The US Gifted China to the USSR – Dec 10, 2019 

The Pro-Western and Christian China of the Chiang Kai Shek nationalist government was defeated by a Crypto Communist Western ZOG which cut off their supplies while the Soviet poured arms and ammunition to their Communist guerrilla army in China and creature Mao Ze Dong (the greatest genocider of all time).
The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism. Controlled by Freemasons, the US has been Communist for some time.

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Thank you for posting Brendon’s essay, China is Rothschild Model for NWO
In putting together the world hegemon, China and the establishment of Communist China by US ZOG under Soviet control should never be lost sight of. The Judaic Supremacy, of course, owns all the ZOGs East and West through its Global Banking Cartel.
But the Communist takeover of China is especially instructive because of the starring role given to President Harry S. Truman a 33rd Degree Mason and his brother Masons and Bonesmen in the high-ranking military and Dept. of State.
Nationalist China under the Chiang government was an ally of the United States in World War II.

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3 responses to “The US Gifted China to the USSR”

  1. In W W 2 Churchill gave the UK to the american banks in exchange for 50 W W 1 destroyers, this is now why we are a country under occupation, with US bases with nukes we cant use without the US codes which we do not have.
    Nevile Chamberlian had a peace treaty with Hitler which he thought we would keep
    we should have listened to Chamberlian and kept out of the war
    but the bastard churchill was brought in by the jews for another war, the same way they brought out the psychopathic cretin Tony Blair for a war on the people of iraq and all for the jews, every war our boys fight is for the jews, well many folk are now saying NO MORE WARS FOR JEWS

  2. During WW II US was supporting corrupt Chiang Kai Shek’s (CKS) nationalist government. CKS was only there to keep his armies as reserve for after WWII, without real fighting against the Japanese who had occupied large parts of China.

    CKS was fully taking advantage of corrupt Roosevelt which was only interested in setting up a “united nations” organisation including China as soon WW II was over.
    CKC personally has been contrary in many cases TO the US at many times.

    We might remember how CKS hated the great US Army General Stilwell, who spoke fluent Chinese, knew China very well and did great work before and during WW II and finally Roosevelt under permanent pressure of CKS gave in to fire the great General Stilwell (“Uncle Joe” for the troops and “Vinegar Joe” for the rest) from his position in SE Asia. General Stilwell was a danger for CKS for he pressed CKS to drill and train his armies for fighting the Japanese occupiers.
    But he avoided action and refused and had to get rid of Stilwell. Roosevelt gave in to CKS.

    So, CKS and his armies were not fighting the Japanese & communists (only sporadically) and he was planning and speculating the US Military would do the job for (him) KCS’s China against the Japanese. A pity for him but after the approach of Japan by US Military via the Pacific and defeated Japan, it was not necessary anymore to enter China as the route to fight Japanese forces. CKS had never the intentions to fight the Japanese. BTW he had his education in the past in Japan, also military education.

    And so CKS had become redundant for US.
    CKS and his “queen” wife must have been disillusioned.

    IMO, CKS is the reason why China had finally fallen into the hands of the Communists for his avoidance of confronting the very good organised, disciplined and trained Communists in his own country and secondly his plans to become the “new emperor of China” by passively waiting with his disorganised armies for US to fight China’s war against Japan in China so he and his armies could take the full reign of “his” China when that job was done.

  3. IMO, the US did not gifted China to the USSR.
    After beating NAZI Germany by USSR in Europe, USSR had as agreed in Teheran 1943 now more material to attack Japan at its eastern borders and to beat the hell out of them.
    USSR have been training and supporting the “communists” at that time to throw the Japanese out of Russia and far away from its borders. The same way as in Europe.

    The Chinese Nationalists had to blame themselves. US had no influence on CKS, the US had been played as a kind of puppet – master by CKS.