Every Picture Tells A Story

We just had to include the photo below of David Icke after he was hit by a pie, thrown by demonstrators in Toronto during a book signing session there. His revealing comments come from his own website. The caption reads: “I really look pissed off here after being hit with a pie at a book signing, but I wasn’t actually. I thought the whole thing hilarious . . .”

Yes, that’s why he looks so amused. What a joke!!!

No really, exactly whom is this guy trying to kid? Judging from his comments we would say nobody but himself; if anything this picture and Icke’s own explanation prove that he is a master of self-delusion. Like they say . . . “know thyself”: it’s a lesson that Icke seems to have missed.

Still it must be admitted that there is much in what he has to say, if only his ego wouldn’t keep getting in the way. To avoid this we would suggest going to Icke’s own source material, such as Dave Starbuck and his audiotapes. Over the years Dave has supplied Icke with considerable research material without ever being acknowledged; in effect Icke has taken Dave Starbuck’s research, passed it off as his own and then garnered the rewards. In plain terms it is called plagiarism.
David Icke after he was hit by a custard pie at a book signing session in Toronto