Being in Time – A Discussion with Gilad Atzmon and Michael E. Jones

Gilad Atzmon – Dec 10, 2019

Three weeks ago the Zionist ADL produced a “short list of social media accounts that should have been removed long ago.” Catholic scholar E Michael Jones, myself amongst other academics and intellectuals were shortlisted by the Zionist book burning apparatus. Three days ago I was interviewed by E Michael Jones. We agreed on many things, we disagreed on others. We touched upon many ‘hot topics’ such as: Identitarian politics, White Nationalism, Logos, Athens vs. Jerusalem, Jewish wisdom and others. I do believe that a society that cannot handle such a well mannered dialogue between scholarly oriented thinkers is doomed!
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

15 responses to “Being in Time – A Discussion with Gilad Atzmon and Michael E. Jones”

  1. Both of these gentlemen are disinformation agents.

    Gilad is controlled opposition – probably deep mossad and 100% loyal to his tribe.

    Just listen to Kyle Hunt rip on that Catholic nutcase E Michael Jones and LOGOS.

    (Note: Both Kyle and I are former Catholics who are the ‘bright’ minds amongst our peers exposing the absolute nonsense of logos, christ, jew loving catholics, etc.)

    Catholicism is the super highway into Jewish simulacrum and Hebrew INSANITY. The Vatican (which Jones promotes) is a kippah wearing pedophile death cult. The Pope’s auditorium is a snakes head.

    The Vatican has done everything to keep man under the spell. The entire structure is the anathema to freedom, love, self fulfillment. It was the doctrines of the Church that was the principle force locking men’s minds into the superstition of the Dark Ages.

    noun: Logos

    “The Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ.”

    John 1:1 ►New International Version

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    THE BIBLE TELLS YOU DIRECTLY THAT THE GOD OF THE BIBLE ARE THE WORDS OF THE BIBLE. All words are spells, you cast a spell by reading words outloud and infect others with those words. Christ (insanity) is a mind virus. If you believe Jesus did miracles or raised himself from the dead (impossible) then you have suspended reason and are under a mind spell.

    There is no way to politely tell you that if you spread the Gospel then you are spreading a Jewish mind virus, and causing others to fall under the black magic spell of the Jews.

  2. Hilarious scene outside NY courthouse.

    Harvey Weinstein arrives pushing a Zimmer frame…the poor chap must be suffering.
    About as real as the six million figure…a variation on a similar theme.

  3. Gilad, your verbal encounter with E Michael Jones was engrossing. I’m a committed Catholic like he is and there were moments during the conversation where I winced at the blunt way he addressed questions to you. Even so, you were undeterred.
    But what amazed me most was the final snapshots of you both. You looked up and looked directly into the camera and for first time I saw your beautiful face. He leaned back and I saw also for the first time appreciation and affection flowing from his eyes.

  4. This is a fantastic conversation by two highly intelligent people who have dedicated much of their lives and reputations, going against the grain to get at the truth in order to resolve perhaps one of the most fundamental issues of our civilization.I believe it is historical and classic, and I only wish I could download it or get a written copy.

  5. @ Yukon Jack:

    Vespasian has good humor concerning Jews (Crypto or real). Jack on the hand was correct in everything that was said except the until he denigrated the concept of LOGOS. 1 John 1, is what is and nothing can destroy that. LOGOS as the WORD and Jesus Christ/GOD thus was around since the time before the Creation or your supposed BIG BANG. The Big Bang Theory according to Atheists like you is as follows:


    This defies Logic, which is also LOGOS. Something can NOT come from NOTHING. Even MATH proves that no matter how you slice/dice (BODMAS) it! Otherwise there was an UNCAUSED first CAUSE. That is not logical either unless there was an Intelligent Designer, known as GOD. That is easier to believe than this Nothing from Nothing garbage. If you, Yukon Jack believe that then you have the greatest non-faith belief system known to all useful idiots. Otherwise, try to prove the Nothing from Nothing logic as correct! YOU CAN NOT!

  6. Both of these gentlemen are doing good work. Listen to what they say and think for yourself. You don’t have to accept their entire corpus of work in order to mine nuggets of wisdom. You can also judge a man by his enemies.

  7. Jones is dangerous Catholic nutcase.

    There are elements of Logos-Reason in Roman Catholic religion. These elements of Reason in his religion usually do not come from Judaism but from Greek and Roman culture, when emperor Constantin sponsored the Council of Nicea 1700 years ago.

    Follow E Michael Jones if you want to be stupid Jewish serf.

    Saint Saul, Colossians 3 (

    22 Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God;
    23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
    24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

  8. Finally listened to the whole video. Yes, a good discussion from 2 foes of the ADL. However, there is a problem. Gilad ends up being a DEFENDER of Jewry (Judaism, Talmudism, Pharisiism). Thus despite being a self-hater as a Jew, he defends Jewry and even points out that they are Exceptional (ie. imply Chosen) especially in Intelligence and Money (Usury). Thus if he hates being a Jew, therefore hates Jewry, why Defend them. Thus he is by logic, Controlled Opposition as Yukon Jack says. Then Gilad says that the Jewish God is Evil. He should have said, the Jewish Torah God is Good, but the Jewish Talmudic God is Evil because that is Satan. Therefore Gilad knows that Jews follow the Talmud, not the Torah and worship Satan.

    Next Dr. EM Jones (EMJ) cites many philosophers of the Enlightenment. Their philosophies are good and correct, but he forgets to mention that most, if not all of them were Jews. W. Reich comes to mind. Thus Jews have been influencing modern philosophy and thought for at least over 200 years. Do not forget that Ignatius Loyola and Adam Weishaupt were both crypto-Jews. They were Jews that converted to Catholicism. Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuits for the Spanish Inquisition and Adam Weishaupt joined the Jesuits to direct and pervert Jesuit philosophy/teachings. Plus Weishaupt also founded the Illuminati. So Freemasonary and the Illuminati are espousing Jewish ideology. Then as Jesuits, that philosophy infiltrated the catholic Church. Is it a coincidence that the current Pope, Pope Francis, is a Jesuit? No it is not, it is by design, because Pope Francis talks very little about Jesus and mostly about socialism, environmentalism and endorses/ promotes Islam. Pope Francis teaches a Mother Earth (Gaiia), Christian Islam mixture (Chrislam). This is an abomination to the Christian GOD.

    Lastly, EMJ, states correctly that Nationalism ( pride as an Irish German American) is good for White people. EMJ knows that because National Socialism ( not NAZI) is good because Hitler had the answer to remove Jews from Germany. Remove Jews from all aspects of a nation’s building blocks, infrastructure, from Culture to Business/ Finance to Politics / Judiciary and Government. This is what the book burnings, the destruction of Jewish art and jailing LGBTQ types in Berlin was all about. Do NOT believe Steven Spielberg and his movies. Then instill national pride in being German or whatever nationality you are. Next, take control of Money away from the Jews, forbid Usury and give the free sound money to the people to circulate and stimulate the economy. Hitler achieved an Economic Miracle for Germany from 1933 – 1938. The only country to get out of the Depression of the 1930s. These are the secrets that the Jews DO NOT want us to know in order to defeat them. This is why Hitler is so demonized. Look around you today. Are any of Hitler’s methods being used anywhere today? No and that is why the JEWS Control the rest of us, the goyim / gentiles. So please pray for another Hitler soon. PS: Donald Trump is close but not quite yet!

  9. @ Stormin’ Norman

    “LOGOS as the WORD and Jesus Christ/GOD thus was around since the time before the Creation or your supposed BIG BANG. The Big Bang Theory according to Atheists like you ”

    There are rival theories of the origin of the universe like the simulation hypothesis, it could of all been created by a push of a button and we are merely sentient programs in a virtual world.

    I never said I was an atheist or believed in the big bang, but if you say a theist is a bald faced liar then I am certainly against that and a anti-liar

    you have no proof that jesus was around since the creation started, nor do you have any proof that the god of the bible is the creator god nor do you have any proof that jesus was real or was a god or is one in the same as the creator god or the alien god

    have you read atwill’s ceasar’s messiah? he proves jesus is fiction, like I tell everyone that book is demarcation between gospel insanity and bright light of reason

    god could be aliens sitting in spaceships on the dark side of the moon

    who says the mind behind the bible spell isn’t a gray alien manipulating the human herd?

  10. No logos does not mean a single word. The Greek for word is Reema. Logos is the reason and scource of the effect. It is used extensively in Philosophy not as a single word. Therein is no plain meaning.

  11. At around 50 minutes in Jones has trouble with Atzmons theory on Jewish eugenics process. This is where Talmudic scholars would marry their daughters and sons off to rich Jewish merchants located in Germany and Poland. This undoubtably happened and you only need about 5 generations for Eugenics to have results. Jones also confuses intellectual inquiry with intelligence. An ingroup can select for destructive intelligence like usury, rents, unearned income, and spreading false ideology. The characteristic intelligence is reduced to ….is it good for the tribe?

  12. @ Stormin’ Norman

    “Then Gilad says that the Jewish God is Evil. He should have said, the Jewish Torah God is Good, but the Jewish Talmudic God is Evil because that is Satan. ”

    What part of the Torah is good? Yahweh is good? There are no good characters in the Torah tale of a tyrannical God who makes bets with devil Satan and tests Lot. The entire construct of God and how he abuses us is psychotic evil from cover to cover. And this hate for man which starts in the Garden of Eden and ends with Jesus being nailed to a bloody cross is the most diabolical evil hatched from the minds of the Jew devils.

    The Jews are devils, if anyone calls themselves a Jew they are agreeing with Jewish construct of reality and thus have put us in an inferior position as Goyim – cattle to be used and butchered. In the Bible God kills over 2 million humans (all innocents) and the devil satan only kills about 10 or 12 people. So who is the real devil in the Bible?

    Like I always say the only place you will ever find Satan is in the Jewish text. Satan is not real, he is a fictional character invented by crazy priests to fix the schism of evil when they assigned good to God. So if God is good, then where is evil from? Well you got to invent another character and put him in the story.

    The we are told this all powerful God is in battle with the devil and he needs our help. Uh huh. So we are to help God extend the rule of Law (Torah tyranny) over the whole earth. The great evil of the Jews is called by them a “gift” from God, when ET colonized earth by giving Moses some commandments.

    I will tell you all something and not one of you will agree. The real evil of the Torah (and Bible) is the rule of law. Rich people using Godly authority to lord over us. Never are they prosecuted for their heinous crimes like false flags and wars based on lies but if granny kites a check she can so prison time … while they got a central bank that prints trillions. Ha.

  13. The first success in Jewish manipulation is that people think that God is Yahweh – racial megalomaniac from Jewish fables.
    Yahweh is just Jewish tribal god.
    Yahweh is not good for sure. Evidence is pure and simple – read the Bible. Yahweh killed every Egyptian first born, human and animal. What for? EMJ probably believes that Egyptians are not humans so their death does not matter. This is pure Judeochristian racism.
    Any god, including Yahweh or Satan is just Egregor.

  14. @ Yukon Jack:

    The comments you make concerning Jewry is correct and I agree regarding that. All else we agree to disagree. We will only know when the end comes by Jewry or other! Otherwise “hello” fellow Canuck.

  15. If tribal selfishness is a problem (as Atzmon suggests) then is it not that ability in people to “identify with” others which is the bridge out of their selfishness, or is he saying that something more than such “empathy” is needed such as “love” to provide more of a basis to our sense of universal justice. As for love, when the mother’s heart and soul is united in a bond of love for her child we consider such as an act of the will, but in terms of trying to define the relationship more rationally without the obvious emotions, we tend to signify the bond by saying such things like the mother is “identifying with” her offspring and acts in his or her interests.

    Rationally understanding the ability of a distinct tribe to “identify with” the rest of humanity (empathy) is not such a bad thing. However, identifying with something outside of one’s nature, which is what EMJ seems to be concerned about, is something which is not okay. What is happening in the world, as Atzmon and EMJ are both indicating, is a radical departure from our true beings, where according to EMJ (if he could leave out a few of the links in his approach) is essentially that when we cut ourselves from God we are left to our own devises and end up in identifying with whatever fantasies we imagine having nothing to do with reality or our natures, like with all of this LGBTQ stuff.

    How you apply this line of reasoning to the Jewish issue of alleged tribal selfishness becomes a little more difficult because most Jews seem to think they are in many respects naturally superior, which perhaps can be demonstrated by their eugenically cultivated traits. Ordinary people like EMJ do not agree, and scholars like Yukon Jack, Stormin’ Norman, and Adolph Hitler who vehemently disagree would like to label them as inferior, so that they can put them down or lord it over them in some way. However, even if a tribe, a group, or an individual person, has cultivated some special talents, the moral issue should not be that they use such for their own advancement, making some outside morons jealous, but rather the question should be whether or not they are using such to employ dishonest or exploitive means against others for their selfish advancements. When they do that they may have an measure of intellectual superiority, but clearly become morally inferior. Any exclusive group in a host nation deliberately weakening and exploiting the host for their own advancement is justified in their own minds when they are persecuted, isolated or unjustly treated, but if the host is of the view they have been unjustly exploited to any significant degree by the group, there are likely to be repercussions. The issue, therefore, is not one of identity politics but with respect to the moral standards and the facts as to how our talents, wealth and power are used in relation to others.

    Being a minority and advancing in host nations no doubt has become a very refined art over the past 3,000 years, which us backward people from the boondocks of the north know very little about, and I doubt the Jews are just going to chuck their methods just the sake of being more liked and avoiding the opprobrium of people like Yukon Jack. We have to realize that art of a tribe or group ascending in foreign cultures does require unity, discipline, cooperation, mutual help, loyalty, and the concentration of wealth, intelligence, knowledge, and power, despite all religious, philosophical, and political differences within the tribe or group. As for discipline and loyalty, if a member gets credit and favors there are requirements to pay it back in other ways if called upon to do so. Few of the host nations have such cultural cultivation.

    The takeover of our Western finances, the media, industries, and the political system by a tiny, unified, exclusive, tribal group has occurred without any really unified opposition – in a fragmented civilization, without any real common cultural identity, checks or balances, or force to protect its integrity. The more we have allowed ourselves to be fragmented and separated from our Christian roots the more we have made ourselves vulnerable to such a takeover. If we so not like it (and I doubt there is such a thing as “we” anymore), there is no use just criticizing and complaining. The fragmentation process has to end and we simply have to start rebuilding.