Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

In this rare interview, actor Christopher Lee discusses the power of black magic and satanic rituals, adding that there’s “nothing fictitious” about them. He also explains why there was a resurgence of interest in occultism at the time. His answer remains fully relevant today.

Vigilant Citizen – Dec 6, 2019

Christopher Lee’s career in the film industry was a long and fruitful one. While younger people know him for his role as Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Lee’s filmography goes way back (nearly 70 years) and includes a long list of movies and television shows (over 200).
When one looks at roles taken by Lee throughout his life, two constants emerge: He often played the role of the villain and he often played in movies with dark, occult themes.
For instance, Lee played the role of Count Dracula in eight movies, the last one being The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973).

The Satanic Rites of Dracula begins with a satanic ritual taking place in an English country house with four prominent members of society: A government minister, a peer, a general and a famous scientist. Literally the occult elite. Click to enlarge


Continues … (with video interview in which he seems to know what he’s talking about)

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7 responses to “Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video”

    With apologies to William Shakespeare.-
    As a young man i mastered the technique of leaving my body
    I would slow my heart beat to a point where Rigor Mortis would start to creep in
    then i would have to come back quickly, my wife would get very afraid as my body would go cold and rigid, so i promised i would not do it again.
    I come from a family of psychicly gifted people. my father was one of Churchills black magicians.
    This technique was employed by Rasputin, Padre Pio, Edgar Cayce and Emanual SWedenborg to visit other levels of existance.
    So some night ago, I had been unwell and not sleeping properly for possibly 3 nights.
    Early next morning i woke shaking uncontrollably and cold but sweating,
    with a sense of real fear and deep foreboding,
    I thought what the hell happened in the night, but i could not retrieve in from memory.
    As i questioned my thoughts i put my body to sleep, and saw a ladder in a deep hole, only half awake i dropped in a stone which never hit the bottom, I have a technique which is called ” total recall” but i honestly just could not recall .
    So desperately curious i began to retreive what had occured with my descent down the ladder, eventually i reached the bottom where i saw clouds of thick choking greenish smoke wafting about, as my eyes became accustomed a saw a creature who was obviously the Devil.
    He said “welcome we dont get many visitors here, please look round”
    I looked at a huge long table stretching back as far as the eye could see, this was loaded up with all kinds of food and delicate wines, The devil said “its not as bad as people say down here, you can eat and drink every day until you cant stand up”
    There are beautiful women young boys and animals , everything anyone could want for their pleasures”
    I explained that this mountain of food was astonishing, he went on” we have swans and snakes eggs soaked in sweet red wine, we have everything just wish it and it is there , we have all kinds of delicious animal and human flesh, and its not true that people come here for ever, they come until their so called sins are burnt off then they go back to continue their other lives, very few inded stay here forever”
    I stepped back and was trying to take this all in, when one of the fires that littered the place flickered and burnt my wrist, as i cried out, he threw his head back and laughed, i saw rows of carnivourous teeth going back into his head.
    As i looked back at the huge table, the far side had these eleborate carved armchairs with red velvel seat pads backs and elbow rests, it was then i saw peoples names on these,
    there were 3 British Prime Ministers, one was a woman, a plethora of pop stars including one who pretends to be Christian, and other names i did not know, but then shock and horror, my name was on one the chair backs.
    The Devil said, “Everyone gets the chance to come here, its open to all, sit in the chair it will be so very comfy, remember this place functions with Gods permission””
    I felt a sense of panic and as i looked round the acrid greenish smoke was closing in on me and all these demonic faces were leering out at me from the green smoke.
    It was then a voice which seemed to come from inside me, said ” we need to get out quickly and now”
    I motioned back towards the ladder and the Devil said ” I will have a very large number of freinds coming soon, please feel free to come back with them” and laughed a hideous laugh.
    I realised the smell was the food on the table, which when i looked again was spoilt and going bad, this is really just so weird, i thought but one of the most realistic spiritual experiences i ever had.
    Relief at seeing the top of the ladder with daylight streaming down, as i got out at the top as the ladder burst into flames and the large hole just closed up.
    I became aware i was back in the body and mixed emotions hit me about seeing my own name on the chair back and i cried like a baby into my pillow and felt so ill drained and confused.
    Laying in my bed trying to make sense of this, there was a series of loud bangs in the air near me, what was this about i thought ?
    I was convincing myself that it was just a bad dream, when i saw a huge burn mark on my left wrist, which now has antiseptic cream and is bandaged.

    Ely Cathedral Cambridge has excelled itself, it seems determined to alienate the whole population of Ely.
    This ” Christian” cathedral has in the past 12 months, held an Ann Frank week, a science show
    a Holocaust week a satanic art show and soon an anti Brexit israeli inspired pro EU week.
    Modern art was said by Picasso to be, “A bold statement in the march toward Communism”
    In her famous book ” Creator and Destroyer” Arianna Stassinopoulos, Huffington Simon and Schuster New York 1988 she writes quote “In the 1920s the Commintern decided that Christianity and the West could best be conquered, by first subverting its cultural institutions, family structures education religion mass media art and then government”
    We have all seen the pictures of cows cut in half unmade beds and pictures of the virgin Mary done in menstrual blood, possibly the worst was the ” piss christ” which i will not describe here.
    Henry Moore was another satanist, here is something from the Milton Keynes local newspaper from 2 years ago, “After Henry moore’s 4,500 pound Reclining Nude was stolen in 2005 from a local park it was never seen again, it must have been stolen for its scrap metal content.”
    The local papers were deluged with letters saying thank god its gone.
    Prince Charles views are well known as he studied real art and architecture, and he has spoken out against what is known as ” crap art ” many times.
    Alec Clifton Taylor in a TV programme aired around 2007, said the linking of Modern art with its roots in Atheism communism and satanism is well known.
    But Ely cathedral has a history here, its depiction inside the main door of a large cross on the wall, that is morphing into a snake, tells its own story, the snake is depicted in the Bible as Satan the serpent, the letter S is part of this cross.
    This cross is what is known as a crooked cross, the arms being at diferent levels
    the left arm being higher and this is symbolic of the :eft hand path or satanism being above Christianity.
    The 4 large stone pillars were hastily removed from Cathedral grounds after the TV prog. UKcolumn news showed they were from Dementiev’s book ” Socialism for Westerners “and described the 4 methods of undermining the Christian way of life.
    The Cathedrals recent celebration of the tree of life which comes from the Kabbalah, and is used by Zionists and occultists, has called many people to question what is going on here.
    The fact that several of the local Cathedral clergy have been homosexuals and not family men has been a very controversial issue.
    what us local Christians want is a saints week, things to do with Christianity, the life of Christ etc, and i regret Cathedral numbers at services are pitiful, how many other churches and cathrdals are the same ?
    an awful lot as none now have a nativity scene.

  3. Rixon Hi, i am quite new to much of this, i onlu awoke to it 5 or 5 years ago
    could that be a true story of Midwinter nights drea, ? i mean could it be a real thing
    i found it very disturbing

  4. Something to consider about a “nativity scene”.
    Berean Study Bible
    “You must not make idols for yourselves or set up a carved image or sacred pillar, or place a sculpted stone in your land to bow down to it. For I am the LORD your God.
    King James Bible
    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

    Proper discernment of the scriptures will uncover the traditions of man that are not a good thing to do.

  5. Dear Colin, I am very moved by your comment and have been praying for you without ceasing since I read it. Please rest assured that “there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment.” (1John 4:18) Within the word “fear” is the word “ear”. As soon as you give your ear to the voice of fear, you are mentally 3/4ths in the influence of fear. But as soon as you face the Light of Love and desire Its infilling with all your heart, the fear will flee. The Word of God has no power over the lies of the Devil. Please read Matthew chapter 4 which shows how Jesus repeatedly thwarted the Devil’s attempt to recruit Him by wielding the Word (“…it is written…”) accurately, deftly and courageously!
    What dear No Name has shared with us is indeed disturbing, yet very real. The spiritual world, the spiritual battle is real. But with your spiritual armour on (see Ephesians chapter 6) you are always ready — emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually — to detect and discern correctly events within and around you, and know with certainty what are the right choices and the right voices. “Great peace have those who love God’s Word, and nothing shall offend them.” (Psalm 119:165) Develop an unwavering grip on the Word (see Hebrews 4:12) and you will never have anything to fear. (See Isaiah 41:10) May our Prince of Peace, The Christmas King, The Conquering Christ envelop you with love that leads you, while both awake or asleep, to the green pastures of Truth. Sending you faith, hope and love always!

  6. people dont seem able to think for themselves they have to keep referring to a book
    e g bible etc
    very worrying

  7. I meant to say “The Word of God has all power over the lies of the Devil.” Always! It’s God’s Word-based warriors whom he hates. Keep on Wording!