Corbyn, Uriel Da Costa and the Meaning of ‘Real Apology

Gilad Atzmon – Dec 8, 2019

 Once every day, a Labour official offers a grovelling apology to the Jewish community, but for some peculiar reason its leaders seem unforgiving.  They don’t take Corbyn‘s expressions of remorse seriously. Today’s attempt to appease his party’s detractors was made by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on Andrew Marr’s show, it was: “we’ve done everything, I think, we can possibly do. We’ve apologised to the Jewish community”.

So far, nothing seems to have worked. If the Labour party is to be forgiven by the ‘Jewish community,’ it must perform an authentic act of total humiliation and the sooner it occurs, the better, as electionday is just a few days away.
Therefore,  I suggest that Corbyn, his shadow chancellor and any other person who contemplates becoming involved in British politics learn some basic Jewish history and in particular. the horrendous and tragic story  of Jewish philosopher Uriel Da Costa .
Uriel Da Costa, (born in 1585-1590), was a Jewish rationalist who became a symbol among Jews and others of one martyred by the intolerance of rabbinical zeal.
Da Costa was the scion of an aristocratic family of Marranos (Spanish and Portuguese Jews forcibly converted to Roman Catholicism). Initially, he studied canon law and became the treasurer of a collegiate church. Da Costa questioned the salvation depicted by the Roman Catholic church. In his search for authentic meaning and spirit, he turned to the Old Testament. He then converted to Judaism and convinced his close family to adopt his new/old religion. At the age of 22, Da Costa fled with his family from Porto, Portugal to Amsterdam.
Da Costa soon found that the form of Judaism that prevailed in Amsterdam had little to do with the Bible or with rational or analytical thinking and had much to do with an elaborate structure based on rabbinic legislation (Talmud). Being philosophically inclined, he formulated 11 theses (1616) attacking Rabbinic Judaism as non-biblical, for which he was excommunicated by the Rabbinical institutions.

Da Costa next composed a larger work condemning rabbinic Judaism and denying the immortality of the soul (1623–24). In a path that may remind some of life in contemporary Orwellian Britain, the Amsterdam magistracy arrested Da Costa, fined him and deprived him of his books.
In 1640, after years of ostracism which he could hardly bear,  Da Costa made a public recantation. In response, the community’s leaders choreographed an exceptionally cruel and humiliating rite. As described by the Israeli Museum of the Jewish People: “In a ceremony in the Great Synagogue of Amsterdam, da Costa was first forced to confess his sins, then endure 39 lashes, and finally to lie on the (synagogue) threshold and let the entire crowd step over his body.”
Da Costa never recovered from the barbarian ritual. A few months later he shot himself in the head in the middle of the street.
If Corbyn, his shadow cabinet or anyone else within the Labour party is interested in forgiveness, the road is open for them to undergo Urial Da Costa’s experience.
However, some major categorical differences between Da Costa and Labour politicians must be examined before such a development matures into a televised spectacle. While Da Costa was an exquisite free thinker who served as an inspiration to the great Baruch Spinoza (who was subjected to similar Rabbinical malevolence just a few years later), Labour’s leadership isn’t exactly an intellectual collective. Their contribution to authentic thinking and freedom of thought is currently in the red.  Unlike the sensitive Da Costa who couldn’t bear the humiliation and ended his life under tragic circumstances, Corbyn and the Labour elite are more than likely to survive such a humiliating scenario, they may even enjoy it. Like most British politicians, they long ago lost contact with the  concepts of dignity and pride.



Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

3 responses to “Corbyn, Uriel Da Costa and the Meaning of ‘Real Apology”

  1. So the British election is now all about the Jewish people, like they are the only ones who matter? What ever happened to the Brexit issue?

    However, if the control by the Jewish establishment of the Brit financial system, the media, and foreign policy is a central issue, then why cannot they take some heat for the problems? Forget the holocaust. Whether the numbers were exaggerated or not, Brits were on the other side and bled and died fighting the Nazis. If the underlying issue is about the concentration and consolidation of money and power by an international exclusive group exploiting the nation, then the dumbed-down natives ought to least debate the issue. But even if that was the case, the people can’t do that. It would be hate mongering and impolite, no matter what Britain’s owners and elites have done and continue to do. Therefore, they must get a free pass, lest someone be offended, regardless of what the truth may be. Obviously, the Brits have lost their character.

  2. How long is this going to go on? Come on people, come on Brits: Jews can not keep fooling all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later the people will catch on to the game. Remember Hitler showed us the way, all we need now is someone like him to implement his policies.

  3. Andrew Marr the exceptionally weird BBC interviewer is….guess what….a jew (like the confectionery billionaires Mars….as in Mars Bar)…..sorry you wont be reading that fact anywhere in the media….after all the Jews DO actually control the Western media.
    Surprising as it may seem…but Johnston,Corbyn and the garralous windbag Farage are ALSO Jewish….its the same set up in the US… whomever wins the US presidential election,one thing is for sure those billions of dollars of American taxpayers money will continue to be deposited in Tel Aviv banks every year,year in year out….as “aid” to a country with a higher per capita income than the donor country…..a superb swindle but not on par with the Holocaust boondoggle. (Incidently Pelosi has,in recent weeks,been claiming to be Catholic…..she is about as “Catholic” as Madeline Albright the atrocious hag from the other side of hell)