So About Aleister Crowley (2019 Documentary)

Habbening Net News – BitChute March 19, 2019

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5 responses to “So About Aleister Crowley (2019 Documentary)”

  1. My wifes family is related to the wartime Archbishop Cosmo Lang.
    The Archbishop was very against another war on Germany
    he agreed with King George V that Churchill and the bankers must not succed in this,
    Churchill had the King murdered, Archbishop Cosmo Lang, known to family as Gordon
    became ill but survived until 1945, the family also said he was one of those murdered by the jews.
    Dennis Wheatley in his books wrote about Churchill and Crowleys black magic dealings,
    Wheatley was able to smuggle in quantities of fine French brandy and wines for Churchill and Wheatley knew Churchills secrets,
    Dion Fortune Louis De whol and 11 others used black magic and jewish child killing rituals to further the cause against Germany. That Crowley and Churchill, both 33rd degree masons sacrificed children there is no doubt.
    Churchill in his secret bunker would watch film of German nationals being tortured to death, and while mad drunk would shout and laugh at what he saw on screen.
    He was drunk every day, to escape the shadows which followed him
    the most sinister is the Back Dog, a sign of satan, he would regularly soil his pants
    so a quick release baby type jump suit was designed for him.
    The man was a monster, and a bigger sicko than even Tony Blair

  2. I rememeber reading an account by aretired Intelligence officer who said that an
    MI5 boss during a satanic ceremony during the war, his wife died sudenly in torment
    Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl were also involved in Jewish/satanic rituals where small boys were kiled.
    The movement of children away from the cities in W W 2 is not what we were told,
    to take out so many trains and buses from service, remember they were moving troops weapons medical supplies food uniforms etc, but these trains were taken out of the war effort to move children away from the cities, many of these children, almost all boys never arrived.
    Churchill was part of ceremonies where boys were murdered and evil spirits from the pit were called to enjoy the kill, and take revenege on the German people.
    Main goal was Hitlers health.
    In contrast Hittler was a vegatarian and could not bear any needless killing
    he brought in laws to protect both animals and children, anyone who harmed children went into the work camps, as so many were jews, jewish owned newspapers had a field day but hid up only those with criminal histories were imprisoned.
    MUST READ churchills war David Irving

  3. @ name witheld

    It is almost impossible to anderstand , that such a Monster became Brit. Primeminister.
    Wy did nobody in England realise this and the stupid Germans even admired him for having killed nearly 20 000 000 People . It is so sickening it could blow ones mind .

  4. The comments under the Bitchute video are very revealing as well.
    Barbara Bush … (Who is also the cousin of George Bush Sr. in addition to being his wife) … is the product of generational satanism. And each generation gets more and more evil than the one which preceded it.

    George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr.
    According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man.

  5. O.M.G, it’s horrendous what is going on behind the scenes…..You know they have this coding…….secret symbols……BBC is 322 backwards. I won’t make a list, I’ll be here all day….cc is 33……No wonder people can’t wake up. It’s such an emense structure of evil. So prevalent, so pervasive. Omnipresent. In every fiber of society. From the cradle to the grave isn’t exactly true….it’s actually from conception to the grave….it’s that grave. Only divine intervention can stop this ( and that’s if God isn’t just the Devil’s controlled opposition on the other side of one dialectical coin). Maybe that’s what they want us to think?……..There’s no doubt in my mind our history is a fabrication. There IS a reset………There was a worldwide mud flood. I believe the last civilization was much more advance in many ways; much more in terms of benevolence; promoting real health, education, art, skill, beauty.

    I can’t understand why the new controllers are so evil. Why do they have this intense hatred of us? There really is a Devil, and they worship Him.