Never Trumper Rick Wilson Suggests Putting Anti-Vaxxers in “Re-Education Camps”

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Dec 9, 2019

Neo-Con Republican strategist and Never Trumper Rick Wilson has suggested that anti-vaxxers should be put in re-education camps and have their children taken away.

Yes, really.

Wilson was responding to an NBC News story about how people who question the safety of vaccines are now taking their fight “offline” due to mass censorship by the likes of Facebook and are “harassing doctors and private citizens.”

“Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” responded Wilson.

The tweet received nearly 8,000 likes.

One could make the argument that anti-vaxxers are pushing harmful misinformation, but to suggest they should have their kids seized and put in gulags is clearly demented.

Respondents to the tweet were not impressed.

“Like China is doing to the Uyghur?” asked one.

“You should definitely visit the @AuschwitzMuseum because a place like that was only possible thanks to people who think like you,” remarked another.

While Wilson purports to be a conservative, he is in reality a deep state neo-con who has trashed President Trump for 3 years solid.


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8 responses to “Never Trumper Rick Wilson Suggests Putting Anti-Vaxxers in “Re-Education Camps””

  1. Quote:Rick Wilson Suggests Putting Anti-Vaxxers in “Re-Education Camps”
    &……..Above the gate of this camp, will be in big letters, Arbeit Macht Frei !
    First barracks will be the gas chambers for those ant-ivaxxers..
    All under supervision of pro-Vaxx SS-Gestapo Sonderkommand ??
    Sieg Heil Rick !

  2. Try some real history!

  3. Just keep parroting the inane “Vaccines are safe and effective” even though VAERS has paid out over $4 BILLION through a kangaroo court that most people, including DOCTORS, don’t know exists.It’s estimated that only 1% of injuries are reported, why? Because doctors are NOT educated on vaccines, or even nutrition. The stupidity of injecting neurotoxic heavy metal adjuvants into your body is absurd, yet its merely one strand of the insanity that is our fear-mongered propagandized world. Look behind the curtain, read Dissolving Illusions, or any of the literature available that reveals the truth.

  4. The level of complete clinical stupidity is just awe-striking.
    This putative Wilsonian reprobate believes that mandating criminally and fraudulently procured vaccines using the threat of prison is an appropriate approach to health. The stupid!
    He shrieks anti-vax when the families are simply rejecting fraudulent research, improperly approved products, mass felonies and serial felony murders in the present vaccine program. They would probably line-up for vaccines that were actually safe and effective products, but the dummies have screwed the pooch and now the vaccine program in its present form has to be shut down. Sorry for your incompetence, untruthfulness, criminality and recklessness, but facts are facts and they are not on your side.
    To wit, likely unbeknowst to Mr. Wilson (it would otherwise be outside the character of a neocon, wouldn’t it?), pushes serial murder with the MMR vaccine which was improperly approved, unsafe (at any speed) and clearly is the principal cause of the autism epidemic (GI tract infections caused by the MMR vaccine have been shown to be principally responsible for autism spectrum disorder symptoms in patients identified with such symptoms after receiving the vaccine).
    A review of the 1978 FDA approval of the MMR vaccine evidences that the approval was criminally and fraudulently procured. Of the mere 808 subjects tested (to be used in hundreds of millions of children) for a mere seven weeks with the vaccine, 64% contracted a respiratory infection and 43% contracted a GI tract infection. How this vaccine could possibly have been approved with the results obtained evidences why the FDA has such a poor reputation and should be reorganized.
    Ten years after the MMR approval, Dr. Andrew Wakefield researched a number of children whose parents complained about autistic symptoms just after receiving the MMR vaccine. His results, published in The Lancet, evidenced that the very GI tract infections that were a red flag during the felony FDA approval process of the vaccine 10 years before were strongly indicated to be responsible for the autism symptoms the children were contracting after vaccination. Dr. Wakefield, merely suggesting further research into this area, was summarily dismissed from National Health Services (NHS) and attacked mercilessly to this day. The history and character of those who attacked him were as Orwellian as the very attacks.
    Fortunately, Dr. Wakefield is a man of god and truth and continues to fight for the kids to this day.
    Two recent documenaries VAXXED and VAXXED2 (search duckduckgo) catalog Dr. Wakefield’s inquisition by the corrupt medical establishment.
    We note that while Mr. Wilson wants to imprison anyone with common sense who has competently researched this issue and who wishes to protect their children from the prospect of felony assault, Russian roulette and felony murder from the MMR vaccine, the people he defames and libels by calling them anti-vaxxers merely wish to be left alone and to provide for the health of their children.
    Far be it for Mr. Wilson to simply understand that the deaths from the MMR vaccine to measles runs at more than 10:1 and most cases of measles are resolved readily with a few days bed rest and small dosages of Vitamin A (cod liver oil). It is the very reason why mothers gave their children cod liver oil- to boost immunity and prevent or attenuate any measles infections.
    The level of ignorance is sometimes difficult to fathom.
    Often tyranny emerges from sheer stupidity.
    Mr. Wilson is a case in point.

  5. When we clean out the (((Marxists))) and their tools for good, will it be Russia dealing with Europe and Americans cleansing America AND Canada?

    Whatever the case, our troops must never again be expected to fight or die for nothing, or for some cheap medal. No! They will be rewarded with some of the conquered land. And women!

  6. German concentration camps originally were for reeducation and to teach work ethics. They were modeled on English concentration camps used during Boer war bur without the English defects that caused so much misery. The German camps were an intermediate place between prison and civilian life. In other words they are reasonable if done right. They do not work if they are run by leftist ideologues like communists or libtards. We actually need camps for people like Rick Wilson, so they can be dedicated in facts instead of emotion. But then again there is probably something wrong with his brain function. It would take some effort for him to graduate out of the camp.

  7. Or, send them to Palestine. No need to invoke “Auschwitz.”

  8. Impeding on corporate wealth is a crime.