Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.

AnalistReview – Feb 14, 2014

10 responses to “Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.”

  1. Omega magazine ran several articles with photos
    of pre teen and teenage arab boys kept naked in israeli steel cages
    they were abused and used by homosexuals.
    The IDF kidnap arab children and force them to become informers
    under these threats they get beatings rapings electrocutions and other tortures,
    any deaths that occur the families are denied the bodies.
    One boy was age 8

  2. Isn’t that what “civilized society” calls “Israel has the right to defend itself”?

    Discusting and I am so sad for the poor children kidnapped by the brave and gratious soldiers of the Army of the Chosen Ones.

    May our Lord finally moves his Hand into the right direction to save our children, our future from the IDF zionist Army.

    I pray to God He will bless the Children of Palestine and protect them from this Evil.

  3. I wish somebody would tell tjhe World who “God ” is! Who.or what is this whgatever is this “God” – for God;;s sake?
    Read The BIBLE UNEARTHED by Israel Finkelstein. asap.
    For God’s sake, what gives thes fools the right to say that “God” said anything ?

  4. ps. God cannot choose anyone! God is Infinite compassion, Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Power.
    The poor Jews have not the faintest idea of what they call “God ” is! Silly, foolish, deluded and USED by their “leaders” How can anyone be this stupid?
    And, by the way, the ancient place called israel never had any Jews in it. There were no Jews or even Hebrews in that little kingdom” NONE. Watch some of the great archaelogists of the World discussing this.

  5. Israeli soldiers are so “brave” when they face children are they not? But when it’s Hezbollah they get their asses kicked and piss their diapers.

  6. I’ve seen so much ,i can’t bare to watch. But I’m thankful the truth is being told

  7. So different from the Tommy Robinson documentary.

  8. Jews have this inner hatred and fear that is their curse. Sorry Zionists cuse there are jews who will not accept an Israeli passport they are in yemen and they people of the book. The ones that are in Israel most are filled with hate. The children are very brave and the ones that die go to heaven but the aggressors when they die they go to hell so don’t cry for Palestine cry for Israel and it’s people.

  9. This is the same prevailing evil spirit that ruled Bolshevik Russia. They are mostly east Europeans with no connection to the ME.

  10. Australia does similar with young Australian aboriginals in the Northern Territory well documented.
    When societies claim transitioning an animal is animal abuse yet doesn’t react in unison when a child is transitioned then a child is just a thing and validates that society’s judifriedation(yes I made it up in reference to subversion and corruption). Greta a perfect example.
    Israel is monster when people let monsters slide they become the monsters themselves. Look at Australia perfect example of hypocrisy.