Paedophiles in Parliament — 2018 Documentary

Renegade Tribune – Dec 6, 2019

Journalist and Broadcaster Sonia Poulton explores the history of paedophile allegations in British Politics. The problem of child molesters in power is an epidemic.



3 responses to “Paedophiles in Parliament — 2018 Documentary”

  1. Londons posh brothels in the 70s were run by two flamboyant women
    Cynthia Payne and Lindie St Clair, Lindie wrote a tell all book about the MPs who used the services of her girls. All chosen for their beauty and sexual allure, Lindie constantly refused to supply young boys for the homosexual trade.
    After her book was published her car was forced off a lonely country road and was upside down ina ditch, she could not get the seat belt off and hung upside down in a ditch filling with water.She made god a promise, let me live and i change my ways
    and that she did opening an animal sanctury and duck farm.
    She spoke of Mossad making threats for info and Heidi Fliess brothel being wored for sound and film to catch the unwary.
    When the Truthseeker exposed Jimmy Savile i was shocked that the authorities and royalty knew what he was yet still alowed him inside the establishment

  2. Jimmy Savile having open access to the Palace reminds me of another powerful well connected pervert, Rasputin. Except Savile escaped justice.

  3. you have to be careful Rasputin tried to stop the war, peacemakers are always the victim
    in any bad propaganda
    e g dont beleive what you read in the rothschild/Murdoch news papers