Lack of Police Resources

Irish Savant – Dec 10, 2019

Yesterday the people of Britain breathed a collective sigh of relief as police announced the apprehension of a master criminal who had been terrorising the country.  Following a protracted  operation a crack team of detectives was able to identify the criminal despite his lurking in a crowd of 75,000 at football match. His crime? Well take a look at the pic. He made a ‘monkey gesture’ at a black player. Aaaaand…that’s it. He made a racist face. For which he was arrested and jailed before being released on bail. He’ll face charges in due course, has been banned for life by Manchester City and will undoubtedly lose his job. All for making a racist gesture.
Whatever you think of his punishment you must admire the alacrity and skill with which the police apprehended and charged him. Which is in stark contrast to their complete lack of action over many years as Muslim grooming gangs raped and battered thousands of young White girls in the towns of Rotherham and Telford. That’s right, thousands of White girls in just two towns. The criminal activity was common knowledge but the police cited lack of resources as one of the reasons for their inaction.
Same with the knife crime epidemic that soars almost out of control in Londonistan. “A MAN has been stabbed to death in a North London street as Britain’s knife crime epidemic rages on. An Omani student was last week knifed to death for his designer watch outside famous department store Harrods. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi, 26, was walking home when he was jumped by a gang of masked muggers demanding his luxury watch.  The 26-year-old victim was one of three men who were fatally stabbed in a little over 12 hours of bloodshed in the capital.” (My emphasis).
Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when these people run the country’s “justice” system. The Brits might have created that system and spread it throughout the world but apparently they’re no longer capable of operating it even on their own country.
Here in Ireland things are pretty much the same. The difference here is that judges are reluctant to jail offenders. Suspended sentences are routinely handed down to habitual criminals and serious offences are often settled by way of ‘a donation to the poor box’ or community service. An exception is made with ‘racist’ offences. Just last week a man in Co. Clare was sentenced to three months imprisonment for shouting ‘ya black bastard’ at a Brazilian. Mind you the man denies it and the only evidence is the testimony of the ‘victim’. In other words uncorroborated evidence. But it was enough to send a guy with no previous convictions to the Big House.
Again you must be impressed with the work of the police who reportedly were on the scene within minutes. No lack of resources there! Unlike in Balbriggan in Co. Dublin where gangs of “youths” run riot to their hearts’ content. Terrified citizens ringing the emergency lines are routinely informed that ‘no police resources’ are available to save them. They’re on their own. And things are set to get worse as we set about embedding in law the McPherson recommendations whereby a crime is deemed to be hate motivated if the victim classes it as such. So if  a member of a protected minority deems your cheery ‘good morning’ to a hate crime then it is. And you’ll get your collar felt by the same police who stand by as minority criminals run riot.
We are ruled by traitors. That’s not hyperbole, it’s the plain truth.
And hot off the press we learn that a man and woman who, according to their State-appointed interpreter, ‘came to’ Ireland in 2012 beat their 9 year-old daughter so badly that she now requires 24x7x365 full time care. Courtesy of the Irish taxpayer. Don’t bet on a custodial sentence. Legal precedent has already been set whereby offenders’ ‘cultural practices’ can be grounds for voiding a conviction. Again, by the way, in complete contradiction to traditional legal norms.
Diversity is our strength.


2 responses to “Lack of Police Resources”

  1. So very true
    Cambridge police knew a Rumanian pickpocket gang was going to do a pre-Christmas
    visit last weekend to the market town where i live.
    The pollce station is closed at night when most crime occurs, so as the market square was packed with shoppers looking at the stalls pickpocket gangs made an absolute killing
    there was also many steaming offences, steaming is when a dozen people enter a shop crowd round and under cover things go walkabout.
    The police knew and let these crimes go ahead.
    But at least the police were on the ball for the important stuff like nicking a man at a football match for making funny faces ata black player.
    BTW i thought it was an English football team, what was a black player doing in an English team ?

  2. Not being able to face your accuser who uses hearsay is noahide.
    This is the Bar (British accreditation Recency) in action which never swears allegiance to the people’s government but to the crown and its four Inns. They are the middle temple, Inner Temple, Lincoln’s inn and Grays inn. All Bar associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar association located at the Inns of Court of the crown Temple.
    The Inner Temple holds the legal “franchise” by licence that bleeds Canada and Great Britian white, while the middle Temple has licence to steal from America.
    Our legal system is a Babylonian fraud and so much so that the queen has made this statement. Dunno when but it’s on film.
    “I have in-sincerity(not in all sincerity which this bitch knows is the proper English) pledged myself to your service as so many of you have been pledged(birth certificate) to mine”.
    This means she is the trustee of the Bar and probably the only one to get away with it.
    The government uses the book of styles to write legislation which is a foreign language and another fraud so we can’t interpret it.
    How capital letters work?, hyphens and dots etc because in reality it is all a fraud.
    Our best chance against government, Mr ju and any totalitarian is to start exposing this major deception used to control.
    Many people who comment on the truthseeker are really clever with heaps of wit and many thanks for that bloody inspirational to a dimwit uneducated traveller such as myself. They might appreciate this channel on the YouTube called “Justinian deception” which goes through all this in detail while still uncovering more of these egregious frauds in law which the powers use against us.
    The Australian police are registered as a non org
    with Dunun Bradstreet a subdivision of the US SEC Washington a district of foreign Columbia which goes against our constitution I’d be checking how that works for the UK as well.
    Aussie cops are now starting to get called out on this as they violate article 1 of the unitroid treaty of Rome when they don’t identify themselves as representatives of a foreign agency.
    If a cop proceeds with forcing his point physically without proper unitroid treaty procedure he then becomes a war criminal under the Nuremberg trials.
    Remember under Babylonian law for the sake of social harmony this should be viewed in terms of victimless crimes. If you hurt someone or steal you still got some penance to pay as aspiring to chaos is a losing game.