Reddit Bans Users for Telling the Truth

Kit Knightly — Dec

Last week (November 27th), at a press conference, Jeremy Corbyn unveiled dozens of leaked documents. Documents showing that Boris Johnson – and the Tories in general – are lying when they say there are no plans to open up the NHS to US trade.

This means, not only that the NHS is in danger of further privatisation and/or ruinously expensive deals with American Big Pharma, but that the Prime Minister and many other Tory MPs (and Donald Trump) have been caught out in a deliberate lie. A big one.

This has got less play than it should in the mainstream media – more than you’d think, but less than it should. (A sign that a hung parliament may be the aim of the exercise, or an indication that some splits or indecision in the Deep State ranks).

Nobody has ever claimed these documents are fake. Their content is not disputed.

…and yet Reddit has banned the accounts associated with posting links to the documents.

They’re not illegal, nor is there any evidence they were obtained through the committing of a crime. They don’t contain hate speech, or threats of violence. In short, Reddit banned posters for nothing more than posting something real, true and important.

Why? Because they might be Russian [our emphasis]:

We were recently made aware of a post on Reddit that included leaked documents from the UK. We investigated this account and the accounts connected to it and today we believe this was part of a campaign that has been reported as originating from Russia.

Not even because they ARE definitively Russian – which would be bad enough – but because they believe them to be.

It needs to be underlined – nobody is refuting the contents of the leaks. They are real. But we’re being told that doesn’t matter.

In that way it perfectly mirrors “Russiagate” as an assault on public reason. Just like the DNC/Clinton emails, we are being fed this idea that where a document comes from is somehow more important than what it says.

This is all based on a report from Ben Nimmo, which claims that the leakers are “likely Russian” and use “techniques associated with Russia”. Citing “grammatical errors” and the fact the accounts were new and had very little activity on them.

Burner accounts and spelling mistakes. That’s it, that’s all the evidence. Seriously. Read it yourself.

The Daily Beast and The Guardian both have stories covering this, and they both gently massage the truth in the exact same way.

They claim the report comes from Graphika, an analytics firm, and they credit Ben Nimmo as “head of investigations”. But neither of them mentions that Ben Nimmo also works for the Atlantic Council

The Atlantic Council is an NGO that receives funding from a very predictable list of “contributors”, including both the US Department of State and the UK Foreign Office.

Obviously, that means this “report” poses a massive conflict of interest.

Nimmo actually has an infamous record of attacking people who oppose US Imperial interests. Including many false allegations of being a “Russian bot”.

He’s previously gone after note-worthy voices in the alternative media and a world-renowned concert pianist. All of whom are very definitely real people, and all of whom he accused of being bots.

Reddit likewise has form when it comes to toeing the US government line, and a past record of censorship, having previously “quarantined” 9/11 discussion under the guise of “combatting misinformation”.

To sum up then:

  • The leaked documents are all genuine, nobody disputes that
  • They catch both the UK AND US governments in an embarrassing lie
  • A man who is paid by both those governments has released a report attempting to discredit the leak
  • Reddit has banned users based on this report

When you look at like that, it becomes obvious this is an exercise in government censorship, with an NGO front-man and a corporate proxy inserted to hide the core truth of the matter.

Reddit have made it plain: They will ban people who tell the truth, if that truth is inconvenient to the state.

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7 responses to “Reddit Bans Users for Telling the Truth”

  1. The Atlantic Council is also a supporter of NATO. This article shows that all Silicon Valley Tech giants and their many applications (surely Reddit is one of those) can do whatever they want to control the information and control the Narrative (MSM propaganda/disinformation). Also with top-notch programmers and IT specialists, any digital information can be made to appear from anywhere. NSA/CIA (American) stuff can look like it came from China / Russia / Ukraine, etc. and vice-versa. also add the fact that they are all doing it: USA, Russia, China, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.. Lastly, an app like Wikipedia says you can add your facts to any data on the site, but it is then filtered by proofreaders for accuracy and truth. This of course is highly subjective and who’s truth is it or what is the slant of Wikipedia. Why do you thing Russia is joining China in starting their own apps for many things like search engines (Yandex) or their own version of Wikipedia. Besides, colleges and universities do not allow Wikipedia to be used as a reference source for research and writing papers.

  2. The fact is UK doctors already work for the US pharmaceutical industry
    your doctor is there to give you pills not cure you
    e g he is a drug pusher,
    Real doctors get murdered, big pharma does not want to cure heart disease or cancer
    they are there to make money not cure people.
    Rothschild and rockefeller ( rockenfelder ) are the dirty jews to whom no amount of money is enough

  3. If a politician wants to make carreer in hisher metier heshe start blaming Russia for all their faults.
    And very important for heshe is to massage le peuple by blaming Russia for everything wrong in the country.

    One day these politicians are crying for help from Russia to save their miserable lives created by the same Israel Firsters-politicians instead of taking care of their own people.

    Russia is not the enemy.

  4. A vote for the Tory Party is a vote for globalism by stealth. Johnson is a globalist who has sold the UK down the river. The EU is merely an arm of the New World Order which desires the removal of sovereign nations and with it their cultures. What will remain is a hotch potch of nationalities herded together in mega cities. Meanwhile countryside dwellers will see their service providers doing their best to price residents out of the country and into the cities where they can be controlled. This is Agenda 21/30. The public must resist this end game no matter who is elected in December.

  5. Labour started the sell off of the NHS under Blair’s PFI continued by the Tories!
    I would vote for NONE of the 3 Zionist parties being put before me in My constituency Lib/Lab and especially Con have been run by the Zionists for decades!! We are, through our antiquated corrupt to the core ‘electoral system’ a 3 party communist state!! I hope the Brexit Party gets some seats to get balance of power to give us what WE THE PEOPLE voted for 3 and half F’ING YEARS AGO

    black gangs claim they run the capital
    threats to cause more london race riots have meant the police have become afraid to act
    Police = not fit for purpose