Why people in the West have no revolutionary potential

Jabardadi – July 1, 2017

9 responses to “Why people in the West have no revolutionary potential”

  1. Well, isn’t that the truth, the world is turning onto jewish pussies, ready to get fucked atany time.

  2. The commentator unfortunately doesn’t understand the real crisis at all.

    He says the elites nurtured obedient cattle in the course of 70 years.

    Try 2,000 years.

    The actual reason the West has no spine is their Jewish religion that infects their hearts, minds, and sous. The West was built on fable of Christ and eternal salvation by a Jewish man. All were taught to be obedient to God the higher authority. Everyone was forced to bend a knee to this earthly authority which claimed godly authority.

    Self rule and self ownership self autonomy was tossed to the winds and the Christian slave religion was made universal. Everyone became a soulless Borg, the body of Christ.

    Huge purges and burnings got rid of any dissent down to the last man or woman. The monolithic state took over the monoltheistic religions which are now engaged in endless wars of dominance using the fearful enslaved populations as tank fodder.

    What is left is a completely confused horde of Zombified citizens, unable to grasp the fundamental reality of self. There is no authority outside of self, external authority is the fiction of church and state.

    If you want proof of what I am saying is the absolute truth about humanity just look at the reaction of a deer being roped vs. a human being arrested. The deer will bite, kick, jump. run and maintain it’s sovereignty while the human will submit and voluntarily allow the cop (paid predator of the state) to place shackles on the slave.

    No tribal Celt or Goth would have ever allowed that. Wild is gone, humans are now domesticated and controlled and thus spiritually dead.

  3. I live in Idaho. Don’t see any of this shit around here and you never will. If a bunch of sand niggers were to grab women and try to rape them the guns would come out. Most people are armed and you see lots of open carry. Europe is full of pussies and not the female kind. Give up your guns and you give up your freedom.

  4. Well, there is much truth in Fursov’s words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSE3KUDbLLM

  5. With the “social insurance” scheme in the 30’s, the “PERSON/legal fiction/estate” i.e. the ALL CAPS NAME was introduced. Its ONLY the fiction, the so called (((government))) have jurisdiction over, NOT THE MAN OR THE WOMEN. If the brain dead masses could get that through their thick skulls, this would never have gone this horribly bad
    A man (de)fends himself, a braindead, pussyfied nitwit call the (((cop))).
    No one needs to accept (((their))) rights, we have our freedom. No PERSON can carry a vapon (by legal definition a device meant cause harm), but a MAN/WOMEN can carry protective belongings, which is his/her PROPERTY ((KEY DEFINITION).
    How do people loose custody of thier kids? They (((rigister))) them as chattel i.e. “children” at birth. This chattel is monetised through securisation, for astronomical amounts, check your birth certificate CUSIP number and run on fidelity.com (there is a specific sequence that must be followed in order to see the results).

  6. Well I just think that there is still a lot of comfort or at least a perception of comfort, mixed with copious brainwashing issuing from the television, which, sadly people mistake for freedom and thus there is not the disatisfaction required to fire the revolutionary spirit. It takes an empty belly to agitate a man.

  7. In Russian you can criticise things like the Western establishment assault on family values and our entire sexual deviancy agenda, which is commendable, but if as a Russia you start criticizing Russia’s political agenda too loudly, you had better watch out. However, it still appears to be a far better system for freedom of speech in operation than in most nations in the West, because in Russia the people do not pretend the have complete freedom of speech like we do. In fact, it is because of Russia’s leadership on issues regarding the sovereignty and self-determination of nations in the context of the rule of law, and their efforts to protect their nation from Western subversion through sanctions, military threats, and the influx of foreign (((money))) to make their nation a vassal of the Western banking cartel and multinationals, that their managing of media content is more palatable than all of the mainstream fake news of the West.

    To say that we in the West lack the revolutionary spirit, the Russian speaker is way off base. As history tells us, particularly for the West, when things reach a critical mass there is always a revolution. For many right now, it they had an army they would simply use it, forgetting about due process of laws which are either contrary to our values or simply not effective. However, the majority of the people in the West have been completely brainwashed, dumbed down and fragmented mainly by the media, and they have no real centre are deathly afraid of making things even economically more tenuous and unstable. They swim in a sea of fantasy and bullshit, and have become a most dangerous lot. They lack integrity, inner strength and a strong common identity. They lack any real desire anymore for the truth, making them apt to follow their corrupt and sociopathic leaders into extinction through infertility, hedonism, and/or a nuclear war.

  8. Abrahamism will be the end of the so-called West. Dump the desert demon and return to Midgard!

  9. What’s next? Assuming you made a revolution… they will crawl back and infest you. The next question is how to keep a revolution and expand it and make it impregnable. What is the art of remaining ever vigilant? Jews had a long time to perfect their art, they are Satan’s chosen people. I would say “only” God’s next chosen people can hold themselves against them.