No Matter What System of Faith you Follow, There is ONLY ONE GOD

Visible Origami – Dec 7, 2019

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We think we know how our lives are going to go. We imagine we’re that character in the Invictus poem. Philosophers have argued about the questions of Free Will and Fate, since philosophers first set down on this sweet swinging sphere and that was a good long while ago. It’s scarcely the length of a dinosaur fart in real time but… given the importance we place upon ourselves, it seems longer, though it’s only nine generations and change since this country was founded. Then again, I suppose it depends on the math you employ. As consistent as math is supposed to be, there are wide variances, depending on who is doing the calculating.
The climate changeatologists have had their math refuted by their own math and that hasn’t stopped them one bit. Now they got a moon-faced Gretatard; Alfred E. Neuman’s soul mate and they don’t even need math anymore, all they need is a grimacing, helicoptered kitty cat, being upset about it and you got flash mobs everywhere. It’s starting to look like nobody likes anybody else anymore and the only ones who agree with each other and temporarily get along, are those who hate everyone else.
Despite the horrors visited upon the residents of this planet by Communism and it’s having failed miserably at every attempt, there are presently scads of people who think it would make a good replacement, for whatever it is we are using now. It’s clear as mud that those who advocate for Godless Communism know next to nothing about what it is comprised of. What it is, is a political system invented by Tribe Members for the personal profit of Tribe Members.
Here’s how that works out; in the system we have now, people still have a say in how things go. In a Communist system, ONLY those in positions of power decide how it goes. In Soviet Russia, the Tribe Members who ran the show and made up the majority of the secret police, killed and tortured tens of millions of people. This is all a matter of the historical record. Members of The Tribe, in positions of power in the west, strenuously object to this being true because the Truth is Anti-Semitic. The good news is that almost none of them are Semitic. The Semitic people are the ones being genocided in Palestine.
President Trump has bent himself into a twisted origami of himself, seeking to please Middle Eastern land grabbers and has only achieved the collective hate of the land grabbers relatives in the United States. Although they make up a tiny amount of the population of the country, the lawmakers and lawyers attacking him and the witnesses against him, make up the majority of his feral opponents.
Meanwhile a rag tag army of college students and sexual minorities are given their marching orders by professors and professionals, who are in the employ of George Soros, who was directly engaged in getting Bwak! Obama elected president. He is the founder of Democracy Alliance, which is an umbrella organization that funds more than a hundred anonymous groups to the tune of several billion dollars and they are all dedicated to the destruction of life as we know it. Soros is the architect of the migration epidemic that has turned Europe into a dumpster fire and he is full tilt involved in the forced immigration movement into the US. The key concern here, besides the chaos and bankruptcy it would bring, is a change in the voting demographic, with the intent of making Godless Communism the operating political system in the United States.
To that end, Soros has been hiring rent a thug mobs, around the world, to stir dissension in the streets. He was the money behind ALL of the Color Revolutions. Antifa is one of the larger collectives of pro Communist agitators that is directly funded by Soros. Because he works for his Satanic Majesty, he’s somewhat hard to stop but that’s only because the time for that hasn’t arrived yet. What Soros doesn’t know and what none of the people working for him know, is that The Devil is an employee of God and does the will of God, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES TO THE CONTRARY. The entire drama of manifest existence is to teach a lasting moral lesson to humanity and this comes about through an interplay of seeming opposites.
Everything I’ve stated here so far is provably true and then some. Even cursory research will provide all the facts anyone can need; just as it would when you go looking for where the money comes from that is paying for Drag Queen Pedophile Story Hour, Pretty much EVERYTHING that is anti-harmony, anti-human, anti-Christian and anti-general well being, is ALL financed by members of the same demographic. Go and spend the necessary time looking into it and you will see that this is so.
On the other hand, compromised minds of every stripe, scream invective at this being pointed out and associate the usual disreputable names with those who do point it out. It doesn’t matter that it’s true. You’re not supposed to say it. You are supposed to keep your head down and be a good little drone, or catamite or salary slave, lest you wind up living in your car, or “DOWN BY THE RIVER”, in a van.
If there were no cosmic, overseeing authority, we’d be in deep shit. Make no mistake about that. One of the reasons that Communism is so attractive, to the creators of it and their offspring, is that it cancels out religion and puts everyone in a Kafka novel, except for the terrestrial overlords. However, much to the dismay of these Orcs and their headmaster in Mordor, THERE MOST CERTAINLY IS A COSMIC, OVERSEEING AUTHORITY and this whole shadow play that moves its drama along the rails of time, is directed by The Lord of Creation and there is NEVER a time when God is not firmly in charge of everything. I was told this directly and in no uncertain terms, BUT… it can also be found in most enduring scripture, no matter which Avatar or prophet was responsible for its appearance.
We’ve all heard the story of the Tower of Babel and we’ve noted (one would hope) the centuries of conflict between different religious persuasions and we can see with our own eyes, the differences in sex, color and ability that exists across the spectrum of human life. ALL OF THIS is appearances. There is only one God, whether you are Hindu, or Christian, or Buddhist, or Muslim, there is only one God. This God has shown up at different times, in the persona of a particular and singular individual to transmit to us a system for living and provide a hope and promise of a hereafter. Most of the time, that hereafter leads right back here but you can surely improve your situation, as your situations continue, by being mindful of how you go and what you get up to.
I don’t argue with people about these things. It’s pointless. People ONLY UNDERSTAND what they are able to, according to the level of their awareness and most people are driving bicycles with training wheels. It doesn’t matter WHAT YOU THINK IS. What matters is WHAT REALLY IS. Eventually, in every life, WHAT YOU THINK IS… is going to come into contact with WHAT REALLY IS. It is what it is. I’m not saying anything new here. Similar statements have been made by souls far in advance of myself and have been being stated for thousands of years. The problem is that scripture fell into the hands of people who crafted their edits to suit their agendas.
All one needs to know of Truth… Religion… the here and the hereafter… can be found in one’s capacity to Love. Love exists simultaneously on every level of existence, attuned to that level of existence. As your awareness expands and the capacity of your heart increases, the love that you feel grows ever greater and more profound and deep. It becomes a consciousness, although it always was …but let us say it introduces itself to you as a consciousness and from that point on… it guides you to that place that can be spoken of but never accurately defined. Limitlessness DOES NOT TRANSLATE into the limited. Immortality DOES NOT TRANSLATE into mortality. The eternal cannot be grasped from the perspective of the temporary and EVERYONE who argues about it has missed the point and betrays their ignorance by doing so.
Those who know do not speak. Those who speak, do not know. That is an obvious conundrum because those who know do speak on occasion but they are always careful to admit the extent of their ignorance and the limitation of words. They are unfailingly humble, as if they had been PERMANENTLY shocked into that posture, which… I assure you, they have.
Just because it doesn’t get announced in the newspapers does not mean that certain people don’t meet God on a regular basis. Of course it is not a common occurrence but… it is also not common for people to seek God out with the necessary fervor to attract his attention. It does happen though and we getrecords of it happening.
God is incomprehensible and indefinable and ALWAYS WILL BE but… his direct manifest expression is not incomprehensible or indefinable and that manifestation comes here on our behalf at regular intervals, whenever life has gotten so out of wack that circumstances demand it. God’s primary expression is Love and that love does appear in human embodiment.
Those of evil intention among us are not an enduring concern, neither is Communism, or any other permutation, whose intention is the enslavement of humanity. Our greatest concern should be the degree of our ignorance and the low brow desires that impel so many of us. Only one objective is worth the trouble to pursue it and that is the Presence of the Divine. Life only becomes worth living when the Supreme Enjoyer is permitted to experience it through us. Most of us reject that presence out of hand, feeling it to be a violation of our freedom to suffer at the hands of our tormentors, who possess us for the sake of exercising their chosen appetites through us. Being able to tell the difference makes all the difference between Heaven and Hell.
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3 responses to “No Matter What System of Faith you Follow, There is ONLY ONE GOD”

  1. Your philosophy is very deep and somewhat logical and compassionate as could be summarized by the phrase: GOD IS LOVE. However, you state that there is only ONE God. This statement is too simplistic. In terms of all the faith belief systems, not religion (religion is man-made), in actuality there is only ONE TRUE GOD. Which religion or faith-based belief system has the ONE TRUE GOD? Thus it follows from logic that all religions or faith systems can NOT ALL be CORRECT. That is of course a Logic falsehood (false logic). Therefore only ONE religion or Faith belief system IS CORRECT and all the OTHERS ARE WRONG/ IN ERROR. This is what the LOGIC ( OR LOGOS) dictates. You can not out-logic or un-logic this LOGIC, otherwise you have broken the rules of Logic/reasoning or debate or arguments. From this therefore, there is only ONE TRUE GOD (LOGOS) and that GOD is NOT in Hinduism, Buddhaism, Shintoism, or Islam. The ONE TRUE GOD is found in the Judaic Torah ( first 5 books of the Bible, the books of Moses, not the Talmudic extra BS) and the Christian Bible (Old and New Testaments). For as the Book of Genesis and the Book of John say: In the beginning was the WORD (LOGOS = Jesus Christ, Son of GOD) and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD (LOGOS = Jesus Christ) was made Flesh and dwelt among us. Thus Jesus was also at the beginning or was eternal with GOD from the beginning. Thus also in the beginning there was Darkness / Void (Nothing), GOD created the Heavens and the Earth, etc. to get to mankind. Atheists call that the Big Bang Theory. However, atheists forget that if there was NOTHING (NO Material / Matter), how could there be a Big Bang. From this statement, everyone (Atheists included) must conclude that there was an UNCAUSED FIRST CAUSE, That is NOT LOGICAL, for NOTHING can only produce NOTHING, SOMETHING (Big Bang or Creation) CAN NOT COME FROM NOTHING. Therefore there MUST HAVE BEEN SOMETHING (AN INTELLIGENT DESIGNER / CREATOR? GOD) that started the ball rolling as it were! Anything else is nonsense! Thus Atheism is as follows: The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. MAKES PERFECT SENSE! NOT: NADA: ZILCH. That is why there is a GOD: A ONE TRUE GOD!

  2. Les Visible, an astounding, resounding declaration with which — no dangling participles, please! — you have graced us, some faithful readers and your greatest fans. Only pens wielded by humbly spiritually courageous souls match up well against almighty double-edged swords brandished daily — not THE Almighty Sword, of course,against which (neither a dangler here!) we have no cause to take up arms. Gratitudinous appreciation and ten tips of my hat to you, Sir Visible! May you continue your sojourn among us until THE ONE TRUE GOD (by any other name) calls thee home!

  3. The God of Islam is the same as the God of Christianity and Judaism. When extrapolated to their origins, all three Abrahamic religions are the same.