Craig Brown: To servants, there’s just one Prince of Oafs

Craig Brown – Daily Mail Dec 10, 2019

Prince Andrew pictured during his recent interview with Emily Maitlis. Click to enlarge

On November 28, 2001, Gyles Brandreth attended a reception at Buckingham Palace for bigwigs in the media.

The Queen was telling a small group of guests how Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were keen on ‘surfing the Net’ (a phrase that nowadays seems rather quaint) when up behind them came the Duke of York.

‘Her Majesty moves on,’ Brandreth recorded in his diary, ‘and I say to her son, “I’ve just been hearing how you’re a dab-hand with a mouse.”’ “No,” he booms, “I’m more of a nipple man myself.”

After this revelation, the Prince drifts off and ‘bounds cheerily between female newscasters’.

Eighteen years on, it seems unlikely Prince Andrew will be cracking this sort of ‘joke’ at a future Palace reception, or even that he will be invited to one. And after his unfortunate encounter with Emily Maitlis, female newscasters may not hold quite the same appeal.

It’s fascinating how memories echo across time, giving off different sounds. For instance, in her 1995 memoir, The Housekeeper’s Diary, the Prince of Wales’s housekeeper Wendy Berry recalled Jimmy Savile dropping in at Highgrove on one of his regular visits.

‘As he waited for the Prince he puffed on his cigar and sent great clouds of blue smoke into the air. He knew that smoking was officially frowned on in the house but just laughed it off, saying, “Oh, the Boss won’t mind. He knows how much I like my cigars.”’

This was, of course, long before the sordid truth about Savile was known, which makes the housekeeper’s innocent account all the more telling.

The Prince and the Paedophile, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles. Click to enlarge

‘Strolling around in his tracksuit, with the laces of his training shoes left undone, Jimmy Savile was the most unlikely spiritual comforter for Charles that could be imagined. He would drive up in his enormous mobile home and leave it parked like some incongruous monster in the back yard.

‘“Ah, Jimmy,” laughed the Prince as Paul [the butler] ushered him through to the drawing room. “How nice of you to come.” The pair remained shut away for over an hour.’

Memoirs written below stairs tend to be infinitely more revealing than those written above. Recalling the two younger Princes, Wendy Berry found Edward ‘utterly charming and polite’, but Andrew boorish and rude. Her son James, who worked at Buckingham Palace, told her of Andrew’s tendency ‘to barge his way around the house, expecting to be looked after and served for every whim’.

A propensity for parading naked in front of staff was, it seems, evident. On a weekend’s shooting with the Duke of Westminster, ‘the Prince had just gone off for a bath when the bell rang. “Come in, come in,” shouted Andrew as James knocked on the door. “Where the bloody hell are my black socks — the ones with the stripe at the top?” He was standing in the middle of the room stark naked, vigorously rubbing his wet hair with a towel . . . Staff were practically invisible as far as he was concerned’.

On one occasion, a call from one of the staff was put through to the young Prince. Rather than politely telling the caller that the telephonist must have made a mistake, he simply barked, ‘Wrong bloody room, idiot,’ and hung up.

Another royal servant, Malcolm Barker, also found Prince Edward ‘kind and sensitive’ while Andrew ‘was a different matter’. In his 1990 memoirs, Barker recorded how, as an 11-year-old, Prince Andrew tied footmen’s shoe laces together and then ordered them about.

Ten years later, he noted that the Prince was ‘forever dragging the worst bunch of tarts up to dine with his mother, each seeming to compete with the previous for lack of brains. The one characteristic his girlfriends did not lack though was ample breasts’.


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  1. Hugh Laurie’s Prince George in Blackadder springs to mind.

  2. anyone introduced to the royals has first to be checked by MI5
    Jimmy Saville and Jeffrey Epsteins activities would have ben well known to them
    yet they did not seem to care
    Sir Anthony Blunt ran the biggest blackmail set up for Rothschild than even Saville or Epstein, yet weekly he would take a young boy to tea with the queens mother
    Blunt was named as someone who would kill a boy if he thought he would talk
    possibly his biggest client according to John Colvile was Winston Churchill
    palace staff spoke of rumours that Blunt would share little boys with the queen mother,
    and she was a blood drinker in the old jewish ritual fashion
    and even if this is untrue, what were royals doing mixing with low down scum like this ?

  3. When u look at the ammount of depravity these so called elites are into then it cannot be far from the truth that they are worshipping gods from the underworld and that they are real and as gods has given them a certain ammount of power to keep these things hidden from us and blessed them financially as their main god somehow has been connected to money since the beginning of time.He has been keeping his servants propped up where he needs them to be all over the world as long as they tow the line of pedophelia ,child sacrifice,blood drinking etc. Molog seems to be a reality but the curtains are coming down all over the place and roaches like prince Andrew, now exposed for who and what he is pedophile satanist.Are we now to accept this way or are we going to remove this evil.I believe we are being aclimitised to accept this behaviour and join in, there are no more good people left to stand up against this evil.They do some damage control but the show goes on.We deserve our fate.Our rulers mostly demons in the flesh ancestral blood liniage going back to the celtics and Baal worshippers of old.They are controlled by demons, lusts of the flesh love of money and power.Perfect tools for Satan to push his New World Order.We will do nothing about it we are weak and controlled robots.We accept our fate.Satanism will become more pervasive and extreme very soon.They are spending billions promoting this agenda homsexuality transgender etc. big part of this, and its the way forward.Unless we take a stand based on something good we cannot defeat evil.Evil will win.

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  5. Thank you, Jerry, for your very accurate, succinct analysis. That’s why it’s going to ultimately require Divine intervention to divide the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the fares. Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus! We who are Yours will continue to relentlessly fight the good fight of faith until that Blessed Day!

  6. The elites have long been slaves to the devil. From Egypt through Babylon, Rome, they hijack governments religions institutions. They can be recognized as lying hypocrites and oppressors of the weak and poor. They are more repugnant than the filthiest animal. It’s time to accept being called an antisemite, that should be a honor and compliment for humanity.

  7. Am I antisemitic?

    Questions to the Masters of Discourse (JOOGLE, JouTube, faceGook, TWEETER, the ADL, the SPLC, B’Nai Brith, the JDL, etc…)

    1) If I generally refer to the mainstream media as Shitstream Media, and detest it to the point where I smash TV sets everywhere I go: especially the ones that have CNN on, Anderson Pooper, Wolf Glitzer, Sean Inanity or Rachel Madcow, the list is too long…

    Am I antisemitic?

    2) If I sincerely despise the arbitrary decision makers and force-paid sluts who go around shutting down great internet platforms, websites, YouTube channels, demonetizing good content providers, downgrading them, lying about the real reasons for punishing them, shadow-banning so many, discrediting the work and creativity of countless contributors towards a more enlightened society, erasing their posts and comments, waging a war on truth…

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    3) If I passionately loathe the owners and operators of the Federal Reserve, all the Central Bankers and their military industrial death complex with their totalitarian surveillance and police state…

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    Am I antisemitic?

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