Shalom – Tommy Robinson’s Upcoming Documentary on “Anti-Semitism”

Renegade Tribune – Dec 8, 2019

Tommy Robinson has produced another groundbreaking documentary, says the promotional blurb for Robinson’s latest documentary. It is a story that will shock the world. The globalist corporatist mainstream media have not dared to report on an ever-growing and dangerous reality, the reality of life as a visible Jew in London. Click to enlarge


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10 responses to “Shalom – Tommy Robinson’s Upcoming Documentary on “Anti-Semitism””

  1. Robinson is a much used name by jews
    Tony Robinson =time team a hard left wing jew
    Nick robinson = BBC head of politics and rumoured at vanesa feltz parties to be an alleged boy-nobber
    David Robinson = heads a team which writes ” blond jokes” to make fun of Brits
    he also looks on facebook to get people banned for making coments about jews
    Tommy Robinson user of 5 aliases tries to make war on the muslims that were brought into the country by the very jews he supports, along with jewess jayda frantzen
    Look if you dont like this country or its people, leave.

  2. The “drinking class” pied piper…

  3. Is Paul Golding a crypto Jew?

  4. Why should they worry all that where interviewed on this show look like white people I couldn’t tell the difference they just have to not say that they are jewish and they will get away with it. Its we the brown the black that are in danger we cant pass for anything else except foreigners. Tommy Robinson is get g paid of butt fucked or paied and butt fucked depending on the person.

  5. Hiw low will they go?

  6. Paulette is correct….usually Robinson is a name used by Jews… is probably an anglicised version of Rubenstein or a similar sounding Jewish name.
    A plus point is the fact that crypto jew infiltrators are usually recognised these days thanks to the internet.That club footed creep Goebbels would not be able to get away with the deception these days.
    Speaking of deception….Finland has elected a new Prime Minister “Marin”….without doubt a jewess.So Finland can look forward to INCREASED third world immigration and the Finnish lower class being under sustained pressure…..the ONLY thing going for Finland is its climate.
    Finns can expect attacks on gun ownership,increased incidences of rape….all the usual benefits of Jewish multiculturalism…..
    Finns would be well advised to start hiding their Sako’s before the police come knocking.(In NZ there is resistance to the Labour Zio-Partys new gun laws based on the orchestrated mosque attack)

  7. I thought he was dodgy from day one. Twat.

  8. And then there is Nigel Farage and Katy Hopkins!

  9. Paul Robinson is a UK gov asset . I remember when the BNP were making significant political gains under Griffin, along comes Robinson’s EDL who waist no time in nailing their colours to the BNP mast. The rest is history. I also don’t believe the abuse he suffered by Muslims when he was in a UK prison, Robinson was most likely sat with his feet up in comfort in a safe house with lots of amenities. Anyone who gets airtime on A Js Infowars and goes touring around Palestine with minders has to be a Jewish asset.

  10. The most privileged, pampered, powerful, wealthy and protected ethnic group in every country they infest. Was there really anyone who didn’t know that Tommy Robinson was a shabby Shabbos Goy. It’s just taken a while for him to fully come out and show who’s paying his bills.