stabbed five people at a synagogue in Monsey NY. Two are in critical condition. Although his Pastor said he was mentally ill, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo called it an act of “domestic terrorism.”
Monsey stabbing: Trump urges unity against anti-Semitism ‘scourge’
“US President Donald Trump has called for unity to fight against anti-Semitism, a day after a knife attack at a rabbi’s house in New York state.”
How Jews In Jersey City Started A Turf War That Culminated In A Mass Shooting At Kosher Market

By Christians for Truth  — (

The scene in the aftermath of a gunbattle that ensued after Black gunmen open fire a a New Jersey kosher store. Click to enlarge

Now we know why the Jewish mayor of Jersey City immediately proclaimed that the recent mass shooting at a kosher market was an ‘antisemitic hate crime‘ even before the police had a chance to investigate it — the mayor already knew there was an ongoing turf war between the local Blacks and the wealthier Hasidic Jews who are trying to forcefully push them out:
Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is calling on a school board member to resign after she called the Jewish community in the Greenville neighborhood “brutes” who have “threatened, intimidated and harassed” black homeowners.
Joan Terrell-Paige made the comments in a Facebook post responding to an online story about Jersey City fighting hate in the wake of the mass shooting last week. Two members of the city’s growing Hasidic community, as well as a store employee and a Jersey City police detective were killed by an armed man and woman in what authorities are calling a hate crime.
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  1. why are khazars going around telling so called black folks that they will be in concentration camps soon? the hole you dig for others…..

  2. Before you write an article like this it might help to find out if the Jews really are harassing the Blacks to move out? Otherwise you are no better then the lying Main a Stream Media.

  3. A simple solution for this is not to do ANY BUSINESS with them. Get “Runners” to travel OUTSIDE the community for your goods. Shut the money changer OUT of Your money loop.