After working for Facebook and seeing its AI agenda, former employee says he bought ammo, supplies and moved to the woods

Ethan Huff – Natural News Dec 19, 2019

A man by the name of Antonio García Martinez who used to work for Facebook has since quit his job and gone off-grid in the wilderness of northern Washington, all because of what he saw happening in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) while working in Silicon Valley.

Martinez says that, based on what’s now being developed and forced upon civilization by the tech overlords, it’s only a matter of time before everything collapses, blindsiding the general public that’s gotten used to tech machines as a key part of their daily lives.

Technology is “advancing” so fast these days that Martinez says he’s utterly terrified of its implications, which is why he decided to purchase a bucket toilet and an “assault” weapon, and move into the woods north of Seattle.

“You may not believe it but it’s coming, and it’s coming in the form of a self-driving truck that’s going to run you over,” Martinez told BBC News as part of an upcoming two-part documentary entitled, “Secrets of Silicon Valley” that will soon air on the British network.

“Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job,” Martinez contends about the incoming robot economy that’s being developed by multinational corporations like Facebook. “It could get ugly – there could be a revolution.”

According to Martinez, bullets are going to become the new currency of America

While technocrats like Mark Zuckerberg think that a future run by AI robots will be some kind of technological utopia, Martinez disagrees, as does Elon Musk of Tesla

One of the biggest problems is that AI robots are replacing actual human workers in many industries, which is putting thousands, and soon to be millions, of people out of work, possibly for good.

“You don’t realize it but we’re in a race between technology and politics, and technologists are winning,” says Martinez. “They’re way ahead.”

“They will destroy jobs and disrupt economies before we even react to them and we really should be thinking about that. I’ve seen what the world will look like in five to 10 years.”

What will it look like, you might be asking? It’ll look like something out of 1984, or perhaps a quintessential sci-fi movie. Those at the top will have amassed all of the wealth, power, and control that they so desperately crave, and everyone else – those who survive, anyway – will be at their mercy, as well as at the mercy of AI robots that will have already developed minds of their own.

Having worked not just at Facebook but also at Twitter and at AdGrok, a venture-backed start-up that was acquired by Twitter, Martinez has seen it all and knows where it’s all headed – and it’s not headed somewhere good.

While many are still in denial about what AI robot technology is going to do to global economies, Martinez and a handful of others have seen firsthand what’s being developed, and they’ve also witnessed the writing on the wall.

“They’re saying, ‘Don’t worry about it, there will always be more jobs,” says Jeremy Howard, an AI pioneer who’s also featured in BBC‘s “Secrets of Silicon Valley” documentary.

“It’s founded on this purely historical thing of there has been a revolution before, it was called the Industrial Revolution, and after it there were still enough jobs, therefore this new, totally different, totally unrelated revolution will also have enough jobs.”

“It’s a ludicrously short-sighted, meaningless argument which incredibly smart people are making.”

In the end, the only thing to look forward to is “massive social unrest,” Howard contends, in which a “tiny class of society” owns “all of the capital and all of the data,” while treating everyone else with disdain.

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5 responses to “After working for Facebook and seeing its AI agenda, former employee says he bought ammo, supplies and moved to the woods”

  1. The wise man said, stock up on primers, buy lots and lots of primers, and lead chunks, and powder. and casting molds and presses and make ammo yourself practice, practice, practice shooting straight. It is actually quit hard to shoot tight groups at 300 yards.

    Ok more seriously, the guy in the photo is gardening with his guns strapped. Uh huh, not very practible. The idea of moving to the woods is that there aint no one around to bother you. I have done this for decades and know, and seeing another person is welcome relief from abject loneliness. One of the best things you will ever see is a friend coming over to visit.

    If you really want to get away go to canada or alaska. Life is hard and it is cold. Your life will not be about guns very much it will be about wood and keeping warm which means becoming a good wood cutter and chain sharpener. You will also learn how to be a shade tree mechanic. It’s you against the system and if you ain’t got no money then you ain’t going to the mechanic.

    Hunting in the remote areas is easy, big game is usually all around, many a deer was dropped right in the front yard eating your vegetables. Killing a deer is easy, then you have to clean it and butcher it. I could dress out a buck and have it quartered in less than an hour. You will need a sharp knife and an axe and some rope.

    Anyone who does this figures out real quick you gotta move meat on your back, which is why shooting it in your yard is the preferred option which is why a yappy dog is a problem – the dog will keep the deer away from your freezer.

    If you want a dog forget having wildlife around, and you have to feed it. Well when you live far off the path getting to town becomes a weekly ritual and in the winter maybe impossible. If you have a big dog I guarantee I will see you hefting those big 100 lb wally world sams dog food bags into your rig. Guarantee it.

    The wilderness offers solitude and hard work. Unless you are rich you will need at least some money to buy a minimal amount of stuff. You will have to make work or a trade, so you will be busy with that all the time and maybe if you are lucky you will have time to go shooting. Guns become just another tool and they are usually behind the truck seat or hanging on the wall. Chainsaw and a maul is much better tool for survival.

    I can tell you this, most people livin’ the life up some rutted dirt road are looking to go to Walmart some time soon. lol If you live up north you will also be a global warming denier, it is cold all the frickin time. I have lived where snow sticks till almost June.

  2. I wonder if the photographer set up the part of the picture where he’s carring his ‘assault rifle’ which appears to be a good choice: some modern variant of an FN-FAL in .308 it appears.


  3. Sounds like embalming and mortician studies are the way to go. Yeah, I too thought “it” was coming almost nineteen years ago, post 9/11. Ten years from now youll still be able to turn on your insipid TV and hear things like, “beautiful pop-fly by Ramirez to center field, and he made it to second base!”

  4. According to Martinez, bullets are going to become the new currency of America

    Also, not just $100’s. Alots of newer, smaller currencies, coins in general – silver in particular.


  5. Easy solution. Capture robots and reprogram them to go after the elites who are trying to replace us.