Come Back Our German Occupiers All is Forgiven

Mike Walsh – The Ethnic European Dec 2, 2019

France is likely witnessing the worst non-wartime bloodshed since the Paris Commune massacre of 1871. Comments from the highly placed in France include, “We have not seen such injuries in France since the war in Algeria,’ and “The instructions given to the police by the interior minister and President Macron represent systematic and violent repression.”

In the wake of the latest Yellow Vest protests gripping France the injury toll of the worst civil unrest in decades now resembles Civil War. Yet despite pleas from victims, Emmanuel Macron is tightening the screws on the distressed French peoples.

“This is not normal. We are in France, one of the oldest and best democracies in the world,” says Fiorina Jacob Lignier, who lost her eye at a demonstration in Paris on December 8. “We usually condemn other countries where this occurs, that this is happening here is unbelievable.”

Lignier, a 20-year-old philosophy student, travelled from the northern city of Amiens to march on the Champs-Elysee to protest against fuel taxes with her boyfriend, Jacob Maxime.

Her boyfriend told non-European media that they were walking with a column of peaceful demonstrators, when a group of radicals began to vandalise a shop front more than 50 yards away.

The police began shooting Flash Balls and throwing grenades in all directions, during which the couple spent two hours penned in between a line of gendarmes and a wall, with no chance to flee.

Fiorina Lignier said the last thing she remembers was the cries of cops clearing the way for firemen, then a gas grenade hit her on the head, and she was on the ground.  When she woke up, her nose was broken, her face swollen from fractures, and she couldn’t see through her left eye. Over the next 16 days, Lignier underwent two surgeries, and is still waiting for two more.

Fiorina Lignier. Click to enlarge

My eye still hurts. During the next surgery, they will remove it. It’s hard to get up to feel all this, I can’t go to lectures, I can’t read, and moving my eyeball is excruciating,” said Fiorina. “I do not recognize my country. These are not the values I was taught at school.”

For most demonstrations anywhere in the West, Lignier’s story would have made her a poster girl for law enforcement excesses. Among the Gilets Jaunes, her case is just one of many. The sheer scale of concentrated peacetime violence since November is hard to comprehend.

Following a recent demonstration, the Interior Ministry reported that 1,300 policemen and over 2,000 demonstrators had suffered injuries. Considering the difference in equipment and organisation between riot police and the mostly unarmed crowd, most French media have speculated that the real civilian toll is several times higher, particularly as many have not had their injuries officially recorded.

Desarmons-les (Disarm Them), an activist group that protests against state violence, has been compiling a toll of the most serious cases. The last one, dated from last month, lists 140 names.

Zineb Redouane. Click to enlarge

They include Zineb Redouane, an 80-year-old Marseille bystander who died of a heart attack as doctors tried to help her after police fired a tear-gas grenade in her face through the window of her apartment. Also among them is Sebastien Maillet, whose hand was torn off when another grenade landed close to him during a protest outside the National Assembly last weekend.

In summary, 20 people some entirely innocent and law-abiding have lost eyes, five hands have been partially or entirely torn off, one person lost their hearing as a result of a TNT-stuffed GLI F4 stun grenade.

“I have repeatedly seen injuries consistent with those suffered in serious traffic accidents, or after falls from a great height,” neurosurgeon Laurent Thines told L’Express newspaper this week.

While the May 1968 student and worker protests that upturned French history claimed four lives directly, Thines believes the overall scope, length and intensity of violence were much more contained than the current chaos. If so, France is likely witnessing the worst non-wartime bloodshed since the Paris Commune massacre of 1871.

For Maxime, a different comparison comes to mind – the most painful and humiliating conflict for the post-WWII modern republic

Injured Yellow Vest protester in Paris. Click to enlarge

“We have not seen such injuries in France since the war in Algeria,” he said. “The instructions given to the police by the interior minister and President Macron represent systematic and violent repression.”

None of those hurt in the past three months denies that there is a belligerent element among the demonstrators. But also none believe that the police are attempting to minimize the violence.

Human rights officials, activists and trade unions have urged French police to review its use of so-called sub-lethal weapons, particularly LBDs, odd-looking hand-cannons that have become a symbol of the confrontations.

Banned in all but three European Union states, these French-patented devices fire relatively slow and large compressed foam or Flash balls, and have been responsible for most of the injuries, alongside tear-gas projectiles.

No policemen have been reprimanded for a single one of the injuries sustained on the streets, and a mere 100 Yellow Vest cases are being investigated, which includes non-violent and relatively trivial incidents.

Earlier this month, the National Assembly passed a law imposing six-month arrests and hefty fines on “suspected hooligans” participating in demonstrations. Human rights groups say that the law is a denial of the basic democratic freedom of assembly.

Lawyer Philippe de Veulle, who represents several prominent Gilets Jaunes, is hoping for a positive decision from the European Court of Human Rights, telling media that its word will have “not legal, but political ramifications”, shaming the Europhile Macron regime into stopping its “unprecedented” actions.

Whether or not the current government suffers at the ballot box in the upcoming European or future presidential and parliamentary elections, however, one thing is becoming clearer.

With each passing week, each angry crowd, and each new injury, it is becoming harder for Emmanuel Macron to dismiss the Yellow Vests as a transient and marginal movement. And long after he is out of the Élysée Palace, the historical testament to his rule will remain in stumped hands, broken bones and disfigured faces.

EDITOR’S NOTE: ‘Since 1968 I fought the left, media, migrants, the courts, in-fighters, political elite; but the futile struggle for financial support is the most soul-destroying.’ ~ Michael Walsh.

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12 responses to “Come Back Our German Occupiers All is Forgiven”

  1. Why no mention of government-paid provocateurs disguised as gilets jaunes, never arrested by the police, or if taken in custody, immediately discreetly released. They are supposed to do damage to property, (in an attempt to make the public disapprove of the gilet jaune movement) AND to give the riot police the “excuse” to retaliate violently. This dirty trick has been known and used by all countries since centuries.

  2. “Strangely” none of this stuff appears in the MSM in Britain.
    Well….since Britain has the greatest wealth gap in the OECD is it any wonder…the last thing the tax evading elite in Britain wants is their cosy little set up being upset.
    Meantime Assange is now being held in permanent detention….it really is astounding how the controlled media in Britain gets away with this selective news reporting.They were all over the demonstrations in Hong Kong like a rash.
    When the British Secret Police MI5 cooperates with the media to mislead British citizens you have a police state in all but words.
    The British have been lulled into passivity in the face of overwhelming evidence the elite in Britain is taking the piss big time.
    ….and if they expect any resolution via Corbyn or Johnson they’re fooling themselves.(Elite land owners in Britain are creaming it with subsidies from the EU)

  3. The mention of Assange takes away any credence from a discussion or argument. Assange is a cia asset who stayed in the embassy of a cia controlled country. I would heartily recommend people look at the Rich Planet site where Richard D Hall does a fine job exposing Assange.

  4. The story certainly is factual, however how can this Fiorina Lignier suffer an eye injury on Dec. 8 ( todays date), claim to have lost an eye (no eye in eye socket or just lost sight in that eye) and say also that she had and will have operations on the injured eye. Plus being French, why does she use the term “50 yards” not “50 metres”. Her story, though representative of the violence, seems fabricated/ phony, like the many eyewitnesses for 9/11. I am sure some were true, but others seemed to come from paid actors as it were. Other than those discrepancies, the article is true. And yes like many protests around the world where is there any information about agent provacateurs or even Secret Police ( CIA cutouts) disguised as protestors trying to foment the violence so as to blame the protestors for the shenanigans. We recently have heard that Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are in Hong Hong as tourists to help in the protests (foment violence). Remember after WW2, Operation Gladio, was implemented in Europe by the CIA, to maintain western Europe in fear of Communism and control Europe for American hegemony. Lastly, there is No surprise that George Soros ( Hungarian-born Jew Gyorgi Schwartz) would somehow be involved in funding these protests for his benefit and dictating the policy for Macron (Jew puppet) to implement.

  5. The French people are fighting for a decent way of life. Macron is a Zionist Rothschild muppet who has been tasked to break the mold. The global elite finds it shocking that France is one of the most productive developed countries in the world, and maybe it is the No1 & it does this on a 4 day week. The US wants this kind of utopia destroyed.

  6. Assange never once mentiond the seat of world terrorism israel
    he was a pied piper whose job was to lead us away from the truth
    The number of brits and frenchmen who said they wish Hitler had won his battle with the jews

  7. FJL lost an eye on Dec 8. And WHAT IS 2days date? Dec 8.

  8. I say again, folks should be wearing racquetball or industrial goggles. It’s absurd folks are losing their eyes.

    But if racquetball tournaments didn’t require them, there’d be eyes lost in one out of ten tournaments.


  9. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, how many of the protesters on the street voted for joo lackey Macron?? Yes I know there are rigged elections but a turd like Macron should get next to no votes. With Marine Le Pen they might have had a chance. Hey just like Trump. I wasn’t enamored with him but still gave him my vote. My wife also voted for him and she hadn’t voted in thirty years.

  10. to James F and Stormin’ Norman:
    ‘FJL lost an eye on Dec 8. And WHAT IS 2days date? Dec 8’

    I think the incident with Lignier took place on Dec 8 2018; for the yellow vests protests always took place on saturdays and Dec 8 2018 was on a saturday, whereas Dec 8 2019 was on a sunday.

    As for the use of the word ‘yards’instead of metres, maybe it’s the reporter who used the word’yard’instead of ‘metres’; on youtube I have not found one single video of Lignier where she speaks English; they are all in French.

  11. How can anyone claim France is one of the oldest and “best” democracies in the world as it set out to invade others sovereignty and right for self determination is beyond themselves . This girl was playing exceptionalist games and lost an eye for it. At 20yrs old she is just a kid and shame on those older Frenchies who couldn’t set her straight before engaging with a ruthless government already exposed as feudalist before that election.
    All the French are doing is giving their neoliberal security forces some very good experience in being cowboys runnin the herd. Hell even the running of the bulls is no match for this as the French are now extreme sport stars. I bet they feel like cattle too.
    The French will never buck the rider now that time has passed the circles will continue and so what if they add to the biosludge industry they won’t be the only one’s in mankind’s future.

  12. For sure none of it is being reported by the MSM. It’s disgusting. From my perspective, it’s a lawless society. Everything is turning to shit. Can you honestly say this is going to get better? I can’t Can you tell me one thing that is improving? I can’t. Even after a while of thinking, I can’t think of anything. Downward spiral comes to mind. Cops and soldiers just doing what they are told to. Forget the Constitution, forget law and order, forget human rights. Forget morality, compassion…….biggest laugh of all……..”serve and protect”…………..Hahahaha……..hahahaha……..hahahaha………hahahaha.