Iran issues stark warning to enemies – ‘Spying aircraft will be destroyed’

Joel Day – Daily Express Dec 29, 2019

Chinese destroyer Xining (117), Iranian frigate Alborz (72), and Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry (727) during joint Iran-Russia-China naval drills. Click to enlarge

A TOP official from Iran’s military has issued the nation’s enemies a warning that any spying aircraft spotted near its joint drills with Russia and China will be destroyed.

Habibollah Sayyari, the coordinating deputy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army issued the chilling warning – most likely targeted at the US – in a interview with Tasnim news agency on Saturday. It comes as Iran paired-up with China and Russia in a triadic naval exercise in the northern Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman.

Talking to reporters, he said: “Many countries are definitely seeking to know what the matter is.

“Spies have also taken action.

“A joint war game is no joke, and this is no joking matter for us either. We will hit whatever spying craft in the war game zone, be it watercraft or aircraft, as we have proved having such a capability in the past.”

Meanwhile, deputy chief of Iran’s Armed Forces for coordination, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that Iran, Russia and China intend to continue to conduct joint military drills in the future.

The joint naval exercise has been dubbed the Naval Security Belt.

Participants are expected to engage in drills fighting terrorism and piracy, as well as providing regional security.

The drill will last four days and will include the three nations sharing the experience of naval rescue operations.

It comes as President Trump boosts the US military presence in Saudi Arabia by sending extra troops, as global tensions rise.

China’s defence ministry said on Thursday it would take part in the joint operation and downplayed its significance. Beijing will dispatch a guided missile destroyer known as the Xining.

Spokesman for China’s defence ministry, Wu Qian, described the movements as a “normal military exchange” between the three armed forces.

He stressed the manoeuvres were in keeping with international laws.

Mr Wu said: “It is not necessarily connected with the regional situation.”


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  1. The Allied shot Mata Hari, a woman spy, so ?? Iran has the right to shoot down spy aircraft ??