This is How a Society Dies

Umair Haque – Eudaumonia Dec 9, 2019

When I ask my European friends to describe us — Americans, Brits, who I’ll call Anglo-Americans in this essay — they shake their heads gently. And over and over, three themes emerge. They say we’re a little thoughtless. They say we’re selfish and arrogant. And they say that we’re cruel and brutal.

I can’t help but think there’s more than a grain of truth. That they’re being kind. Anglo-American society is now the world’s preeminent example of willful self-destruction. It’s jaw-dropping folly and stupidity is breathtaking to the rest of the world.

The hard truth is this. America and Britain aren’t just collapsing by the day…they aren’t even just choosing to collapse by the day. They’re entering a death spiral, from which there’s probably no return. Yes, really. Simple economics dictate that, just like they did for the Soviet Union — and I’ll come to them.

And yet what’s even weirder and more grotesque than that is that…wel…nobody much seems to have noticed. There’s a deafening silence from pundits and elites and columnists and politicians on the joint self-destruction of the Anglo-American world. Nobody seems to have noticed: the only two rich societies in the world with falling life expectancies, incomes, savings, happiness, trust — every single social indicator you can imagine — are America and Britain. It’s not one of history’s most improbable coincidences that America and Britain are collapsing in eerily similar ways, at precisely the same time. It’s a relationship. What connects the dots?

Let me pause to note that my European friends’ first criticism — that we’re thoughtless — is therefore accurate. We’re not even capable of noticing — much less understanding — our twin collapse. Our entire thinking and leadership class seems not to have even noticed, like idiots grinning and dancing, setting their own house on fire. They are simply going on pretending it isn’t happening — that the English speaking world isn’t fast becoming something very much like the new Soviet Union.

So what caused this joint collapse? How did the English speaking world end up like the new Soviet Union? To understand that point, consider the fact that you yourself probably think that’s an overstatement. But it’s an empirical reality. The Soviet Union stagnated for thirty years. America’s stagnated for fifty, and Britain for twenty. The Soviet Union couldn’t provide basics for its citizens — hence the famous breadlines. In America, people beg each other for money to pay for insulin and antibiotics, decent food is unavailable in vast swathes of the country, and retirement and paying off one’s debt are impossibilities: just like in the Soviet Union, basics are becoming both unavailable and unaffordable. What happens? People…die.

(The same is true in Britain. In both societies, upwards of 20% of children live in poverty, the middle class has imploded, and upward mobility has all but vanished. These are Soviet statistics — lethally real ones.)

Politics, too, has become a sclerotic Soviet affair. Anglo-American societies aren’t really democracies in any sensible meaning of the word anymore. They’re run by and for a class of elites, who could care less, literally, whether the average person lives or dies. In America, that class is a bizarre coterie of Ivy Leaguers pretending to be aw-shucks-good-ole-boys on the one side, like Ted Cruz, and Ivy Leaguers pretending to be do-gooders on the other, like Zuck and Silicon Valley. In Britain, it’s the notorious public school boys, the Etonians and Oxbridge set.

That brings me to arrogance. What’s astonishing about our elites is how…arrogant they are…and how ignorant they are…at precisely the same time. Finland just elected a 34 year old woman as a Prime Minister from the Social Democrats. Finland is a society that outperforms ours in every way — every way — imaginable. Finnish happiness is way, way higher — and so is life expectancy, mobility, savings, real incomes, trust, among others. And yet instead of learning a thing from a miracle like that, our elites profess to know a better way…while they’ve run our societies into the ground. What the? Hubris would be an understatement. I don’t think the English language has a word for this weird, fatal combination of arrogance amidst ignorance. Maybe cocksure stupidity comes close.

And yet our elites have succeeded in one vital task — what an Emile Durkheim might have called “social reproduction.” They’ve managed to reproduce society in their image. What does the average Anglo-American aspire to be, do, have? To be rich, powerful, careless, selfish, and dumb, now, mostly. We don’t, as societies or cultures, value learning or knowledge or magnanimity or great and noble things, anymore. We shower millions on reality TV stars and billions on “investment bankers.” The average person has become a tiny microcosm of the aspirations and norms of elites — they’re not curious, empathetic, decent, humane, noble, kind, in pursuit of wisdom, truth, beauty, meaning, purpose. We’ve become cruel, indecent, obscene, comically shallow, and astonishingly foolish people.

That’s not some kind of jeremiad. It’s an objective, easily observed truth. Who else in a rich society denies their neighbours healthcare and retirement? Nobody. Who else denies their own kids education? Nobody. Who else denies themselves childcare and elderly care? Nobody. Who else doesn’t want safety nets, opportunities, mobility, protection, savings, higher incomes? Nobody. Literally nobody on planet earth wants worse lives excepts us. We’re the only people on earth who thwart our own social progress, over and over again — and cheer about it.

How did we become these people? How did we become tiny microcosms of our arrogant, ignorant, breathtakingly stupid elites? Because we are perpetually battling for self-preservation. Life has become a kind of brutal combat to the death. For jobs, for healthcare, for money, for the tiniest shreds of resources necessary to live. We wake up and fight one another for these things, over and over again. That is what our lives amount to now — gladiatorial combat. Meanwhile, elites and billionaires sit back and enjoy not just the spectacle — but the winnings.

People who are battling for self-preservation can’t take care of anyone else. If I ask the average Brit or American to consider paying for their society’s healthcare, education, elderly care, childcare, increasingly, the answer is: LOL. In America, it always has been. Why is that? The reason couldn’t be simpler. People can’t even take care of themselves and their own. How can they take care of anyone else — let alone everyone else?

The average person is living right at the edge. Not at the edge of the middle class dream and an even better one. But at the edge of poverty and destitution. They struggle to pay basic bills and never make ends meet. They can’t afford to educate their children, and retire, or retire and have healthcare, and so on. Let me say it again: the average person can’t take care of themselves and their own — so how can they take care of anyone else, let alone everyone else?

A more technical, formal way to say that is: our societies have now become too poor to afford public goods and social systems. But public goods and social systems are what make a modern, rich society. What’s a society without decent healthcare, schools, universities, libraries, education, parks, transport, media — available to all, without life-crippling “debt”? It’s not a modern society at all. But more and more, it’s not America or Britain, either.

What makes European societies — which are far, far more successful than ours — successful is that people are not battling for self-preservation, and so they are able to cooperate to better one another instead. At least not nearly so much and so lethally as we are. They are assured of survival. They therefore have resources to share with others. They don’t have to battle for the very things we take away from each other — because they simply give them to one another. That has kept them richer than us, too. The average American now lives in effective poverty — unable to afford healthcare, housing, and basic bills. They must choose. The European doesn’t have to, precisely because they invested in one another — and those investment made them richer than us.

We are caught in a death spiral now. A vicious cycle from which there is probably no escape. The average person is too poor to fund the very things — the only things — which can offer him a better life: healthcare, education, childcare, healthcare, and so on. The average person is too poor to fund public goods and social systems. The average person is too poor now to able to give anything to anyone else, to invest anything in anyone else. He lives and dies in debt to begin with — so what does he have left over to give back, put back, invest?

A more technical, formal way to put all that is this. Europeans distributed their social surplus more fairly than we did. They didn’t give all the winnings to idiot billionaires like Zucks and con men like Trump. They kept middle and working classes better off than us. As a result, those middle and working classes were able to invest in expansive public goods and social systems. Those things — good healthcare, education, transport, media — kept life improving for everyone. That virtuous circle of investing a fairly distributed social surplus created a true economic miracle over just one human lifetime: Europe rose from the ashes of war to enjoy history’s highest living standards, ever, period.

That’s changing in Europe, to be sure. But that is because Europe is becoming Americanized, Anglicized. It has a generation of leaders foolish enough to follow our lead — now remember the greatest lesson of European history, which is one of the greatest lessons of history, full stop. That lesson goes like this.

  1. People who are made to live right at the edge must battle each other for self-preservation. But such people have nothing left to give one another. And that way, a society enters a death spiral of poverty — like ours have.
  2. People who can’t make ends meet can’t even invest in themselves — let alone anyone else. Such a society has to eat through whatever public goods and social systems it has, just to survive. It never develops or expands new ones.
  3. The result is that a whole society grows poorer and poorer. Unable to invest in themselves or one another, people’s only real way out is to fight each other for self-preservation, by taking away their neighbor’s rights, privileges, and opportunities — instead of being able to give any new ones to anyone. Why give everyone healthcare and education when you can’t even afford your own? How are you supposed to?
  4. Society melts down into a spiral of extremism and fascism, as ever increasing poverty brings hate, violence, fear, and rage with it. Trust erodes, democracy corrodes, social bonds are torn apart, and the only norms left are Darwinian-fascist ones: the strong survive, and the weak must perish.

(Let me spend a second or two on that last point. As they become poorer, people begin to distrust each other — and then hate each other. Why wouldn’t they? After all, the grim reality is that they actually are fighting each other for existence, for the basic resources of life, like medicine, money, and food.

As distrust becomes hate, people who have nothing to give anyways end up having no reason to even hope to give anything back to anyone else. Why give anything to those people you are fighting, every single day, for the most meagre resources necessary to live? Why give the very people who denied you healthcare and education anything? Isn’t the only real point of life to show that you beat them by having a bigger house, faster car, prettier wife or husband?)

That is how a society dies. That is the death spiral of a rich society. In technical terms, it goes like this. A social surplus isn’t distributed equitably. That leaves the average person too poor to invest anything back in society. He’s just battling for self-preservation, and the stakes are life or death. But that battle itself only breeds even more poverty. Because without investment, nurturance, nourishment — nothing can grow. Having become poor, the average person only grows poorer — because he will never have decent public goods or social systems, let alone the rights and privileges and jobs and careers and trajectories they become and lead to.

A society of people so poor they have nothing left over to invest in one another is dying. It goes from prosperity to poverty, from optimism to pessimism, from cohesion to distrust and hate, from peace to violence — at light speed, in the space of a generation. That’s America and Britain’s story today, just as it was the Soviet Union’s, yesterday, and Weimar Germany’s, before that.

You can see how a society dies — with horrific, brutal clarity — in the self-destruction of America and Britain. The hate-filled vitriol of Trumpism, the barely-hidden hate of Brexit. Why wouldn’t people who have grown suddenly poor hate everyone else? Why wouldn’t they blame anyone and everyone they can — from Mexicans to Muslims to Europeans — for their own decline? The truth, as always, is harder. America and Britain’s collapse is nobody’s fault — nobody’s — but their own.

They are in a death spiral now, but no opponent or adversary brought them there. It was their own fault, and yet they still go on choosing it. They don’t know any other way now. Their elites succeeded at making the average person truly, fervently believe that battling perpetually for self-preservation was the only way a society could exist.

And though it’s too late to escape for them, let us hope that the rest of the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa, learns the lesson of the sad, gruesome, stupid, astonishing tragedy of self-inflicted collapse.

December 2019


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  1. Is it a coincidence that the Jews now control both Britain and the USA….totally….with a close third France.

  2. My MP for west norfolk told me 10 years back that 5000 nurses were going to be brought in from Africa to work in UK hospitals, he said some done speak English and many have AIDS
    I said look the west norfolk hospital has just five hundred yards away a sink estate for unmarried mums, i used to be the postman there for some years and i can tell you almost every one of these mums would jump at the chance to learn nursing as a career.
    My MP said the government are determined not to employ locals but bring in these African Girls to train up.Last year the Polish people working in the UK sent home £8 billion
    and thats just the poles, would it not make more sense to employ Brits first, that way every penny they spend into our economy stays there. The government tell the CBI to first employ foreign labour.
    This is a hate crime by government against its own people

  3. Although I can observe the death spiral in the USA from afar, I know that the situation in the UK outside London is quite different– communities are holding together, many people are volunteering to be of service, there are many cultural alternatives to Hollywood trash, local government is still taking responsibility and helping misfits.

    London is in a different situation because it is no longer an English city, although there are parts where the old culture still is present.

  4. Good article about the upcoming fall of the Anglo-American empire. The idea of the article can also be stated as such: America thinks of itself too much as a Cowboy, always fighting his surroundings to survive and try to get ahead; the Cowboy is also a successful independent Businessman, thus you have to be fit to survive and succeed, the Darwinian Survival of the Fittest. The Brits on the other hand, due to their Empire, thought of themselves as the Master and everyone else has to obey them like a slave. In this arrogance though, the Brits taught their colonial slaves, the British principles, which the slaves then used against the Brits to break free. Also Germany as a rising power up to WW1, showed the Brits the might and power of German knowledge and science, some of which was from Britain originally. The Germans beat the Brits at their own game, as hard work, precision and engineering prowess are able to do and lift a nation. Before 1900 nobody wanted German merchandise, after 1900, the whole world wanted German merchandise (cars, electrical grids, phone systems, jet planes, rockets, etc.). The Brits got lazy and lost. Overall, the American Cowboy and the British Master, forgot some Godly universal rules: the golden rule of treat others as you want to be treated, not just respect, and also forget about yourself (selfishness) and help others and they will help you, or what goes around comes around (karma).

    Lastly, both America and Britain forgot about what capitalism really is. America and Britain due to ZioBankster influence, now practice Crony Corrupt Capitalism. This Cronyism is for American and British benefit only, everyone else must suffer and be manipulated. The true Capitalism of Adam Smith is actually Christian Capitalism. In this Christian Capitalism, one country develops/advances due to its own inguinuity and hardwork in goods and services. That country’s goods and services are then sold / shared with other countries not for exploitation, but to teach / cooperate and lift other countries out of a lower standard of living, so that there is an equality among nations. Imagine people in Vietnam or India or Morocco or Peru being paid wages like in America. Everyone would be able to buy more than what they need to live and pay taxes without difficulty. Instead under Cronyism and Competition we have rich nations and poor nations. This is not the peoples’ fault, it is the corrupt crony capitalism that is to blame. This is what the Anglo-American peoples have forgot, even its Christians.Ultimately, the whole problem is because Satan is indeed the ruler of this world!

  5. The destruction of individual meaning and purpose together with the end of real social unity began in earnest at the beginning of the 20th century by those in control of the money supply and the media. The systematic effort to strip the Christian faith from the people, fragmented them and the nation and created a huge void, which is now progressively being supplanted by a monstrous secular establishment which thinks it is God and craves to be worshiped.   

    Scopes Trial and Clarence Darrow vs. G.K. Chesterton

  6. Britain is in free fall, morally and socially, debt is crippling, the state takes your life’s proceeds and spends them at £1000+ per week for your care home care, then you can’t leave it to your children, even though you paid in to the system all your life(most people did anyway).morals have collapsed, you can’t say something is wrong or you’re a bigot or a homophobe, or intolerant. School kids are often illegitimate horrible little shits being raised by horrible illegitimate single mothers, drug use is out of control. You can’t say that the knife crime epidemic is mostly a black on black problem or you’ll be shouted down as a racist, and the single white stabbing victim will be rolled out to disprove the exception that proves the rule. But Europe is in a state, Paris alone has 300,000 illegal immigrants in one district, not working, shitting the place up. Germany has taken in 1,000,000+ low IQ unskilled mostly male migrants over 90% of whom have no work so they are parasiting the rest of German society, Sweden is even worse, much worse actually. Spain is corrupt to the hilt, and has vast numbers of people on the breadline. British immigrants actually hand out food parcels to poverty stricken Spaniards. Italy’s been invaded from across the sea, with huge numbers of North Africans jumping in the water and running off up the beaches and into the gateway to affluence, which after they arrive has the smell of effluence, literally, because they shit on the streets, literally. This cycle of civilisation ha peaked and is in decline and won’t recover until after the next calamity causes a reset, such as WW3.

  7. If you want to understand what is going on here study some real history not the crap they teach you in school. Look at Germany after WWI. A complete basket case and then Hitler took over in the early 30s. He cast off the joo yoke and within a few years Germany was a power to recon with. They damn near defeated the whole world in WWII, and would have if Hitler hadn’t invaded Russia (lots more to that story). Anyhow if the UK and US are to survive (unlikely) they need to do the same thing Hitler did.

  8. The Sky is Falling, DOOM, GLOOM and MISERY.

    Mr Haque is full of it.

    The American people are not perfect, but nobody’s inflammable. The vast majority are good people. Hollywood is the source of most of the sordid material, and most Americans hate Hollywood.

  9. Death spiral, prep for WW3.

  10. There is only one reason why Amerika and Britain, along with France and Germany are in a death spiral. Jews. Not Illuminati, not Bavarian death cults, not Nazis, not antifa, not liberals, not conservatives. Not any of the ghosts offered by Henry Makow or Alex Jones. Only one reason, Jews infest those nations.

    Jews are the parasite within corrupting nations, destroying morals,raping children, turning Walt Disney movies into porn. There is only one reason why the nation is being culturally raped and it is because Jews infest the news media, the entertainment industry.

    And they know it, which is why they got their orange faced whore Trump doing their bidding, making laws against the host so the parasite can continue to operate without reservation or retribution.

    Jews get away with the rape of western nations only for one reason. The Goyim are gullible. There is only one (real) reason why most the Christian hosts are so gullible, it is because the myth they subscribe to makes them that way.

    So the Jews who own the myth can walk right into the dumbed down nations of the Goyim and wreck havoc and the sheeple will do nothing. If you want proof that this is true try telling any Christian of any stripe that Jews did 911. They will not here it, they will not accept it and the reason is the myth, they believe in a Jewish savior Jesus and because they want to git to heaven so bad, they are total cowards in the face of Jewry.

    So Donald Trump, the betraying slimy snake, can launch WW3 at bequest of his masters and the Christian conservatives will go right along with it, even with all the the truth tellers informing them otherwise. Talking real politik to Christians is like banging your head againts the wall, and I know, I have talked to thousands of Christians for decades to no avail. They are Bible block heads, they have possessed minds and can not reason and nor do they care about truth.

    So it is true that the Judeo-Christians are the world’s largest death cult. They will spill blood in rivers before they ever confront the myth. When a culture holds the Holy Bible up as the source of morality then you can be rest assured hell with follow. There is not one good thing about that book, it is cover to cover Jew lies that are making a mess of this world, and I hope to see the day when that book is banned upon penalty of death,

    Anyone who teaches the Bible to child is guilty of mind rape and should be immediately put to death.

  11. Just remember, none of this is by accident, but has been cunningly planned by the same malevolent sorry SOBs who ‘gave’ us the Fed, The US Civil war, et al.

    That is the hardest thing to convince the thoroughly propagandized.


    P.s., Author you meant “could not” or “couldn’t); NOT “could care less”.


  12. DUMB Yanks + THICK Brits = The MOST LETHAL Combination of STUPIDITY The World Has EVER Seen

  13. @ Yukon Jack:

    You are spot-on about the JEWS. I know what you know concerning International Jewry, but I wanted to be like this author was and dance around the issue from a Christian perspective. However, yes the JEW is the problem! I believe the Bible as the Word of God, but also understand how the Jew ( former Israelite, Hebrew) got to where they are from the time of Babylon to the present. Thus, it is like the Bible says in the Book of Revelation: 1) They say they are Jews but are NOT ( Khazarian Mafia -Turkish Mongols between the Black and Caspian Seas, 8th century AD); 2) The Jews are the Synagogue of Satan (Babylonian Mysticism is the Jewish Talmud). I am an awakened Christian compared to the idiotic duped Christian Zionists or Evangelical Zionists. I cheer for your Jewish problem perspective, but concerning the Bible we will agree to disagree. Just as a joke, my wife says that you are a belly is your god worshipper and a Chinese Communist troll. I do NOT think so and respect your views except those concerning the Bible. I say that because I know that Jews have infiltrated the Vatican and Jewish cronies started Mormonism and the Jehovah Witnesses. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the greatest playbook ever written to describe the Jewish plan. Since its methods are being used and working, it is real and not a myth or a forgery. Please, Hitler, come back and work your plan against the Jews. Sieg Heil! Oh, wait, that is what the Antichrist is. The future Jew (crypto-Jew) that will double cross them. This is why all Jews are supposed to go to IsraHell.

  14. Did you know when you confront a deadly snake they make a sound with spit. No different for jews in eurangloland.
    Now how do you stop a raging poisonous snake spitting at you, wanting to strike? Be AWARE.
    Nature will also tell you to rattle their ground with your weight.
    The influences that shaped America are not only British they are German and Europe will never be off the hook and in all likeness will be the first to crumble.
    As a kid I used to compare fairy tales from different lands, the European fairy tales are full of darkness, the Russian fairy tales Life, and the Chinese tales, philosophy.
    No Mr Amair from my experience all evil today can be traced to Europe in its ghosts from there it spread.
    Truth is we don’t know how far down this will take us, one thing is for certain, trying to exonerate responsibility by throwing off onto others which euranglolanders excel at will only keep us spiraling down.

  15. The USA has become a third world nation undeniably. Changes in society became evident 30 years ago. The economy was artificially inflated to the point where a one household income could not make it. An enormous bureaucracy is unsustainable, a constant state of war managed by private corporations has drained the nations wealth. Farming out work has reduced employment. More people graduate from American colleges today than in Te 50s, 60s an 70s. Yet there is something fundamental missing in modern educations, common sense. America has become the land of the living dead, people perform al their fisiological function, but their brains are totally disconnected from reality. Any nation that becomes fractionalized is eventually going to colapse. I can only see one large hole in the article. There is no mention of the European nations that hav failed, Spain, Greece are nation that would be prime examples of mismanagement by their governments, Sweden, Norway and Germany are being destroyed by their own elected officials. What say you?

  16. Never underestimate the good sense of the common people of any country, and any race.

    The peole can see through the crap, and the recent British election is a good example.

    There is an electoral revolution underway.