Brendon O’Connell – China is Rothschild’s Model for NWO – Dec 9, 2019 

As far as Brendon O’Connell is concerned, the question is, who owns China? Not if China owns Australia. The whole world has been “gifted” to China, not by Satanists, but by the Rothschilds who own it. Israel’s role is to facilitate this. 
“Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and ongoing occupation of the US body politik by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia, then ALL becomes clear.”

by Brendon O’Connell – ( 

Who owns China? People have it the wrong way around. That’s the question to ask.
China is backward. They, like Russia, could not design a toilet seat. Everything they have they got handed to them by Soviet/Rothschild agents.
Their factories are “dumped”, almost fully built, by technology from the US, Germany, UK and places like Denmark and Sweden. Now, it’s mostly Israel – thanks to Trumps tariffs and embargoes.
The current China technology build up is a gift from Israel – the Soviet era backdoor into the United States. Rothschild’s personal bunker where the new world order program tactical aspects are planned away from MI5 and MI6, CIA and FBI counter intelligence.
Go to You Tube and search HARRY DEXTER WHITE. Who is he? In the age of Q Drops and Alex Jones, a whole new generation is clueless of history and the levels of Soviet – Rothschild – penetration of the highest levels of the US government under Roosevelt (who was clueless like Trump) and it has never stopped.

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4 responses to “Brendon O’Connell – China is Rothschild’s Model for NWO”

  1. Mao Zedong was visisted by Rothschild, who promised him he would get china with help
    Mao was a untalented little known rabble rouser until the jews got him, a bit like Winston Churchill, Mao had onlya small amount of internal sopport
    Rothchild said to him he must take Tibet for all the gold in the monasteries and the mineral wealth and land for chinese expansion.
    He said look when jews moved in and took palestine in 1948 the world let it happen
    they did nothing, and they wont when you take Tibet.
    And so it was.

  2. Can someone tell me Mao’s real surname? For decades it was Tse Tung, then suddenly, just like Tut Ankh Amen morphing into Tootenkarmooon, Tse Tung became Zedong.

    It’s as if (((someone))) is trying to destroy all thoughts of continuity by continually re-naming people, places, diseases and practically everything else.

    Could it be that at some point in the future, Mao is planned to “split in two”, with Tse Tung denounced as an evil dictator, while Zedong morphs into some great hero?

    Not really a trivial question after all when we consider the possible long-term implications.

  3. Intuitively this makes sense. What we really need are banking experts that can completely deconstruct the Russian and Chinese banking systems and join up the dots to the usual suspects.

    The communist Mao replaced nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek. The latter was an advocate of Henry George’s land tax that was the paradigm challenging western economic thought towards the end of the nineteenth century; sometimes called “Ricardian Socialism” because of the understanding of the unique factor of land as a factor of production – (Ricardo’s “Law of Rent”) – and the proper base for taxation for the public exchequer.

    The land tax was carried out in Taiwan where Chiang Kai-shek lead the nationalist Chinese from. Both Marxism in Asia and the neoliberal advocates of (monopoly) have capitalism conflated land with capital and helped obfuscate economic thought (deliberately) for over a hundred years.

  4. Doesn’t compute Henry with the banksters actions in Hong Kong.
    So stop pushing their narratives on China.
    It is no secret China is serious competition for the western banksters and the extradition order was placed to start arresting their lackeys trying to subvert Chinese business on the mainland.
    It had nothing to do in reality with a murderer from Taiwan.
    The world is moving into four quadrants. Russian, Chinese, US/west and the non aligned.
    To even suggest China is an usher of the NWO which it constantly has fought is ridiculous. Xi has even said neoliberalism will not be part of China’s future. Putin says the NWO is dead and trump shrugged agreeable.
    Sorry to disappoint but that technology you speak of is now China’s it bought the patents when they ran out and the west did it gladly for greed.
    Yes Israel has sold some US tech to China however China has developed it and made it its own which now, doesn’t resemble that original technology to begin with and has no back doors for Israeli access.
    One of the great autonomous nationalist states sits right in front of your eyes and you can’t see it. All roads lead to Babylon not China grow the f up.
    Got to ride the anti China rhetoric to keep fear alive for the bucks?. How jew. Yeah Happy surfin you’re beyond your swell capability now.