Dec 1, 2019 – Jesus of Nazareth: via Ned Dougherty

Via Ned Dougherty — End Times Daily Dec 1, 2019

My dear son,
I come to you today on this first Sunday of Advent in which all my brothers and sisters begin to prepare for this Advent Season in preparation of the re-discovery of my birth in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago; a period of time that seems so distant to you now, but that is – in the greater context of reality – only a blink in the time of the Universe, for the journey of mankind spans many thousands of years, but only now are we beginning to reach into the period of the final ten years of what has become known to you as the End Times.
This time, all of my brothers and sisters here on Earth must zealously celebrate the Nativity of My birth, for this time you are entering that last decade that the Father in Heaven has prepared for all of you here on Earth from the beginning of time until the end of these times – as the End Times. For the Father in Heaven is all-knowing, and the story and the history of mankind here on Earth is known completely by the Father which is leading all of you very soon and quite rapidly to the conclusion of a very important time in the history of mankind here on Earth.
You see, this time period is the true beginning of the Great Transformation for mankind, when the Father in Heaven through His Divine Plan causes the transition whereby all of mankind comes to an awareness and self-realization, both collectively and individually, to an understanding of your mission in this life as a civilization of God’s people destined to return to the Heavenly Paradise.
For each and every one, you will go through the Great Transformation to the eventual return to your Heavenly Home where God intended all of His creations to exist eternally in His Presence and with the Blessing of His Goodness and Majesty. Such is the plan that the Father in Heaven has intended for each and every one of you.
When the Father created the earthly world and infused His Spirit and Soul into all life on this planet, He did not intend for His children to stray from His magnificent plan. Each of you has been endowed with your own individual spirit and soul which has allowed you to make your own decisions throughout your earthly life. However, though the journey which allows a free will and your own choices, many of you have strayed from the path that the Father in Heaven has chosen for you.
The journey has become more difficult for each and every one of you, because the angels, created by the Father to assist you in your journey, included angels who rebelled against their Creator and sought to become gods themselves, so the evil ones began to manifest themselves among you and to interfere with your journey. How dark and fearsome the world has become because of their interference with the Father’s plan.
My very existence as the Son of the Father and my very incarnation into flesh 2000 years ago was necessary to intervene directly in the affairs of mankind through my birth and journey among God’s children.
I have been with all of God’s children since then, even after my crucifixion and death, but I am among you even more so now, because the time is near; the end of times when the Great Transformation will take place restoring order to the Universe, just as the Father has planned.
So now I ask you to rejoice during this Advent Season knowing that your Lord and Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, is with each and every one of you in spirit. I am available through prayer and meditation to each and every one of you who calls out to me in silence and prayer.
As the days draw closer to the Great Transformation, you will recognize My Presence even more strongly, for you are entering the time when the Great Transformation will take place.
Thanks be to Your Father in Heaven who has only the purest and eternal Love for all of you, my brothers and sisters!
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7 responses to “Dec 1, 2019 – Jesus of Nazareth: via Ned Dougherty”

  1. Wow another message from the king of wet dreams,
    how can a intelligent man take this mystic seriously, he is an absolute nut case, fooling you all,
    If you take enough crack, you will come up with stories equal to or even better than this mind warped clown
    I ask one question of this clown:
    Show the facts.
    and that should do it.
    as you will never see the facts – just the ramblings of a lost soul, spewing assumptions

  2. This is NOT Jesus Christ speaking – it is a clever, masquerading demonic entity saying mostly the right things. Anyone with even a remote idea of Biblical principles knows very well that The most High God does NOT communicate through His Son in this manner – it is NOT of God as much as we all want to believe it!

  3. Sorry Ned, but you are not Jesus. But have a good Advent anyway.

  4. He’s just a bag of contradictions jamming on a syntax-synth.
    We’re admonished to “zealously celebrate” the nativity of christ’s birth. Why? They couldn’t even assert the date of his alleged resurrection, so they time it to the moon in spring. Here he only speaks of his crucifixion and death because Dougherty is making this stuff up. Apparently many of us have strayed from the path that the alleged father hath chosen. The almighty father makes choices that are so weak his miscreants can override them? The make a donation bit is the funniest part of all.

  5. Strange request at the end of this article. Since when has God/Christ/Ned requested MONEY at the end of one of his communications?
    Is there an ATM in Heaven? Ned D should have asked Christ how he can pay his own bills – I am sure he would have advised him. As for “Paypal” or your credit card I am sure Christ would not approve. Ned I think you have your wires crossed with the dark side. Do you want to have it both ways? If you believe in “CHRIST’S WAY” then MONEY is a NO NO.Please pay attention to the communication that was given to you. God is TRUTH and LOVE through CHRIST. I think that is enough to think about and Act on. That should be our reward and my DONATION.

  6. It’s the end times, only ten years to go, and can you make a donation brother? Not buying this, not even one little bit. I will restrain myself writing a 10 paragraph dissertation why this message is not true, but that would only piss everyone off. So I predict the 10 years will fly by and we will blast through the end times just like the last decade. Cooler minds will prevail and no end times … but yes many very bad things WILL happen for the next decade or two or three while the world comes to grips with Jewish supremacism.

  7. Another brainwashing exercise!