Shock Video as Russians Enter Syria’s Raqqa, a ‘2nd Dresden’ After US Saturation Bombing

Vesti – via Russia Insider Dec 19, 2019

Russian military correspondents go where no Western journalist would dare, and are welcomed as heroes. Their western colleagues would probably be strung up from the nearest lamppost for their obscene lying about Syria over the years.  Russians are great at war journalism because they don’t scare easily. Their reports from Syria are almost always excellent.

The CIA and Mossad created and funded ISIS, which they used to invade Syria, and then, when the jig was up and they had to pretend to be on the right side, they bombed a few Syrian cities back into the stone age, not to destroy ISIS, which fled well in advance with ample warning from their friends, but to make sure the Syrians had nothing left. The infrastructure of Raqqa is non existent, they’d be better off if it was just sand. That’s how Israel plays the game. Time for the Western voters to wake up and realize who has them by the tail.


Last Monday, the Russian Armed Forces entered Raqqa. The city in northern Syria was the “capital” of the barbarian caliphate for four years. The sight of it is astonishing. There are ruins in the place of the city that once flourished. Entire boroughs are smashed to pieces, the infrastructure is completely ruined. Residents of the city urgently need food, drinking water, and medicine.

This is the result of the operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS, carried out in 2017 by the American Air Force and the Kurds. At least 13,000 civilian Syrians were killed in airstrikes. This isn’t a final figure, as they’re still sifting through the remains in Raqqa. They find new remains of those killed in the attacks. The operation to liberate Raqqa is often compared to the bombing of Dresden in 1945 by the British and American air forces. Historians still argue whether, from a military point of view, it was really necessary to destroy the old European city and kill 25,000 Dresden residents. There’s the same question for the U.S. concerning Raqqa.

For comparison, the Russian servicemen who, together with Syrian servicemen, liberated Aleppo, were able to find another way to drive the terrorists out of the city, without destructive bombing.

Our military correspondent Evgeny Davydov in now in Raqqa.

This is a ghost city at night: the streets are dark, with almost no people. People make bonfires on the roadsides to warm up. Generators are the only source of electricity. This was shot in the afternoon: there are ruins instead of residential boroughs. About 200,000 lived in Raqqa before the war. Including the suburbs, there was a total of about 500,000. It was one of the biggest cities in Syria. The Russian convoy entered the banned ISIS’s fighters’ main city for the first time. The billboard says in Arabian, “Welcome to Raqqa.” There’s a Russian flag on the armored vehicle. Entire streets gather to greet our servicemen. There are hundreds of people and their genuine emotions.

This is how the Russian humanitarian convoy is received here in Raqqa. There are tens and hundreds of people expressing genuine emotions.

Raqqa actually became an open training ground for hostilities. The majority of city boroughs have been destroyed. Central streets were cleared of mines but it’s still dangerous to go deep into alleys. The city is totally ruined. This is one of the main streets – Al-Mansur – before the bombing by the coalition. This is how it looked after that. These are the photos of city boroughs from above. Western liberators generously used bombs and missiles. They razed residential blocks to the ground. There’s colossal destruction; traces of battle can be spotted everywhere. Burnt tanks are now heaps of scrap. Militants of the banned ISIS left Raqqa two years ago but dormant terrorist squads are still active on the outskirts. Kurdish defense squads now control Raqqa and its suburbs. The Syrian Armed Forces have no checkpoints. Those trying to return to Raqqa often die because of shells left by the militants. According to official figures, 119 people have been blown up by land mines last year alone.

Ibragim Abdel Muhammed, Raqqa resident: “We ask Russia to liberate us from the terrorists. They must be driven out of here to prevent them from stepping on our roads and reaching the Euphrates. We wait for the government forces to come here. Then, it’ll finally be safe here.”

There are now those here who have no place to go. Many of them have relatives living in the territories controlled by the Syrian government. There are jobs, and one can support a family. But it’s difficult to get there. Bridges over the Euphrates were destroyed in coalition attacks.

Abu Bashar, Raqqa resident: “We’re happy that the Russian Army is here. We hate war. With your arrival, it’s almost over.”

These are the first steps to restore peace in Raqqa. They sent two trucks stuffed with food to the brim. They gave away all the packages in a few minutes.

Vladimir Varnavsky, Russia officer: “The works to clear the rubble and mines in the city are still not yet complete. There’s a shortage of pure water, medicine, and food. In today’s action, Russian servicemen gave away several thousand food packages to Raqqa residents. Our military doctors are ready to provide with highly-qualified medical assistance to anyone that needs it.”

This is a refugee camp near the Lebanese border. Jibril is from Raqqa; he and his family fled from the militants four years ago.

Jibril, Raqqa resident: “Yes, it’s hard. It’s difficult to find a job. But it’s better than being afraid of dying every day. There’s finally peace in my native town. It means that we’ll return home soon.”

During the war, many families lost their breadwinners, people have to live below the poverty line. Those who lost their houses live in such tents. They haven’t received medical assistance in years. Reconciliation Center employees and military doctors promised to pay regular visits here.

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17 responses to “Shock Video as Russians Enter Syria’s Raqqa, a ‘2nd Dresden’ After US Saturation Bombing”

  1. The US should be made to pay for reconstruction in Syria. They can pay for it out of the missing $21 trillion exposed by Catherine Austin Fitts and Professor Mark Skidmore.

  2. There is a longer term plan at work here and it is to do with “Greater Israel”….
    First the land has to be depopulated and made unliveable…..come the planned “third world war” and under cover of this war while the great powers are preoccupied the Israelis will drive into Lebanon and most of Syria….this will create a situation rather like the Palestinians fleeing post 1948….×10….A pre-prepared Europe with substantial numbers of muslims brought in by SOROS…..will be hit with another huge wave of Muslim immigrants adding to the numbers created by the crypto jew Angela Merkel.

  3. Notice the deafening silence from the Christian Right about the total destruction of Raqqa or any other town or nation state turned to rubble.

    Amerika, the Christian nation, is bombing whole cities into total ruin and nobody at the top of the Christian hierarchy cares. Is America a completely immoral Satanic nation of Judeo-Christian converts? YES!

    Christianity in the United States (wikipedia)

    “Christianity is the most adhered to religion in the United States, with 65% of polled American adults identifying themselves as Christian in 2019. This is down from 85% in 1990″

    Except for a small minority of woke Christians, every single criminal and immoral act of Israel and it’s war whore Amerika is backed by it’s Bible believing god fearing citizens. If Israel wants us to destroy Syria for the glory of God then who are we to question God’s will?

    Most people on this site, no doubt, love the Bible and think it is our salvation. Most people think Jesus is coming back to save us and deal a deadly blow to the antichrist forces on earth. But is Jesus really coming back, or is that a deadly myth? Can the Evangelicals force God to return like they claim?

    Maybe what is really happening is that the myth is allowing us to destroy others without a guilty conscience. Since Christians believe only they are going to heaven or getting saved then what is the big deal in leveling all non-Christian areas like Muslim nations? If America and Israel are God’s chosen nations then if we bomb them into rubble doesn’t that mean by default they must have been guilty because our actions are pure and of God?

    As a cynical observer of all thing Judeo-Christian it is plain as day obvious that the Bible is a program code of destruction. Those that believe and adhere to the Holy Bible are capable of the most vile acts while placing no guilt on their own souls.

    If you can not condemn the crimes of Israel and Jews then you are in on the treason of the Jews. So is it obvious that the entire west is without a shred of decency or morals. America is the most God fearing nation yet is completely immoral – but it believes itself to be the most moral.

    How can that be?

    How can the most modern Christian nation be the most terroristic nation but internally views itself as godly and innocent? How can the Bible believers be completely without morals or decency if they believe the Bible to be the words of God? That is one of the greatest questions of our time.

    The decisive answer to this riddle is this, the Bible has turned morals on it’s head. The answer is so obvious that no one can see it. We are immoral as a race of beings because our holy book is immoral. We have adopted immorality as our moral guide.

    Everyone is making a grave mistake by assuming Bible morality is true morality. If the Bible is wrong then the entire Western world is wrong. You can reverse that logic, if the entire western world is wrong (like their aggression in the Middle East) then the Bible is wrong because the western world is built on that book.

    Deuteronomy 13:

    6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to them or listen to them. Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. 9 You must certainly put them to death. Your hand must be the first in putting them to death, and then the hands of all the people. 10 Stone them to death, because they tried to turn you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 11 Then all Israel will hear and be afraid, and no one among you will do such an evil thing again.

    12 If you hear it said about one of the towns the Lord your God is giving you to live in 13 that troublemakers have arisen among you and have led the people of their town astray, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods you have not known), 14 then you must inquire, probe and investigate it thoroughly. And if it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done among you, 15 you must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. You must destroy it completely, both its people and its livestock. 16 You are to gather all the plunder of the town into the middle of the public square and completely burn the town and all its plunder as a whole burnt offering to the Lord your God. That town is to remain a ruin forever, never to be rebuilt.”

    Raqqa was destroyed exactly the way the Bible says it should be destroyed. Shocked? Do you understand that the fundamental belief system of the Judeo-Christian culture has turned them into sadistic unrepentant hell mongers for the devil Satanyahu?

    How obvious if you are not under the spell that the Bible is not our salvation, it is our undoing. The Holy Bible is not holy or good, it is the force unleashing hell into the world.

  4. The Bible does not contain the words of Jesus Christ. The papacy has long been into withcraft and devil worship as has been several denominations of the Christian Church.

  5. Amerikans are hypocrites with a warped logic overshadowed by the judeo-american ego

  6. Yukon Jack is again FOS. The US establishment calling the shots for its foreign policy is not made up of “Christians”. He knows who owns and runs the brainwashing media and the US government, and he knows that the war in Syria is not some kind of crusade. This is mainly a Zionist instigated war for turf and for control of Syria. If anything you will find the Rothschild cartel, Western oil & gas giants, and the Masonic cabal calling the shots for all of the trouble in the ME, and I seriously wonder if Yukon Jack is a Mason. Per capita far more Christians have been killed, maimed and driven out of Syria than Muslim citizens. The BRIT and US trained-and-paid Muslim insurgents and mercs have had no mercy for Christians in Syria.

    The reason for the mainly US, Brit, and Israeli (all Rothschild/Masonic controlled nations) large-scale destruction of Syrian dwellings and infrastructure is because that is the modus operandi of the monied cabal. The plan has always been that after the war, billions are to be loaned or allocated to rebuild the nation with “Western” engineering and construction corporations, unless the control will not be complete, in which case it would become another Iraq where the nation is kept relatively crippled and destabilized with token and inept rebuilding efforts. In any case it is through the influx of cabal-controlled capital and rebuilding that the conquered nation becomes much more completely controlled. China, a nation which the Rothschild financial cartel has very vast interests, is already negotiating with the Assad government with respect to rebuilding efforts. Either way Israel, which is also in bed with China, will gain and Syria will be screwed.

    If “Christians” in the US really knew how evil Washington is, including all of their sell-out puppet leaders, they would welcome fire and brimstone to rain down on that city as well.

  7. Its what Satanic followers do, for their Zionist and Bankster Masters. they are the true filth of society.

  8. @ Fred B

    I am not FOS – but I can understand your anger because of my salient points. You say:

    quote: “If “Christians” in the US really knew how evil Washington is, including all of their sell-out puppet leaders, they would welcome fire and brimstone to rain down on that city as well.”

    Well brother in the age of the internet there is no excuse for not knowing what is going on, any and all Christian ministers can us google images “raqqa destruction” or “aleppo ruins” or any key phrase to by pass the Jewish owned MSM and find out.

    And might I add if Jesus was real (as in a real god guiding his flock) the Christians would be the most vocal anti-war group on this planet. That is the point I am making and it angers you for the good reason that I am pointing out your god is 100% fake. I have written many times that if Christians are the last group to wake up about Israel doing 911 then that is proof that Jesus god is a sham.

    Well most Christians 18 years later still don’t know and don’t want to know – and I know how they are because I have made a point of arguing with them about it hundreds of times. Their reaction is disbelief because of how they hold the Jews in reverence. Well why are they so deceived? The Bible that is why.

    And no I am not a Mason, not Jewish, not a member of any group and not on any payroll, I am 50% German (father is 100% German physicist and 50% Irish (mother) and I was raised Catholic (12 years). So I know exactly what the Bible says and my died in wool Catholic parents who still go to church every single day and pray (for me cause I am a raucous atheist). I am their greatest disappointment because their oldest son didn’t become a priest (I was degreed in Chem Eng and was a USAF pilot B-52s).

    If you want to understand me and what I am doing, I am a bright light trying to help you out of Jew darkness, and if you are a believer in the Bible you are under a black magic spell. I have detailed this in hundreds of essays. The Bible is the most immoral book, not a guide for spirituality at all.

    Now I know I anger those on this site, and over at Lasha Darkmoon I was kicked off for being too anti-god and I went too far criticizing Christianity, but here is the truth White man and Europeans fell when they were (forcefully) converted to Christ make believe. It is the downfall of our genome – and we are in an irrecoverable position unless we wake up quick and get our balls back. Christ-insanity is a form of psychic castration. IMO. And you can’t tell that to Lasha or any other believer because they are under the spell, which is most unfortunate and why we are losing this struggle bad.

    I am glad to see over at Renegade Broadcasting that Charles Giuliani and Kyle Hunt are making a point of hammering this home to our people, we lost our souls when we (the white Europeans) got converted to a Jew religion. Not one assumption in the Bible is true, there is no angry judgmental god or sin, no one gets judged in the next life only in this life by the Jewish courts.

    Just because you want to go to heaven in the next life is no proof of it being true, and the big mistake is how people believe in heaven because they want to believe it, hope is the cope dope while you are in hell – and we are in hell and jews are the jailers. Earth is hell. We are already in hell. If you get reincarnated back to earth in endless lives like the Hindus believe then we are literally stuck in hell for eternity.

    Now back to the main point of my original comment, Christians are actually demonic because they do not care at all what is happening to the Middle East. They secretly feel it is good for them, good for their religion, which is why NONE of them oppose it let alone write about it in their publications. So that means they are in on it with Jews.

    Like I said there is no excuse, Christians ARE BEING WILLFULLY IGNORANT ABOUT WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING and they put Trump in office and the Evangelicals are still crazy about him because he is making their crazy prophecy come true. The bottom line is that we are always responsible for the mess we make and you can hide behind your faith and pretend you don’t know like the vast majority of Christians behave.

    It is pathetic and irresponsible and I am sure karma will come our way, what goes around comes around so I would not be surprised the day is coming when jews use their skills to burn Amerika to the ground. And on a final note if God was real and just what do you think he would say or do about his church which is nothing but another war making arm of Jewry?

  9. Yukon Jack, I am not angry, just a little hot headed at times, and it is my yet-to-become-truly-Christian aspect of myself which says that various people like you are FOS. You have my heartfelt apology (only because it is Christmas).

    So where do you get your so well-informed universal conscience from anyway? You were raised a Catholic and became a strong atheist. I was raised one also and became a strong agnostic for a while. Conversion to Christianity is supposed to be a free and clear choice for the person of Christ. Religion is supposed to give you the tools to develop that connection. I have been around the block a few times myself and from my own experiences, I have found no stronger moral force than adherence to that person. I have not only been able to refrain from harming others and myself, but actually loving and help others free of charge, while improving myself in the process. I still have a long way to go. My point is that it is the essence of the faith where the strength is found and not in the failures and bad examples of our practice.

    You seem to have a passion to stop the Jews or to somehow punish them, thinking that only if they were gone the world would not be so evil. I really doubt it. However, for anyone like you with such a strong sense of right and wrong, you should wonder where that moral force comes from to give you such a sense of injustice.

    Christianity has Jewish roots as does Judaism, and I suppose you may be right in painting us with the same brush to some extent. I consider myself in some respects as a true Jew and descendant of Abraham like Jesus was, but more as a kind of adopted son. However, for those Jews who have not accepted Jesus as the true Messiah, my view is that the lineage did not continue. They lost the Spirit AD and the Talmud seems to verify that. As for the Torah, it makes no ultimate sense without the person of Christ. Otherwise it is all tribal one-upmanship and egotism.

    Without Christianity you would not have schools, universities or even hospitals in the West, and nothing like that originated on its own in the East from the other major religions. There is a huge history and thread of moral force for goodness and justice in Christianity which cannot be found anywhere else.

    Anyone who is truly a Christian has to have an informed conscience. However, to get anywhere these days in any major bank, corporation, political party, or in the “establishment” you have to leave your conscience at the door. As a Christian you cannot just go ahead and do what is necessary. That puts us at a tremendous disadvantage in competing with pragmatic secular people, and that is probably why most so-called “successful” Christians in politics are such disappointments.

    You sound like an interesting person. I was raised the same way, fell away, and sowed my oats, until one day I came to a point when I could see the reality of that one person in comparison to the fragmented, puffed-up fake I had become. It was a choice of either or, and then a climb with something I did not understand and still don’t – grace. The only real mountain I have found to overcome in life has not been obstacles or bumps in the road like the Jews, the Masons, the banksters, the corporatocracy, or the hypocrites and blind guides in my Church. It has been myself.

  10. Q says he can hear LDR breaking wind. If so, then the jig is almost up.

  11. How can somebody be so STUPID and compare DRESDEN in Germany with RAQQA in Syria ?

    In DRESDEN were BOMBED and PUlVERISED 650 000—–850 000 People because the Inhabitants of ” BRESLAU” had fled to Dresden and many People from Eastgermany. CHURCHILL , the bigest MASSMURDERER of History , knew this . As the PERVERT he was , he realised a Chance to murder as many Germans as possible in te true manner of the jew that he was . He had a jewish Mother .
    Even in HAMBURG between 55 000 and 70 000 People were bombed and pulverised.

  12. After reading all this, the only thing I know for sure, is that I don’t know. But after
    watching the video, it seems likely that the Spirit is working, thru the “godless, immoral”
    russian troops. Good for them for having spirit!

  13. quote: “How can somebody be so STUPID and compare DRESDEN in Germany with RAQQA in Syria ?”

    1. It is Russian state propaganda, and rightly so, the Russian people need to know the evil south of their border being done by the Great Satan of Israel and it’s whores. Unfortunately the broadcast fails to mention that Jews are ethnically cleansing all peoples near Israel as part of the Greater Israel project or Oded Yinon plan.

    2. In the video @1:10 mark it says 25,000 Dresden residents killed. That is a major understatement by a magnitude of 10. Also in Dresden 3 days of bombs didn’t allow people to escape while in Raqqa it was ongoing over a long time.

    2.5 The video shows numerous white phosphorus bursts – which are illegal and banned weapons. The Russian anchor failed to mention that.

    3. The destruction of Raqqa has never been aired on America TV – so in the minds of most people it never happened. The fact that Jews who run the media do not report on war crimes of the west if such crimes are beneficial to Jews and Israel is also not covered by the Russian broadcast.

    4, Because of the internet, information about the destruction of Raqqa and other Middle Eastern towns is readily available, for free, at a mere touch of some computer keys. So people do know and the destruction is of no surprise for the Russians who have watched it unfold on their satellite imagery and spies on the ground plus drone footage.

    5. The complete vacuum in the MSM news and Christian News about Raqqa means that Christians are part of Jewish disinformation network that keeps people in the dark.

    6. If Jesus was a real god, who talked into the minds of his followers, Christians would have been on this story from the get go and be the leaders in disseminating this horrible demonic behavior of US and Israel to the flock. But they are not because church leadership secretly chuckles that the Muslims are being hammered and wiped out, the wars for Israel are good for long term Christian domination.

    7. Because the Christian Church does not do it’s job as moral leader, this story is learned from obscure websites like this from a foreign state media apparatus that reported on the crime insufficiently with many mistakes.

    8. The complete destruction of Raqqa, Aleppo, not to mention all the Iraqi cities turned into broken pile of rubble are not reported and no one in the west cares has illustrated to the thinking minds that the west is completely without morals. The fact that the west is demonic and the primary religion of the west – Christianity – has been found out in the modern world as apostate and secular – fully Judaized and controlled by forces of evil.

    9. Brian Ruhe interviewed John Kaminski on this very topic, I wrote an essay about it, but because of evil Jewish censorship led by the demonic Satanic Anti-Defamantion League the original interview was immorally and criminally removed from Youtube. Jews have Amerika by the throat. The west is morally and spiritually dead, in a permanent death spiral, and looking for an executionor.

    Why the Western World Has NO Morals




  14. @ Fred B

    quote: “So where do you get your so well-informed universal conscience from anyway? You were raised a Catholic and became a strong atheist.”

    When I claimed my own mind. Becoming an atheist is a loaded phrase. I didn’t one day just decide to loose my faith, over a long period of time through a series of self realizations did I come to the conclusion that Catholicism and Christianity was wrong and some kind of deviant thinking that I didn’t believe or want to associate with.

    I don’t normally call myself an atheist. I am a human being and not associated with any crazy cult, whether the cult is Allegiance to the State or to some God. I am loyal to myself and have no right to impose my viewpoint by force on your mind. Governments and religions do use force to promote themselves, which is why they are insane.

    quote: “Without Christianity you would not have schools, universities or even hospitals in the West,”

    The muslims have hospitals, godless atheist commies have hospitals. On Indian Reservations out here in the western USA the first thing they build is a hospital for their tribe members.

    quote: “Anyone who is truly a Christian has to have an informed conscience.”
    My relatives, who are all practicing and believing Christians have the LEAST informed consciousness. Since I have talked to them all my life I know why, they are focused on heaven or making money and do not care about the world.

    quote; “The only real mountain I have found to overcome in life has not been obstacles or bumps in the road … It has been myself.”
    That is the real process at work and stated by many like Paramahansa Yogananda who founded the Self Realization Fellowship down there in Encinitas California.

    Your whole life is about yourself, not some god, not some theology, not some political philosophy. That is how this prison is set up, you – that is your soul – is in a cosmic prison. You are locked inside some sort of (computer) program of torture and made to suffer in a human body again and again and the only relief is death that is until you return and have to go through hell again.

    Religions are just delusions and create divisions and thus strife and more suffering. The theist insists you worship god, well if there is a god, that created this endless suffering called life, it must be the most immoral being in all the universe.

  15. The Bible is not any real help to anyone, except perhaps for an exclusive tribe, unless it is read and interpreted through the eyes of Christ. When that is done, there is no other book which can transform a soul so powerfully. Preachers know it to be the “living word” with various sentences acting like paintings of Orthodox icons connecting the human heart with the things of God through Christ. It is not just the whole story that counts; the connecting mechanism it is very much in the parts. For instance, a person at some stage in their life may be struck with the words, “Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added to you.” It may ring in the person’s head, and just about every word in that sentence may be pregnant with meaning and discovery over one’s life time. Even so, to use such a book, it is still only a means to convert one’s life and to progressively connect with God, more and more. There are many other “tools” in God’s work shop.

    Neither the bible or religion is the problem. The problem Yukon Jack has is that he thinks like Karl Marx, that religion is the opiate of the people, preventing them from seeing what he sees is the truth. My experience with trying to convince people of various things is that they generally do not want to be sold on anything if it is going to affect their life styles or detract from their interests. How many US bomber pilots, or missle silo commanders, would refuse an order from their commanders to nuke a Russian city if told to do so tomorrow? Likely none. That kind of obedience does not mean anything is wrong with religion. What it means is that people become involved in systems in which they lose the ability to think and act for themselves. Or take the Monsanto employee who hears that his company is producing harmful GMO foods and pesticides. He stops his ears and unsully takes the company line in order to protect his job and his peace of mind. The problem is not religion. It is our weakness and inability most often to stand up for what is right, and that we fail to use our faith and the power that God gives us to make things right.

    The primary moral dilemma in the political realm regarding the abuse of power causing things like 9/11 and unjust wars of plunder,concerns the nature of “justice’, and there are two major diverse schools of thought on this score – the “might makes right” school, and that of “do no harm to others” (except in self defence) school. For the later teaching or principle to be active and effective in the conscience and life of a person, not even the thinking of Socrates has been strong enough in any civilization to restrain the exploiters in power. But that does not mean we give up, or because of the contradictions, or the hypocrisy of people who say they follow Jesus, that we turn away from the spiritual power of the one person who walked that walk with derision, rejection, blood, nails, torture and death, or that we should settle for the weaker heroics of the philosopher Socrates, and settle for drinking the Hemlock in comfortable surroundings with the respect and approval of a corrupt establishment.

    The secular Jewish contribution to the world to advance a universal sense of justice and eradicate selfishness, for over 100 years has been the external imposition of communism. What a joke! What a tragedy! As Thomas Merton said, “Communism can only work in a monastery.”, i.e., a place were people live together holding everything in common and they do so of their own free will. Otherwise such a systemic solution is just another tyranny on the world stage with the “might makes right” maxim at the very centre.

    On the other hand, there is a middle ground (until we can open our mistrustful clam-shell hearts a little more), and it is the “silver rule” of simply not doing to others what we do not want done to ourselves. For such a principle to be universal and have any moral force, it is first necessary that we consider all people equal in some respects, like having the same fundamental rights, or that considering others also as children of God. Perhaps it because of the exclusiveness and shortcomings of the Jewish Talmud and that of the US Constitution that both peoples seem to have so much in common regarding their conduct on the world stage.

    Secondly, for any effective moral force to change anything in the world regarding the truth, justice, and respect for the rights of others, then it must be accepted that the use of evil means like deception, lies, coercion, threats, bribery, blackmail, entrapment, drug trading, assassinations, and violence is all from the “might makes right” school and simply accomplishes nothing. The job is to change people’s hearts and people have begun on this site doing that by exposing the truth about what is going on. If the smell can reach the noses of those who actually have an informed Christian conscience in our nations, then there should be more hope for them to wake up, and from there the rest of our civilization.

    Yukon Jack and others should also realize that there is nothing at the core of Christianity which is weak, hypocritical or wrong. Most people find it too hard because they believe that if they go too close to that core it would consume them. They fear they may have to suffer the opprobrium of peers or lose their money, their status, or their job. Some feel they are simply not strong enough to follow those who broke with the politically-correct and evil conventions of their times, like former slave trader, John Newton, who saw his evil, converted, became an abolitionist, wrote the hymn, Amazing Grace, and became an Anglican minister, or that of the king of abortionists and jewish born, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who saw the evil of his deeds, became a champion of the pro-life movement, and became a devout Catholic. If anyone desires that strength in their plight and abuse of power, then all they have to do is to look and pray for it, and they will always find it. The solution is not to put Christianity to sleep but rather to help make Christ resurrect in the hearts of everyone, and especially in the hearts of the elites. In these days if we do not, they will surely either completely enslave us, or they will destroy us.

  16. Religion is simply BULLSCHIT , especially when organised in a Church and one is dumb when he/she only wastes one Minute contemplating about it . All These Gangsters want is your MONEY , more MONEY, M M M M M …..

  17. QUOTE : “Yukon Jack and others should also realize that there is nothing at the core of Christianity which is weak, hypocritical or wrong.”

    No doubt, that is what Christians think. The core of Christianity is what is patently wrong.

    For instance the core principle of Christianity is that you have to get saved from sin. There is no sin and no god you need to be saved from.

    That core of Christian theology is what makes a person weak and suceptible to being dominated because they think they are inadequate in the eyes of god and the way it plays out in the real world is that they kowtow to the Jews.

    Every assumption nd presumption about God in the Bible is wrong so Christianity has to be wrong.

    These miscoceptions about god were corrected by Neale Donald Walsch in his book

    “God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong”

    But no Christian will read such heresy because they are so convinced about what the Jew says about God.