The Man Who Saw The Future

Mark Windows – Windows on the World Dec 11, 2019

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  1. In the recent UK eelections the Green Party took a lot less than 1% of the vote, yet they are telling what to do. They are also inummerate:-.

    CO2 is 1 part in 2,500 of the atmosphere, and human-created CO2 is only about 1 in 33 of the total CO2 in the atmosphere. Most is naturally produced, from rotting vegetation, wildfires, volcanoes etc.

    So man-made CO2 is 1 in every 32 X 2,500 molecules in the atmosphere.

    That is 1 in 80,000.


  2. The ZUS gov is spraying the skies with chemtrails and the spraying is almost daily here in Montana. Chemtrails contain nano particles of aluminum and barium and strontium to be able to ionize the atmosphere with HAARP transmitters, that emit micro waves to heat the atmosphere and enable to guiding of storm fronts, tornadoes, hurricanes, to cause drought in selected areas and floods in selected areas ie weather control, and all of this is then blamed on global warming!.

    Check these sites,,,,, etc., etc..

    The spraying has been going on over Montana for over 30 years by my personal observation and I have called federal, state, and county offices over the years, only to be met with denial and mocking, but I still call on occasion.

    Chemtrailing is an open secret and shows the power of the deep state, but none dare call it conspiracy!

  3. This is clearly the best exposé of the basis pseudo-environmentalist FRAUD and plans of the cabal for world hegemony. Even BRICS is a tool. Anyone who is concerned about the constant manipulation of the public through fake crises, brainwashing, unjust wars, false flags, fake climate science, fake news,etc., has to listen to this. We have the majority of our politicians, media flakes, school & college teachers being used to brainwash us.

    The late George Hunt is clearly one of the greatest whistleblower in our history.

  4. Great comments my dear fellows. Yes, the chemtrails are used for weather modification to make the claim of Climate Change justifiable, though it is not real. The Chemtrails also reduce the amount of Solar Energy reaching the earth. Like an umbrella to produce shade or reduce plant photosynthesis, thereby reduce man’s food supply to cause starvation and depopulation. Lastly, the chemtrails produce an atmospheric movie screen where the Satanic Globalist ZioBanksters through Global Intelligence Agencies and the Global Space programs will use project Blue Beam to project holograms of an Alien invasion that is actually a faking of Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming, where Satan as the Antichrist / ET will be coming to save us humans from ourselves and then enslave / rule over us. This global deception will be localized by region based on what belief system is dominant to that region. Only those of us like yourselves above will not fall for it but the goyim will.

  5. Firstly in our past we had ice ages, hot periods and wet or dry periods. Without this climate change we may not have evolved. Climate change is a constant and natural process. A species that cannot adapt to a changing climate will become extinct.
    Secondly, every single piece of human activity creates heat, car engines, planes, fridges, air-con, manufacturing, farming, war and every aspect of communication beams energy into the atmosphere and to every part of the planet. Black roads and never ending building creates heat sinks. To blame climate change on just carbon is simply unscientific.
    Thirdly, The climate change “debate” is about setting up another layer of government to manage the ‘climate” in every country in the world. This unelected body will control water use, farming, manufacturing, migration, imports, exports and land use by individuals. Similar to the current controls of Frazer Island, Australia, where the people cannot afford to visit and the rich have their resort. Expect taxes to rise 25% to fund this layer of extra government.

  6. The controllers certainly plan ahead but…in their arrogance and laziness, they don’t have the sense to modify their stupid plans to make them more believable. Their premises and assumptions have been completely debunked yet they persist with their inanities, insanities and inhumanities.

    “Maurice Strong and Edmund De Rothschild are the two main culprits behind the carbon tax scam.”

    Uncle Scam, Edmund De Rothschild, suggested using dry ice (solid CO2) to cool down the North and South poles of the Earth… Hoummm… I wonder if that idea was given to him by the IRSSSSS (Imperial Royal Secret Society of Super Stupid Scientists)…?

    “George Hunt exposed these two twits long ago.” – Mark Windows

    They are part of the “too rich to commit to an insane assylum” crowd…!

    The lunatics aren’t in your head; the lunatics are those cash cow operators driving the Hoax Train all the way to Armageddon. All countries will soon be “invited” to contribute money to the Mount Everest Holocaust Cathedral Construction Project. The monumental project is to be managed by N.M. Rothschild of course, and laws shall soon be passed criminalizing all those who oppose the Holocaust Cathedral Project; they will be labelled antisemites and shipped to Mount Everest to work as slaves.

    See you on the Dark Side of The Moon
    Pink Floyd – Brain Damage

  7. The great danger with chemtrails is that they could trigger the next ice age inception early, especially if the spraying is cumulative, increasing the albedo effect of the atmosphere.

    What both sides of the argument are leaving out are two main points:

    1. We are in an Ice Age right now, we never left the current ice age, we are in an interglacial, and temperatures peaked early in the Holocene (about 8,000 years ago) and since then temps have cycled down as per normal.

    2. Human activity is not changing earth’s thermodynamics. Human fossil fuel burning is 9400 times less than sunlight. One hour of sun is greater than all human energy use in one year.

    There is a good chance that global warming conspiracy will be outed as the sun flatlines into solar cycle 25:

    The current temp spike (what is known as the hockey stick) is manufactured by the liars who tampered with temperature data set to make it look like global warming was real:

    Proof that temps are not going up, polar ice sheets are normal:

    Earth temps have nothing to do with CO2:

    Ice Age coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it:

  8. The most crucial and most damning dots to connect is that it is same New York, London, Zurich bankster cabal pulling the strings on all of the mega global manipulations.

    The same cabal ceased to fund Germany beginning in 1916 when that nation was ahead and wanted peace everyone to return to their own borders, and then brought the US into that war with increased loans to Britain (the Balfour deal). Then, beginning in 1917 it took restarted its Marxist revolutionary efforts in Russia in earnest – the same three bankster network controlling Western finances. Following the war the cabal was behind the sever reparations against Germany to ensure the repayment of their loans to all sides. During the 1920’s it established the Frankfurt school in Germany to accelerate the spread of atheistic communism throughout the West. This movement polarized Europe politically forcing moderate Christian Democrats to support fascist government. In fact, every fascist government was a reaction to bankster-cabal-supported communist movement sweeping Europe. After Italy showed the world how to suppress communism, presto, the cabal think tanks gave us the 1929 stock market crash and the worst depression the western world ever experienced. The communist movement all throughout the West, even in the US, never had such fertile ground with proof positive to the unemployed and impoverished masses of the total failure of the so-called “capitalist system”. Germany which had been impoverished since the end of WWI was the most fertile ground for the rise of communism and by 1932, with a world depression, and little faith in free-enterprise left it was threatening to win in the elections. Many cities where unemployment was huge had already voted communism. That election saw the fascists of Hitler staving off a communist takeover with the Christian Democrats on the wane. In 1933 the Christian Democrats for the most part threw their weight behind Hitler as the lesser of evils. In Poland before WWII the general attitude was similar with people thinking that under Germany they would lose their freedom, but under the USSR they would lose their souls. The communist movement was hatched to destroy Christianity. Russia was a tool. The Frankfurt movement was a tool. WWII would never have occurred without the spread of communism. Fascism in many respects was simply to most ordinary people a lesser evil, but most ordinary people were not responsible for the bankster cabal manipulations. History, now tells us not only about the cabal manipulators not only weakening and destroying Western civilization (no doubt their goal for their exclusive advancement) but the continuation of their spread of communism into and through China, and throughout the West through cultural Marxism which has become the status quo.

    The big dots to connect in the first part of the 20th century which people should no longer ignore, and which set the stage for what Hunt and Windows are exposing, is that the real purpose of the Great Depression was a deliberate attempt to spread communism and it was all engineered by the same cabal.

  9. What Hunt and Windows describe is same New York-London-Zurich bankster cabal pulling the strings on all of the mega global manipulations, which they have been doing for well over 100 years now.
    Deeds of the cabal:
    1. In 1916 during WWI it ceased funding Germany when Britain was on the ropes and Germany wanted peace and everyone to return to their own borders.
    2. In 1917 it brought the US into the war with increased loans to Britain (the Balfour promise first made not in late 1917 with the letter but in 1916).
    3. With Russia exhausted by WWI, in 1917 the cabal restarted its Marxist revolutionary efforts in that nation with personnel, funding and logistics.
    4. After WWI the cabal approved sever reparations against Germany to ensure the repayment of their loans to all sides.
    5. During the 1920’s the cabal was instrumental in establishing the Frankfurt School in Germany to accelerate the spread of atheistic communism throughout the West.
    6. The spread of communism politically polarized Europe creating the reaction of fascism. In most western European nations Christians mainly had supported moderate Christian Democratic parties.
    7. Every fascist government in Europe was essentially a reaction to the cabal-fostered communist movement sweeping Europe. The first major European nation to support fascism was Italy with the election of Mussolini in 1922.
    8. The cabal in control of the money supply and investments, engineered in the 1920’s the great 1929 stock-market crash which initiated the worst depression the western world had ever experienced.
    9. The cabal having destabilized confidence in the capitalist system with the hard times of the depression, the communist movement all throughout the West, even in the US, began to grow rapidly. The purpose of the Depression was to fuel the communist movement. It was simply a part of the same revolutionary drive of the cabal.
    10. Impoverished Germany with huge unemployment in the 1920’s was the most fertile ground for the rise of communism, and by 1932, the communists having won elections in major German cities almost won the general election.
    11. That election saw Hitler’s fascist party (Nazis) staving off a communist takeover with the Christian Democrats on the wane.
    12. In the 1933 German general election, the Christian Democrats for the most part threw their weight behind Hitler which they viewed as the lesser of evils – a pattern we have now all become used to in the West.
    13. By 1939, before WWII broke out, Poland was caught between two of the most ruthless evil powers the world had ever seen – Nazi Germany on one side and communist USSR on the other, both ready to march through that nation. Poland was mainly Catholic and most people, rightly or wrongly, believed Germany was the lesser of evils, saying that it was better to lose their freedom to the Nazis than their souls to the communists.
    14. The cabal and communists “won” WWII.
    15. When the US Army entered Rome in 1944 the cabal essentially conquered the Vatican.
    16. The cabal which had funded, supplied, and provided logistics to Stalin during WWII enabled the USSR to occupy the eastern European nations from 1945 until 1992, indoctrinating the people with communism while trying to completely strip away their Christian religion.
    17. The cabal after seeding and supporting the spread of communism in China, betrayed the Chinese nationalists and supported Mao.
    18. The cabal continued with financial support and trading with the USSR all throughout the Cold War.
    19. The cabal since the 1950’s has supported the spread of cultural Marxism throughout the West to break down the family system and rid the West of Christianity.
    20. In 1958 the most politically-correct, liberal Pope who was a darling of the Western cabal-controlled mainstream media was elected Pope. He kicked off Vatican II in 1962 introducing “pluralism” which quickly became moral “neutralism”.
    21. The cabal manufactured the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. It was not an organic event, or evolutionary. It was orchestrated to break down the family system and to divert sexuality from procreation ends. It was the first phase of widespread population reduction in any nation in which they could spread cultural Marxism.

    George Hunt has exposed only some of the works of the insidious bankster cabal running things. It became corrupted by its own power well over 100 years ago. It has no checks or balances other than its own pragmatism and megalomaniac interests. It has supplanted the Christian God by itself. Hunt thought it was Satanic. It sees everything through public surveillance and suppresses any dissent when it becomes too effective. It strives to maintain its omnipotence with a steady steam of brainwashing and conditioning through its highly-controlled media networks, and the entertainment industries.

  10. Fred B – Your point 21 reminds me of, perhaps less destructive, but equally noticeable, manipulation of what was the “music” industry prior to it’s total destruction leading to the tuneless, wordless, satanic “anti-music” of today.

    My old memory isn’t what it was, so please overlook any errors or omissions.

    During the early 1950s, ending “the Sinatra era”, we suddenly had the likes of Bill Haley and what became known as “rock and roll”, which apparently had previously been a term for sex among the black communities of America.

    In 1957, and ONLY 1957, we had skiffle.

    1958-9 was “doo wop” and similar.

    By 1961 it was people like Pat Boone and Craig Douglas.

    Suddenly around 1963 came a significant change with The Beatles.

    1964 brought The Animals, Rolling Stones and others of that ilk.

    Much later (1970s) came the shouting anti-music called punk.

    I’m not saying any particular style was bad (except punk), but the changes were too sudden and too sustained to have happened naturally.

    Nowadays, if I could be bothered to listen to the noise on the radio, I’d be tempted to ask whether any particular recording is available in an English language version because, with every vowel changed for something different and a near total lack of hard consonants, it’s often impossible to make out what the words are supposed to be.

    For example, the other day I heard something consisting of an endlessly-repeated phrase that seemed to consist of “arm a circular file”. Wtf was THAT supposed to be?

    “Arm” is often used as code for “I’m”, but “I’m a circular file”?

    Even as far back as the film “Grease”, my best guess was “You’re the wizard of Oz”. It was only when I heard the version by Hilda Baker and Arthur Mullard that I learned what the words were supposed to be, and things have deteriorated a LOT since then.

    Music and it’s opposite may seem trivial compared to other changes, but it serves to demonstrate the abruptness of those changes, adequately demonstrating that (((someone))) is manipulating and destroying what was once known as music.